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7 tips to create visual presentations

7 tips to create visual presentations
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Presentation Skills Training Courses Using Visual Aids in Presenting Our presentation courses are planned to significantly improve presentation skills to allow delegates of all levels to be able to make powerful presentations. The presentation seminars that we provide are packed full of presentation tips and techniques that demonstrate strategies which will show delegates how to reduce nerves in presentations and to allow them to present confidently when presenting to clients or colleagues. Our presentation skills workshops are designed not just to show delegates how to make a simple presentation: they are designed to show delegates how to create a successful presentation also maximising the applications of PowerPoint to make great presentations. Presentation training will allow delegates to build on their presenting skills; make better presentations; enjoy making presentations and teach delegates how to present successfully. The benefit of using visual aids in your presentation Visual aids add impact and interest to a presentation.

How to Effectively Use Visuals Humans are a visual species. We like watching the sunset. We like watching the sunrise. We like looking at the stars and we like spotting a bright rainbow. We like how the leaves of trees change to bright reds, oranges and yellows in the fall. In short, we like beautiful things. Simplicity is key. If your presentation is much too dense, try simplifying it by limiting yourself to one word per slide until you have all your main points laid out. Your visuals should compliment your presentation, not overshadow or underwhelm it. Details matter with your visuals. Perhaps most importantly, be creative with your visuals.

The Lord of the Rings Family Tree Project Slide:ology Text Animation Page 155 Well typeset text can animate in an engaging way. The way the type was set drove the animation concept. Watch how the text integrates as animates. Each set of text was built in Illustrator. Once one treatment was settled on, it was easy to convert the text to outlines (Type > Create Outlines), converting the text into Illustrator shapes. Using this feature allows you to paste into PowerPoint as a specific file format. A similar effect can be acheived without leaving PowerPoint. Download Animated Text.ppt

Presenting Your Research The Importance of Visuals 6 Presentation tips from a Steve Jobs keynote Macobserver reported that Jobs's keynote Tuesday in San Francisco was not one of his "expectation-shattering presentations." They quoted Your Mac Life host Shawn King saying that "Jobs's performance seemed a little off." But as a commenter on the website said "...if Jobs had announced contact with an alien civilization, it wouldn't have 'shattered expectations.'" The downside of having a reputation for being "insanely great" at anything is that expectations will surely rise for you to top your last performance (your last product, your last album, your last book, etc.). This is a good problem to have, but it is a real challenge nonetheless. 6 takeaways for aspiring presentersAs with all Steve Jobs presentations, there is much we can learn and apply to our own unique situation. (1) Develop rapport with the audience. More than just a "thanks for coming." (2) Give them an idea of where you're going. Jobs structured his talk around four parts and one theme. (3) Show your enthusiasm.

La qualité du réseau des principaux FAI Français Numerama s'est amusé avec un outil mis en ligne par Google et reprenant les mesures effectuées par le Measurement Lab, une initiative indépendante des FAI, soutenue par Google et mesurant la vitesse et la qualité des connexions internet du monde entier. Évidemment, Numerama a ciblé la France et ses principaux FAI : Numericable, Bouygues, Orange (FT), Free et SFR. On dispose donc enfin de chiffres concrets pour savoir qui est meilleur dans le secteur de l’accès Internet en France.... Vitesse moyenne des téléchargements Numericable explose tout le monde, mais c'est logique puisqu'ils se concentrent uniquement sur le câble et la fibre. Vitesse moyenne de l'upload Numericable est encore leader... Congestion du réseau (plus c'est élevé, plus c'est congestionné) Alors ? Packets TCP non délivrés ou perdus qui doivent être redélivrés. No comment... Toutes ces mesures ont été réalisées sur plusieurs années et sur un panel de de 30 000 à 50 000 internautes. Passionnant non ? Source

Presentation Zen Stakeholder engagement Creating Effective Presentation Visuals Connecting People With Your Message © iStockphotowingmar Learn how to create stunning visuals. Apple® founder Steve Jobs was known widely for his great presentations. His unveiling of the iPhone® in 2007 is considered to have been one of his best presentations ever, and, if you were one of the millions who watched it online, you'll know why. Jobs was particularly well known for building his presentations around powerful visual aids. You don't have to be Steve Jobs to give a great presentation, but you do need great visuals. Why Simplicity Speaks Volumes The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is popular for a good reason: the human brain processes information more effectively when it is accompanied by images, or by short, memorable statements. However, many people use too many slides, or they build presentations around visual aids that are word-heavy or excessively complex. These kinds of visual aids can negatively affect your presentation. Access the Full Article

Visual Aids: Types of Visual Aids for Presentations Visual aids provide several ways to communicate with an audience during a presentation. They can supplement speeches and improve the success rate of the presentation. Prepare them well in advance, edit and proof them, and be sure to keep them neat and clean. 1. Posters can include charts, graphs, tables or photographs. 2. Videos can be a successful type of visual aid. 3. People can be a fun visual aid and helpful in demonstrating something. 4. Photographs can help demonstrate a point or provide a visual image to the audience of the subject of the presentation. 5. Models can show the audience a small version of the original plan, such as a model of a building to be constructed.

Fun with CSS3 orientation media queries For a long time we have been able to specify styles for different media types using CSS, print and screen being the most recognizable. With CSS3 these media types have been extended to allow additional expressions, aka media queries, which gives us greater control on when specific styles should be applied. In this article I will focus on the orientation media query and have a fun demonstration showing how to use it. Orientation The orientation media query allows us to target specific styles based on the current screen or device orientation. A browser or device determines the orientation by listening to the width and height of the window. Within our style sheet we can specify our media query which will target a media type of screen and an orientation of portrait or landscape. Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon Take a look at the CSS3 Chameleon demo and make sure to re-size your browser to see the chameleon change colour. Deconstructing the demo Fade the color change Browser support

Presentation Software that Inspires | Haiku Deck We started out looking for presentation tips and ended up sharing our own. Here’s how Haiku Deck came to be. The inspiration You might think our background is in presentation design, but that’s not quite how things unfolded. We started out at Startup Weekend and Techstars, wishing we could easily create the kinds of killer pitch decks that grab attention and rally support around a great idea. Deep down, we believe that presenting your company, or your story, or your idea should be a fun, creative experience, but for nearly everybody we talked to, it was the opposite. We decided it was high time to reinvent presentations for how we work, communicate, and create now. Our philosophy: Simple, beautiful, fun We’ve built Haiku Deck around presentation tips recommended by experts and designers. Our top presentation tips In Haiku Deck form, naturally... Hear our story We are happy to share more about our philosophy and our story at events big or small, live or virtual. Share your story Say hello

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