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I came across some interesting statistics that has me quite concerned about the dental hygiene levels on this planet. Apparently there are 600 million more people that own a mobile phone compared to those who own a toothbrush. Some research reveals that there are 4.8 billion mobile users but only 4.2 billion people with a toothbrush. Does that mean that every mobile should be sold with a free toothbrush or should you need to produce your toothbrush before you are given possession of your new mobile phone to ensure that future personal close encounters are engaging and pleasant? Another interpretation of those statistic is that toothbrushes are too expensive. The Importance of Statistics Statistics are used to make important decisions and social media statistics, facts and figures are often used to justify new media marketing strategies and tactics to the CEO. Here are the latest facts, figures and statistics for seven major social networks that marketers need to take notice of. Facebook Twitter Related:  Innovation Roller Coaster

2012 Social Network Analysis Report – Demographic – Geographic and Search Data Revealed 2011 marked the second year in which many social networks started to wane as social network saturation kicked in. The questions remains, how many social networks can you actively stay up to date on? As Facebook became the mainstay for many users in late 2009 and into 2010 and continuing into 2011, we see the continued fallout in interest for many other social networks. There are still a few social networks that are growing, year over year, however, such as Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter, to name a few. We added coverage of the following social networks this year (in no particular order): Google PlusPinterestDribbbleGoodreadsQuoraSlideshareSquidoo 2012 Social Network Analysis Methodology: Reporting is the same as last year - most sites' search stats were pulled back by querying just their name. All data continues to come from Google because they have one of the largest data sets on the web. The Search Traffic reports are based on proportionate search traffic for the given query.

Winners Announced! – Why Open Education Matters Video Competition Timothy Vollmer, July 18th, 2012 Creative Commons, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Open Society Foundations are pleased to announce the winners of the Why Open Education Matters video competition. The competition was launched in March 2012 to solicit creative videos that clearly communicate the use and potential of free, high-quality Open Educational Resources — or “OER” — and describe the benefits and opportunities these materials create for teachers, students, and schools everywhere. First Prize Congratulations to Blinktower, an extremely talented creative agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. Second Prize Congratulations to Laura Rachfalski and her great team. Third Prize Congratulations to Nadia Paola Mireles Torres and her collaborators from the design firm Funktionell. The prize winners were decided by a panel of distinguished experts including Davis Guggenheim, Nina Paley, Liz Dwyer, Anya Kamenetz, James Franco, Angela Lin, and Mark Surman.

7 Hot Trends in Social Media Marketing As marketers' understanding of online social networking evolves, their use of various platforms has become more sophisticated. Many brands and public figures, after ascertaining that consumers respond well to images and humor, for instance, have begun to use both. Others have found that new channels, like Pinterest and Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" section, are effective promotional tools. We've rounded up these and other emerging trends in the social media marketing space, above. To learn even more about the latest trends in the media space, attend our Mashable Media Summit this Nov. 2 at the TimesCenter in NYC. Mashable Media Summit Information Date: Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 Time: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A Look Back at Last Year's Mashable Media Summit Supporting Sponsor Sponsorship Opportunities A limited number of sponsor opportunities are available for the Mashable Media Summit.

How to use bookmarks to save and organize your favorite websites Bookmarks are links to websites that make it easy to get back to your favorite places. This article goes over the basics of making and managing your bookmarks. Note: Bookmarks are known as Favorites in Internet Explorer. It's easy — just click the star! To create a bookmark, click the star icon in the address bar. To create a bookmark, click the star in the toolbar. Tip: Want to bookmark all of your open tabs at once? How do I change the name and location of a bookmark? To edit the details of your bookmark, click the star a second time to open the Edit This Bookmark window. The easiest way to find a site that you've bookmarked is to start typing its name in the address bar. The Library window lets you view and organize all your bookmarks. Click the Bookmarks button on the right side of the navigation toolbarOn the menu bar, click At the top of the Firefox window, click the menu and select to open the Library window. Click the menu button and choose Customize.

Social Media Torch How to Make Money on YouTube as a Clickbank Affiliate How to Make Money on YouTube I’m going to tell you an easy way to help you learn how to make money on YouTube. Just stay with me, it’ll only take a few minutes to understand the entire process. In order to make money on YouTube, first pick a product that you are advertising for and trying to sell on YouTube. Ranked Videos Make Money on YouTube Find a Site Explorer you are going to use. So how do you do that? Myspace: Revenues and audience looking up, apparently | Media If you were trying to sell Myspace, what strategy would you take? As we can see from News Corp's leaked pitch document, as obtained by TechCrunch, the strategy seems to be to optimism and heavily selected figures – notably no mention of the bottom falling out of Myspace's world in terms of users, revenues and credibility. Late last month the Wall Street Journal reported the worsening Myspace advertiser drought, with the sharpest audience drop off yet in February this year. Uncertainty about ownership has added to the advertiser retreat. This chart, based on data from eMarketer, using estimates on Myspace revenue which are still merged with the rest of News Corp's Fox Interactive Media division, tells the story. News Corp, in its sales blurb for Myspace, has chosen not to mention any past data, despite the figures that reinforce Myspace's former position as the web's biggest website. What's the likely outcome for Myspace?

Finding Students' Hidden Strengths and Passions Rabbi Brad Hirschfield is the President of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and he has spent a lot of time thinking about how to inspire both. He has some ideas about how we can inspire our students by helping them find their hidden strengths and passions. To use the word "hidden" may not be quite accurate because often, strengths are hidden by lack of opportunity to display them. So what can educators do? Second, ask students to talk about times when they found out something surprising and good about someone else. Third, have students talk to their parents or guardians about "hidden talents"-- you may want to use this exact term. You may have your own ideas. Brad Hirschfield reminds us that miraculous discoveries must be discovered.

13 Trends in 2013: #4 Marketing grows enterprise wide and can no longer sustain being a ‘department’ As you are planning for 2013, your business will find itself facing questions concerning the social impact of your business and brand. Winnie Hart and Lorrie Lee from TwinEngine share 13 in 2013 – Social Media Marketing trends that will take flight. Social strategies will be utilized internally to maximize productivity and communication. To effectively demonstrate these social strategies within the organization, a new role will emerge: the Social Media Manager. Instead of everyone speaking on behalf of the company, as is the current trend, 2013 will bring an official title that allows one person to control the social strategy and messaging. - Marketing is no longer a department - Social strategies will be utilized internally to maximize productivity and communication - Social Media Manager role will emerge For a complete list of the 13 in 2013 Social Media Trends For more trending in 2013, follow our blog. Download the complete infographic here.

reddit: the front page of the internet 6 Expert-Endorsed Ways to Improve Your Marketing TODAY In the marketing world, there’s lots of discussion about shortening attention spans and how we as an industry need to tailor our approach to be faster, better, and more compelling. Often in just three seconds or 140 characters. But where’s the instant gratification for marketers? Below we’ve outlined tips from top experts on tactics and strategies you can employ in the next 24 hours to improve your marketing for the long haul. 1) Revamp Your “About Us” Small business marketing expert and Fast Company blogger Shawn Graham describes the “About Us” section of a company’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages as “a window into the soul of your business.” Instead, however, “About Us” pages are typically a good way to lull people to sleep with mundane facts, figures, and references alongside a vague description of who you are and how it’s different. What to Do Today Complete a three-step checklist to improve your “About Us” description. 3) Make Your Press Releases Buyer-Centric