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Cinnamon Cheddar Baked Apples Recipe. Healthy Snack: Smudgies. If ice cream is what you crave in the heat, then skip the hundreds of calories and cholesterol you find in that cup or cone and make smudgies instead.

Healthy Snack: Smudgies

This dessert is completely dairy-free, contains no added sugar, and tastes like an ice cream sandwich. It's soon to become your new favorite healthy treat — and all for under 100 calories. Best of all, they couldn't be easier to whip up and contain only three ingredients: organic graham crackers, ripe bananas, and crunchy all-natural peanut butter. Once the creamy filling is frozen, it takes on the consistency of ice cream. Ingredients 2 ripe bananas 2 tablespoons all-natural crunchy peanut butter 12 organic graham cracker rectangles (which make 24 squares) Directions Peel the bananas, and place them in a bowl. Place 12 graham cracker squares on a piece of foil. Stack them so you have a row of four, and then wrap them in the foil. Information Category Desserts, Frozen Yield Makes 12 sandwiches Nutrition Calories per serving 92 per sandwich.

Vegan Chocolate-Covered Banana Almond Butter Bites. If you're a vegan who has to live without ice cream, this crave-worthy frozen dessert will make you forget all about that creamy off-limits treat.

Vegan Chocolate-Covered Banana Almond Butter Bites

And these bites are made with only four ingredients — bananas, almond butter, applesauce, and dairy-free dark chocolate. They're a great dessert to have waiting in your freezer for when ice cream and chocolate cravings strike because each delicious bite is under 50 calories. Ingredients 2 large ripe bananas 1/8 cup almond butter 1/8 cup unsweetened applesauce 1 cup dark chocolate chips Directions Peel bananas and slice into quarter-inch pieces.Mix the almond butter and applesauce in a small dish. Here's the nutritional information for one chocolate-covered banana almond butter bite: Source: Calorie Count Information Category Desserts, Frozen Yield 20 pieces Cook Time 1 hour Nutrition Calories per serving. Banana Popsicles. Have a little ice cream obsession, no matter what the season?

Banana Popsicles

Not only for smoothies, frozen bananas also make a tasty dessert that can satisfy the deepest of sweet-tooth cravings. Don't believe me? Make these treats with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen — you only need a banana, yogurt (I used soy), and chocolate chips. This simple dessert-on-a-stick takes five minutes to whip up and four hours in the freezer, and because it's 150 calories per two-piece serving, go ahead and have it for a healthy snack.

Ingredients 1 ripe banana 4 popsicle sticks 3 ounces vanilla soy yogurt 1/8 cup mini dairy-free chocolate chips (I used Ghirardelli) Directions Source: Calorie Count Information Category Desserts, Frozen Yield 2 servings Cook Time 5 min Nutrition Calories per serving. Candy Recipes. You might also like: 9 Halloween Cocktails to Get You in the Spooky Spirit Read More Ah, Halloween… the one day a year that eating candy is actually encouraged.

Candy Recipes

From entire supermarket aisles to office reception desks, the sweet stuff is everywhere. Take one look at the labels, however, and you’re sure to find some pretty spooky ingredients. We searched some of our favorite food blogs for healthier, homemade versions of some of the most popular Halloween candies. Remember that most of the candies on this list aren’t exactly healthy (they are sweets, after all), but these recipes—from Snickers bars to Twizzlers—are better for you than the store-bought versions since most are free of preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial dyes. 1. Photo: Tasty Yummies These treats are constructed in a mini muffin pan, so they look just like the classic peanut butter cup. 2.

Photo: Desserts With Benefits 3. 3 Musketeers Photo: Heather's French Press 4. Photo: Pastry Affair 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 49 Paleo Desserts That Taste Anything But.