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Impressive projeqt \ how great stories are told SlideBoom Welcome to PrimaryAccess SlideSix SlideSix is multimedia enabled presentation sharing. SlideSix empowers users to create a unique and powerful impression by giving them a rich web based application where they can import presentation material and personalize their message by narrating each slide with video or audio. In addition to the power of narrating your presentation, users have the ability to embed external videos from YouTube or Vimeo. To learn more about this new feature you can view the introductory presentation. The SlideSix interface is simple, but effective and user friendly. The SlideSix platform is built on proven rich internet frameworks and technologies which ensures a scalable, reliable and familiar desktop-like user experience. Recent Milestones Screenshots Above: Main VoyageUploaded: 10/15/13 Videos Traffic Analytics Compete Sources

Inanimate Alice - About the Project Born-digital Created as a reading-from-the-screen experience for the digital generation, Inanimate Alice stands alongside the best novels for pre-teen and emerging teen readers. Interactive Requires the reader to drive the action forward at their own pace and encourages readers to co-create their own versions of the story, either filling in the gaps or developing new strands. Multimedia Uses text, images, music, sound effects, puzzles and games to illustrate and enhance the narrative. A Novel A reading-from-the-screen experience for the “always on” generation. Episodic Designed originally as entertainment, Inanimate Alice has been adopted by teachers eager to develop their students’ digital literacy skills. Click here to begin with Episode #1 Designed originally as entertainment, ‘Inanimate Alice’ has been adopted by teachers eager to connect with students through media they inherently understand. Available in French, German, Italian and Spanish