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The Cook Abides.

The Cook Abides.

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Quick and Easy Lemon Cake This is the lemon cake that my Nana usually always makes for me when I go home to California. We both forgot about it during my last visit and I didn’t realize until I got back to Sicily that I hadn’t had my Lemon Jello Cake fix. Luckily, I have the recipe! And lucky for you, I’m going to share it! Crafts: Nutella Ice Cream This simple recipe isn't really ice cream, but you'll think it is when you're eating it. Actually you'll just think it's the best thing you've ever eaten. Pay attention to the health bits, Portion control or you'll eat the whole batch. You can substitute Almond Butter if you want to make this a healthy recipe, or if you just hate being happy.

Mallorca I don’t think I can count all the happy and fun memories this bread brings up. Every time I go home to visit I have to get my hands on a warm buttery mallorca. In Puerto Rico every small town has at least one large bakery with an array of delicious pastries and breads and you almost always find mallorca. If there is one weakness I have when I visit Puerto Rico it’s the bakeries. I go on a all out carb gorge when I visit, picking up bread in the morning for breakfast and pastries to have with my after dinner cup of cafe con leche. Mallorca bread is a sweet, fluffy and buttery egg bread. Better-Than-Crack-Brownies I’m sorry for doing this to you. I really am. But see, last Friday while I was on a 10-hour road trip heading for vacation, I received this recipe from a reader named Liz. Liz, I love you. That’s all I have to say.

to make: cobbler baked in jars I made these for the Seattle Bake Sale for Share Our Strength organized by Frantic Foodie (thanks Keren!). I had so much fun making pies in jars that I figured this was the perfect opportunity to bake something else in jars. This time I used half-pint wide mouth jars, a nice size for a bake sale. (Half pint jars washed and drying.) I used the blueberry cobbler recipe from Baking Illustrated.

Butternut Squash Cupcakes with Matcha Green Tea Ganache Butternut Squash Cupcakes with Matcha GanacheMade with whole grain flour and maple syrup Everyone loves cupcakes. The ganache is also good on a chocolate cake. How to Make Bagels: A User's Manual at Epicurious Making bagels at home isn't difficult or labor-intensive, but the process does take two days. Here's an overview of the basics, plus a recipe with more specific instructions. Weighing/Measuring the Ingredients Professional bakers prefer the accuracy of weighing ingredients, but if you don't have a kitchen scale, stick to volume measurements. For flour, use the scoop-and-swipe method: Fill the measuring cup above the desired amount and swipe off the excess with a flat tool, such as a pastry blade or an icing spatula. As with all bread recipes, you may need to slightly adjust the flour or water during the mixing and kneading process.

How To Make Perfect Brownies I’ve tried lots of brownie recipes: Boxes, scratch, frosted, plain, nuts, chips, fudge … Each of them has something to like, but depending on my mood I might want a change of pace. Not any more. My wife found this recipe, and it’s perfect.

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