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Ideas on how to create powerful presentations

Ideas on how to create powerful presentations

Powerful Presentations 1.)In the computer lab, use the PowerPoint slideshow attached to provide students with step-by-step instruction on how to use presentation software. Have students complete the steps, stopping after each one to answer questions and give help. 2.)Go to start button (bottom left corner of monitor); click and go to "Programs," then click on PowerPoint. 3.)Choose the slide layout, "Title Slide." Click in the first text box and type a title for the presentation. 4.)Remember to always save the work so it is not lost! 5.)To create a second slide: from the Insert menu, click on NEW SLIDE. 6.)To create additional slides repeat step 5. 7.)To ADD CLIP ART OR PICTURES; go to the Insert menu, choose "Picture," then "Clip art or picture from file," then the desired picture. 8.)To add BACKGROUND color; go to the Format menu and choose Background. 9.)To add BACKGROUND texture; go to the Format menu. 16.)To VIEW the presentation, go to the Slide Show menu and choose "View Show."

Presentation - Official site of the University of Paris-Sorbonne Certificat intermediaire de langue française (B1) Ce diplôme est destiné à ceux qui, commençant à progresser dans l’apprentissage de la langue française, souhaitent valider les connaissances déjà acquises. Module "Compréhension et expression" (B2) Ce module est l’examen officiel nécessaire pour une inscription à l’Université Paris-Sorbonne en Licence (hors DAP), Master ou Doctorat. La réussite de cet examen est une des conditions nécessaires, mais elle n’est pas suffisante à l’admissibilité au sein de l’Université ; les candidatures sont globalement analysées. Module "Littérature et civilisation" (B2/C1) Cet examen s’adresse aux candidats qui souhaitent compléter un module antérieur afin d’obtenir le Certificat pratique de langue française (C1). Certificat pratique de langue française (C1) Ce certificat dispense les Européens du test linguistique exigé par l’Université. Diplôme de langue et littérature françaises (C2) Diplôme supérieur d’études françaises (C3)

Empowering Students to Make Powerful Presentations As a novice teacher, I frequently created assignments that included student presentations. A few of the presentations were phenomenal, many were nice, and some were downright painful to watch. On top of that, some students refused to present. For all but the best presentations, the non-presenters clock watched, bored out of their minds. I’m ashamed to admit it, but for the next several years, I “solved” the problem by removing student presentations from my curricula. Then, I began teaching a new class—freshman seminar—in which public speaking and presentations were part of the curriculum. My first realization: it’s unfair to throw students to the wolves (their classmates) by requiring them to present without giving them tools, practice and feedback to be successful. How I prepared the students: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What are some of your strategies to improve students public speaking?

PowerPoint Presentations Free for teachers and students Presentation Tools Do you have other favorite online presentation tools, examples, or ideas for using them in the library media center? Share them here. Microsoft's Powerpoint and Apple's Keynote are two of the most popular presentation tools for teachers, students, library media specialists and administrators, and much has been written about the positive and negative impacts of these resources on teaching and learning. Powerpoint can be saved as a web document and shared on any webpage. Five to Test Drive The five most popular online presentation tools are:GoogleDocs While many think of this as a collaborative online writing or word processing tool, it also offers a presentation maker similar to Powerpoint or Keynote. Video: Web 2.0 Presentation Tools More to Explore BlowUp Creates full screen slideshows from your Flickr images.Dipity a site that makes it simple for your students to create and share interactive timelines about any subject or topic. For more

Simple Do’s and Don’ts for Better PowerPoint Presentations Have you ever given a PowerPoint presentation and noticed that something about it just seemed a little… off? If you’re unfamiliar with basic PowerPoint design principles, it can be hard to create a slide show that presents your information in the best light. Poorly designed presentations can leave an audience feeling confused, bored, and even irritated. Review these Do’s and Don’ts for tips on making your next presentation more engaging. Don’t read your presentation straight from the slides. Don’t forget your audience. Don’t overload your presentation with animations. Keep these tips in mind the next time you create a presentation— your audience will thank you. Like this: Like Loading... Related Tip#1 for Producing a Powerful Presentation PowerPoint is the presentation software that is part of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite. In "Microsoft PowerPoint" Tagged as: Microsoft Office 2010, PowerPoint, PowerPoint 2010, Tips and Tricks Categorised in: Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint

