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Click, Print, Gun: The Inside Story of the 3D-Printed Gun Movement. Being a 3D-printing novice, I was once somewhat skeptical of the promise behind what's being billed as a truly game-changing technology.

Click, Print, Gun: The Inside Story of the 3D-Printed Gun Movement

I saw Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis on the cover of Wired, and while the novelty of the process incited wonder in my inner 10-year-old, I didn’t think much about it after the fact. Enter Cody R. Charity Checkout Campaigns Remained FlatThe NonProfit Times. CHICAGO — The biggest charity checkout campaigns raised some $388 million at U.S. cash registers in 2014, only slightly less than the total raised the previous year.

Charity Checkout Campaigns Remained FlatThe NonProfit Times

The Rye, N.Y. -based Cause Marketing Forum (CMF) identified 77 campaigns that raised $1 million or more last year. Findings were released today at the 2015 Cause Marketing Forum conference in Chicago. CMF conducted its first America’s Charity Checkout Champions Report in 2012. The aggregate total dropped slightly, by 0.31 percent, from 2012’s total of $389.2 million. Variometer-Sky Land Tracker. Variometer, Vario, G_Vario, G_Variometer, Tracker (Compatible for GPS only or Phone Baro Sensor or FlyNet2 or BlueFlyVario or GoFly Pico)Paragliding, hang gliding and all air sports, Radio Control Plane and skiing, sailing, mountain climbing, etc.Portal tracker instruments for all Outdoor sports.

Variometer-Sky Land Tracker

Support MOBAC offline map & Self Downloading OSM. Support FAI-CIVL valid IGC files. iPhone Users Are About to Be Screwed Over. There has been a lot of talk about the addition of an NFC (near field communication) chip to the next-gen iPhone. This will allow the phone to be used as a swipe-it-yourself credit card. I consider this technology to be the most onerous ever. I first discussed the idea of your mobile phone becoming your credit card in the mid-1990s and was just biding my time before it came to pass. Bluetooth was invented in 1994 and gave rise to a lot of speculation regarding its usefulness. For a few years, all sorts of futuristic uses were imagined and a serious discussion of the so-called PAN (personal area network) began, but never went anywhere. Solar Power Chargers in NYC Parks. Hudson Valley Bounty.

Course: PY4INF: Python for Informatics: Exploring Information. CourseSites by Blackboard Python for Informatics: Exploring Information This is a course to teach basic Python programming skills through data analysis.

Course: PY4INF: Python for Informatics: Exploring Information

United States of America - The Smart Crowd. Life in the crowd is never boring.

United States of America - The Smart Crowd

Check out our latest online jobs postings below, and get ready to dig into your next assignment. Finding jobs working from home is only a few mouse clicks away. Not seeing the type of work you like, but are interested in joining our community? RedHoop Finds Classes from All the Major Online Course Providers. Thinking with Type.

Message Magic - Connecting The World. U.S: Geography, states, landmarks, maps, cities, population, laws, speeches. U.S.

U.S: Geography, states, landmarks, maps, cities, population, laws, speeches

States, Cities, History, Maps Year by Year: 1900–2015. Illinois Is First State To Ban Microbeads. Illinois has become the first state to ban microbeads, the small plastic bits often found in soaps and many different types of cosmetic products.

Illinois Is First State To Ban Microbeads

The law, signed this week by Governor Pat Quinn, bans the manufacturing use of these synthetic beads by the end of 2018, and the sale of such items by the end of 2019 in the state. “I’m proud that Illinois is... taking the first step away from plastic microbeads toward natural exfoliants, and I’m optimistic that we’ve started a nationwide movement to protect not just the Great Lakes, but other bodies of water with high concentrations of microbeads,” said State Senator Heather Steans in a statement.

It's well established that these synthetic microbeads accumulate in waterways including lakes and oceans, as they are small enough to make their way through water treatment facilities. Recent work has found 1.1 million plastic particles per square kilometer in Lake Ontario, for example. Why use plastic beads anyway? Fee Calculator. Login. India's Banks Need to Clean Up Their Act. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised many things in his eagerly anticipated Independence Day speech, but the newly elected leader was mum on the one thing businesspeople in India and abroad want to know perhaps most of all: how to revive India’s banks.

India's Banks Need to Clean Up Their Act

“I was out in India in February, and when I’d sit down with companies … that was the only issue they were talking about,” says Rick Rossow, an expert on Indian business at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “Behind closed doors people were really getting panicky about it.” Management: The next 50 years. 10 Fiverr Alternative / Clone Sites You Probably Don’t Know.

About Fiverr What is Fiverr anyhow?

10 Fiverr Alternative / Clone Sites You Probably Don’t Know

Well, Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for micro jobs, starting at $5. Looking to procure services online at an affordable price? Nature-Inspired Business Practices. Human-powered speed record falls at Battle Mountain - Images. It's with considerable interest that Gizmag has followed cyclist Graeme Obree's latest quest to break the human-powered speed record on his self-designed and self-built bicycle, Beastie.

Human-powered speed record falls at Battle Mountain - Images

On Friday at the World Human Speed Championships at Battle Mountain, Nevada, Obree finally made the attempt. Though he fell short of that ultimate record, he did break the world prone record (for cycling head first, face down) with an impressive speed of 56.62 mph (91 km/h). News Sources. Stories & Articles. BUREAU A. Antoine by Dylan Perrenoud The mountains have the power to call for feelings of fascination and fear at the same time.

Switzerland has a strong tradition of observing the Alps, living with them, hiding inside them. Select seven to hold 'Internet reboot' keys. What to do if someone gives you counterfeit money. What to do If someone needs to pay you cash for a major transaction, meet the person at a financial institution and have him or her convert the cash into a check or money order, or have a teller deposit the funds into your account. That way, they will be checked to make sure they are authentic. Snowden says NSA collecting mass surveillance data on New Zealanders. Sept. 15, 2014 - Former NSA systems analyst turned leaker Edward Snowden appears via video link from Russia to hundreds at the Auckland, New Zealand Town Hall.

Snowden says the NSA is collecting mass surveillance data on New Zealanders through its XKeyscore program and has set up a facility to tap into vast amounts of data. (AP)