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Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink Choose Your Product | PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative Convert Word DOC to HTML This free online word converter tool will take the contents of a doc or docx file and convert the word text into HTML code. It produces a much cleaner html code than the Microsoft Word software normally produces. This doc converter strips as many unnecessary styles and extra mark-up code as it can. This pages uses what is referred to as a client side script which means that all the converting is done on your computer, the contents of the word document are not sent to my server so if confidentiality is a concern then this tool is an appropriate solution. This tool doesn't do any batch conversion for doc files but aside from that it generally produces clean HTML suitable for integration into websites. PS. PPS. Other Tools on this Website

Fotobabble: A Free Way To Add Some Life To Your Images If your students are like me, old-fashioned slideshows put them to sleep. I can remember the days when I would sit in a middle school classroom, bored to tears by projectors and slideshows. All that’s going to change. The free (woohoo!) How It Works Basically, you upload your photo(s), record a narration, and start sharing your presentation. Using Fotobabble In The Classroom It’s perfect for any classroom project where students have to present some photos or multimedia. How Do You Use It? ISSUU - Digital Publishing Platform for Magazines, Catalogs, and more

Resize, convert, split, crop your images online - Socrative - Online Student Response System If you have a SMART Board in your classroom you may be familiar with the SMART Clicker device that polls student responses to teacher initiated questions. While this is a great way to gauge student understanding quickly, it is a costly solution and relies on familiarity with SMART products. If you’re looking for an alternative to purchasing equipment based response tools, check out as an effective student response system. Socrative runs on a variety of devices. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers with an internet browser are all capable of running Socrative – enabling schools to either use their own 1:1 devices or allowing them to take advantage of the technology students come to school with (BYOT) to run the web-based app. Here are some of the key features of Socrative: Check out this video for a great tutorial and additional information: Check out Socrative by going to Tags: Socrative, Student Response System, Web Tool About the Author

emaze - Online Presentation Software – Create Amazing Presentations How to Embed an Editable Google Document into Your Course in Moodle | TECH Bar Documentation There are many reasons why embedding editable Google documents to your Moodle Course may be useful. For example, you may have a document you wish the entire class to contribute. Whatever your need may be, this post will give you step by step instructions detailing just exactly how to do this. There is a small amount of html involved in this process, but it does not require any knowledge beyond copy and paste. Setting up Your Document The first thing you will need is a Google Document (created at . Once you are in your document, you should make sure your settings allow people to edit without having to login to Google Docs. To change the ‘share’ settings on your Google document, click on the ‘share’ button on the upper right-hand corner of the page. A box will then appear. Here you will want to click the radio button by ‘Anyone with the Link’ or ‘Public on the Web’. Click ‘Save’ once you’re finished. You should now be brought to the previous sharing settings page.

Microficción, Microrrelato, Minificción Hola a todos, a pesar de que tal vez la literatura no sea lo más popular en éstos días, creo en lo que me gusta. Una nueva (y no tan nueva), manera de realizar cuentos, breves y dinámicos, como los días que nos tocan vivir. Espero que disfruten y aporte a la comunidad. ¿Qué es la Microficción o Minificción o Microrrelato? A continuación, reproduzco comentarios de algunos de los más importantes teóricos de la microficción (o cualquiera de sus sinónimos más o menos aceptados) en el mundo hispanoparlante: "La minificción es la narrativa que cabe en el espacio de una página", nos dice el mexicano, teórico del género, Lauro Zavala, remarcando como fundamental su naturaleza narrativa. La escritora española Clara Obligado lo compara con el haikú japonés, y nos dice que "son vértigo, seducción, vislumbre; el lector debe rematar su efecto, entrar en un proceso delicado de lectura desentrañadora y reiterada. Dolores M. Fuente: Ejemplos