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Ideas on how to create powerful presentations

Ideas on how to create powerful presentations
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Powerful Presentations 1.)In the computer lab, use the PowerPoint slideshow attached to provide students with step-by-step instruction on how to use presentation software. Have students complete the steps, stopping after each one to answer questions and give help. 2.)Go to start button (bottom left corner of monitor); click and go to "Programs," then click on PowerPoint. 3.)Choose the slide layout, "Title Slide." Click in the first text box and type a title for the presentation. 4.)Remember to always save the work so it is not lost! 5.)To create a second slide: from the Insert menu, click on NEW SLIDE. 6.)To create additional slides repeat step 5. 7.)To ADD CLIP ART OR PICTURES; go to the Insert menu, choose "Picture," then "Clip art or picture from file," then the desired picture. 8.)To add BACKGROUND color; go to the Format menu and choose Background. 9.)To add BACKGROUND texture; go to the Format menu. 16.)To VIEW the presentation, go to the Slide Show menu and choose "View Show."

New Rules For Power Point Presentations (Revised) One Hour PowerPoint: Ten Strategies for Improving Presentations Influencing change through presentations Presentation - Official site of the University of Paris-Sorbonne Certificat intermediaire de langue française (B1) Ce diplôme est destiné à ceux qui, commençant à progresser dans l’apprentissage de la langue française, souhaitent valider les connaissances déjà acquises. Module "Compréhension et expression" (B2) Ce module est l’examen officiel nécessaire pour une inscription à l’Université Paris-Sorbonne en Licence (hors DAP), Master ou Doctorat. La réussite de cet examen est une des conditions nécessaires, mais elle n’est pas suffisante à l’admissibilité au sein de l’Université ; les candidatures sont globalement analysées. Module "Littérature et civilisation" (B2/C1) Cet examen s’adresse aux candidats qui souhaitent compléter un module antérieur afin d’obtenir le Certificat pratique de langue française (C1). Certificat pratique de langue française (C1) Ce certificat dispense les Européens du test linguistique exigé par l’Université. Diplôme de langue et littérature françaises (C2) Diplôme supérieur d’études françaises (C3)

Empowering Students to Make Powerful Presentations As a novice teacher, I frequently created assignments that included student presentations. A few of the presentations were phenomenal, many were nice, and some were downright painful to watch. On top of that, some students refused to present. For all but the best presentations, the non-presenters clock watched, bored out of their minds. I’m ashamed to admit it, but for the next several years, I “solved” the problem by removing student presentations from my curricula. Then, I began teaching a new class—freshman seminar—in which public speaking and presentations were part of the curriculum. My first realization: it’s unfair to throw students to the wolves (their classmates) by requiring them to present without giving them tools, practice and feedback to be successful. How I prepared the students: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What are some of your strategies to improve students public speaking?

PowerPoint Design Principles - Dominance Home > PowerPoint Slides > Key Design Principles - Dominance Learn to apply one of the key design principles – dominance, and make your slides look professional and powerful. Here is a question for you: If the points on your PowerPoint presentation were to come to life and talk about how they feel about being on your slides, what will you hear them say? Would they feel like passengers in a crowded train or like travellers in a limousine– getting special attention and respect? Answers to those questions determine the effectiveness of your presentations. One quick way to improve the effectiveness of your presentation is to follow the principle of Dominance in your PowerPoint slides. What is the Design Principle of Dominance? Dominance in slide design is about making the most important element of a slide stand out from the rest. It helps your audience to get the core point of your slide at a glance. Here is a simple rule to apply the design principles of dominance in your slides: 2. 3. Conclusion:

Amazing Resource for Design Freebies The Complete Social Media Icons Set [EPS, PSD, CSS] Is it time to mix up the social media icons on your website? Try Candy, a new social media icon set from designer Ahmed Kaludi. The set has everything you need to help users... UIcons – Free Line Icons (AI, EPS, SVG, PNG) There’s nothing bigger in design right now than the use of great icon sets throughout a project. Free Photo Realistic Apple Device Mockups Apple Device Mockups are an important part of every design presentation because all these devices look nice and can improve the appearance of every project. The Tempo of Your Presentation One of the most important components of a successful presentation is the tempo of your words. Here are rules for you to remember and implement in attempting to connect verbally with another person (be it a sales pitch, a negotiation, or a romantic overture): 1. People are most comfortable with individuals who speak at roughly the same pace as they do. Numerous studies have shown that one way to solidify a connection with another person is to mirror his/her speech patterns. A slow speaker is going to be unconsciously uncomfortable with a fast talker. So listen to the speech pattern of the person you wish to influence or persuade and make a deliberate effort to mirror its pace. 2. More often than not, we speak too rapidly when trying to engage or persuade others. So, you should almost always slow yourself down a little bit. 3. This is a skill everyone can learn and, in my judgment, one of the most critical talents in the business world.

PowerPoint Presentations Free for teachers and students Presentation Tools Do you have other favorite online presentation tools, examples, or ideas for using them in the library media center? Share them here. Microsoft's Powerpoint and Apple's Keynote are two of the most popular presentation tools for teachers, students, library media specialists and administrators, and much has been written about the positive and negative impacts of these resources on teaching and learning. Powerpoint can be saved as a web document and shared on any webpage. Five to Test Drive The five most popular online presentation tools are:GoogleDocs While many think of this as a collaborative online writing or word processing tool, it also offers a presentation maker similar to Powerpoint or Keynote. Video: Web 2.0 Presentation Tools More to Explore BlowUp Creates full screen slideshows from your Flickr images.Dipity a site that makes it simple for your students to create and share interactive timelines about any subject or topic. For more

Data Presentation - 5 PowerPoint Tips Home > Presenting Data Main > 5 Data Presentation Tips Most data presentations are confusing and boring. Learn the 5 tips to make your presentation clearer and more memorable. Tip 1: Put your conclusion on the title Most presenters use vague slide titles like Our Sales Performance. Always put the conclusion from your slide on the slide title. See this table of data on a slide: Since the conclusion is clearly mentioned on the title, audience’s eyes are naturally led to the relevant numbers on the table. Tip 2: Highlight your inference A lot of presenters lose their audience because they make them think. Realize that not everyone in your audience likes to crunch numbers. See the PowerPoint slide with clear graph below: The areas that depict losses and profits are highlighted clearly in different colors. All that is left for the audience to do is to read the conclusion on the title and see the proof (assertion-evidence method) in the body of the slide to move forward.

Illusions in Data Visualization Data visualizations are effective ways for inputting information into a human’s brain, and as Visual Analytics Researcher at Tableau Software and advisor Robert Kosara says, visualizations are what makes our world real. But even when the people who created the visualization are being honest, we can’t always trust what our eyes are showing us. We’ve evolved our visual perceptual system over millions of years (some other animals see optical illusions too) and it is extremely effective at what it does, but it still has some quirks. Sometimes it takes shortcuts to make things efficient, and those shortcuts are exposed in optical illusions. In a data visualization context, illusions are dangerous because they can make us see things that aren’t really there in the data. There are two main types of optical illusions: Physiological and Cognitive. Physiological Physiological illusions happen because of the way our sight systems physically work. Cognitive