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UM-Dearborn College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

UM-Dearborn College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet - WWWVL American Indians Search this site Recommend this website to a friend!Frequently Asked Questions for this site Please read this document before sending any email! Worried about online scams? See E-Commerce and the Internet from the Federal Trade Commission © 1994 - 2017 Text and Graphics Karen M.

Off Grid Info - Food Independence - Where To Get Heirloom Seeds - Non-GMO Seeds - Organic Seeds Join 53,000+ Fans of Off-Grid: Please Share This Page: StumbleUpon Google + Here is a useful list of 40+ 230+ companies supplying heirloom / non-GMO / organic seeds. If health is wealth, then this page is solid gold! The Meanings of Plant Names - Medicinal Plant Name Services Blog By: Jason Irving - 05/11/2013 In the first in a series of posts about plant nomenclature, Jason Irving explains the meanings of some Latin plant names and what they can tell us. Can you tell what the difference will be between Lamium album and Lamium purpureum from the names alone?

Plant Database search page - Plants For A Future Edibile, Medicinal and other uses of over 7,000 plants. Common or botanical name or family. You can use a fragment of a name if unsure of the spelling. Plant uses and habitats. See below for full list of keywords. Browse: Contrasting Values Attitudes and Behaviors Talking for the sake of talking is discouraged. In days past in their own society, Indians found it unnecessary to say hello, good-bye, how are you, and so on. Even today, many Indians find this type of small talk unimportant. In social interactions, Indians emphasize the feeling or emotional component rather than the verbal. Ideas and feelings are conveyed through behavior rather than speech.

Overlooked Bug Out Bag essentials - Geek Prepper Overlooked Bug Out Bag essentials happen. There are tons of great sites with tons of great lists covering the items you need in your bug out bag, or to have on-hand for bugging in. Now we’re putting out our list of some essential items that seem to get over looked. Your online guide to birds and bird watching Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds Search in: Share on facebookShare on emailShare on pinterest_shareShare on twitterMore Sharing Services Features Welcome to All About Birds Your online guide to birds and bird watching Or Browse by Taxonomy, Name, or Shape

Grow Sweet Potatoes — Even in the North - Organic Gardening Related Content Growing Calories Grow to fill yourself up from your garden. Potatoes will give you the most calories in the least spa... An ideal staple crop for those seeking to meet most of their food needs with homegrown produce would be nutrient-dense, offer high yields, and have excellent flavor and storage qualities. A crop that fits this bill perfectly?

30 second science After our strange, and still somewhat baffling, crayon candle experience, we decided to move on to a safer, tried and true, Steve Spangler recommended activity. We had read on his site, that if you slowly lower an ordinary balloon... ...down over a candle flame... ...the latex will melt, and the balloon will pop, well before you reach the flame. That turned out to be true. 10 Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me - Online Survival Blog & Survival News I found this great story from a “non-prepper” and thought you guys and gals might get a kick out of this! Enjoy and let me know what you think. If these idea’s get you thinking about your own preparations you need to see this:

How to get an octopus to cooperate at his photo shoot Up close, the scales of this diamond turbit found in the tidepools in Newport Beach, California sparkled. Photo by Kent Treptow In 2002, photographer Kent Treptow first picked up a $10 two-gallon aquarium, a hand-held light, and his camera and headed to Newport Beach’s rocky tidepools to capture the sea creatures there. But as photo shoots go, sea cucumbers, sea slugs and octopi were not the most cooperative of subjects. Start your food storage on $10 a week by Alan T. Hagan If Old Mother Hubbard had had a food storage program before she went to her cupboard her poor dog would have gotten his bone. Given the fact that her cupboard was bare it was probably because she didn't have the wherewithal to fill it. Finding the resources to put food by against troubled times is a common problem, but it is solvable, even for those of us on tight budgets.

Longest Migration Among African Mammals Discovered Jennifer S. Holland A population of zebras surprised biologists by making a more than 300-mile beeline across parts of Namibia and Botswana—the longest big-mammal migration ever documented in Africa. In the wilds of Africa, food and water come and go with the seasons, and animals follow. The Serengeti is the site of what most consider the most dramatic migration, with giant herds of millions of animals—some 750,000 zebras and 1.2 million wildebeests as well as gazelles and eland—traveling from the Ngorongoro area in southern Tanzania to the Masai Mara in lower Kenya and returning as the rains dictate.