Slide:ology Text Animation Page 155 Well typeset text can animate in an engaging way. The way the type was set drove the animation concept. Each set of text was built in Illustrator. Once one treatment was settled on, it was easy to convert the text to outlines (Type > Create Outlines), converting the text into Illustrator shapes. Using this feature allows you to paste into PowerPoint as a specific file format. A similar effect can be acheived without leaving PowerPoint. Download Animated Text.ppt

Top 10 Coolest PowerPoint Slideshows on SlideShare As the World’s Best Presentation contest on SlideShare comes to a close, we thought we’d share with you our thoughts on the top ten coolest PowerPoint slideshows. We’ve already featured Jesse DesJardins — and he sets the bar pretty high — so while he’s not on this list, you should check out his work. It was used as a benchmark of sorts when this list was put together. The “coolness” factor is based no information given and in the manner in which it is delivered. 1. 2. 3. 4. 100 Day System: Where Creativity and Productivity Collide 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Are there any other presentations on SlideShare that you think we’ve overlooked? Popular search terms for this article: best powerpoint presentation, great powerpoint presentations, best ppt, best powerpoints, best powerpoint, top powerpoint presentations, top 10 powerpoint presentations, Powerpoint slideshows, powerpoint slideshow, top 10 powerpoint Mike Vardy an editor on Work Awesome. Sponsored Content

52 Presentation Tips by SOAP - Cool Projects With Skype 0 Comments November 9, 2011 By: Steven W. Anderson Nov 9 Written by: 11/9/2011 11:17 AM ShareThis A while back I wrote about Skype and how to get started using it. Then yesterday I saw this: "Calling classes in North Carolina, USA or nearby states to join a book club #wsfcs" So when I saw that tweet I immediately passed it along to all my NC folks. I headed over to the Skype In The Classroom website and discovered there are loads of great projects going on that any class with a Skype account can join. High School Literature Discussions-IB English Literature students in Wisconsin are interested in exchanging ideas and conversation via skype, ning, or video conference on various novels and readings including, Like Water for Chocolate (Esquivel), Into the Beautiful North (Urrea), or Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (Alexie). Thankful For Thanksgiving? Practicing Graphing-I am looking for a class to play battleship graphing with my class on September 28th or 29th.

50+ Awesome Tips to Make a Great Presentations! I just came out of a day long conference, where I sat through over 10 presentations. 90 percent presentations were boring. Mind you, I am not saying that these presentations did not have great content to offer, but the way they were presented were very dull and boring. I am sure most of the other audience felt the same as well. In the past 15 years or so, I have sat through most presentations and more or less the statistics turn out to be the same. 9 out of 10 presentations made are extremely boring and that too accompanied by run-of-the-mill bullets points. Yes, bullet points are boring, and more often than not they actually harm the presentation. Here is an example of that: Lets say you are an entrepreneur and are trying to present your startup to a random group of people. The reason being; when you present without bullet points, you generally give examples or come up with a parallel scenarios so that audience understands. That in no way means that PowerPoint presentations are dead.

Technology Tools for Teaching & Learning Used wisely, technology empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning. In Leonardo’s Laptop, Ben Shneiderman provides teachers with a powerful framework, Collect-Relate-Create-Donate (CRCD), for designing student-centered learning opportunities using computers. In particular, Shneiderman’s CRCD framework emphasizes the importance of the social aspects of learning in generating creative work. In CRCD projects, students research information, work collaboratively to create a meaningful product that demonstrates their learning, and contribute that project to a larger learning community. Shneiderman designed the Collect-Relate-Create-Donate framework as a vehicle for preparing young people for a 21st century world where innovation, creativity, and collaboration will be more highly prized than retention and repetition. What are your Learning Goals? I want my students to be able to create web based timelines I want my students to create web based mindmaps/graphic organizer

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