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Craft Foam Armor Tutorial

Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
I was searching for a cheap, light, but nice-looking material to make armor out of, and I discovered one - craft foam! This tutorial is designed to show what you can create using only materials that are widely available at general craft stores, with no need for specialty shops or internet orders. I specifically used it for Helm's Deep elf armor, but it could be used for almost any armor that you can break down into fairly flat pieces. The method listed below is what I've come up with, but there really is no one right way to use craft foam; check the end of the tutorial for links to other foam armor sites. For an example of a finished project, here's a picture of my elven armor. Advantages: Light weight Inexpensive materials Widely available materials Easy to make Safe to wear in crowds Most steps are safe for kids to do Flexible - won't break or crack Great 'beginner' armor Disadvantages: The tools you will need are: Scissors Paintbrush Heat source - heat gun or stove burner You're done! Related:  Cosplay Guides/Tutorialscosplay

Color, Color, Color! - Alternative ways to color resin... I've seen some conflicting information on what you can and cannot use to color resin. Now, as far as I know you can use practically anything sort of dry pigment - such as (my favorite) Pearl Ex powders, tempura powder, pastels, micro get the idea... Now for liquids, I've read some sources that say you can ONLY use dyes and pigments specially formulated to work with resin. If you can indeed use other types of pigments it would open the realm of color possibilities, so I decided to do some experimenting. Here's what I tried: Blick Studios brand Cobalt Blue Oil Color - (oil paint in a tube)Dye-na-flow by Jacquard in Teal - (fabric dye most often used for resists on silk, etc.)Vitrail in Lemon yellow - (glass paint used to imitate stained glass)Transparent Glass Paint in Purple - (another type of glass paint)Acylic paint in Orange - (the cheap-o kind you can get in a 24-pack in any craft store) Next, the Dye-na-flow fabric paint. It mixed up beautifully! Here are the results:

Buying cosplay eye contacts for the first time? Well I've tried many different types of contacts - from regular size to very large circle lenses, In all different colours and patterns. I've never had to wear glasses or had any problems with sight - and the first contacts I ever bought were from a dodgy little anime store in a shopping mall in central London (so we're not talking the highest quality here), and they were totally fine. The most important thing, I think, is looking after the contacts and your eyes in the best way possible because you CAN get infections and such from poor aftercare. (1) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: once you buy your contacts (which come in little packets/jars/depending on the brand in a clear fluid) you MUST soak them for at least 6 hours in a fresh saline contact lens solution, which you can purchase from your local drugstore. (2) No, you don't need to get them fitted. (5) NEVER sleep with your lenses. (6) Don't keep them past the sell by date. Anyway, hope you found this helpful.

when silence drowns the screams, Fabric Insets using Facings! {Everything} In A Jar – Handmade Gifts With just a little over 10 weeks until Christmas, it is already time to start thinking about gifts! The more gifts that can be taken care of ahead of time, the easier the holiday season will be. I came up with a really fun idea that can be customized to pretty much any person or occasion called: {Everything} In A Jar Today, I am going to show you the ones I made for teachers! {energy} in a jar Peanuts White Chocolate Hot Drink Mix Suisse Mocha Latte Mix White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Energy Bar Milk Chocolate Truffles {pampering} in a jar Cozy Socks Sunshine Daisy Lotion Sunshine Daisy Fragrance Spray Moisture Rich Hand Creme Soothing Massage Bar Soap Eye Treatment Cream Facial Scrub Lip Balm {refreshment} in a jar Facial Cleaning Towelettes Wrinkle Release Spray Disposable Mini Toothbrushes Tide To Go Mini Pen Peppermint Gum Peppermint Altoids Mini Brush and Mirror Combo The first step for assembly is to stuff the goodies into the jars. I designed some labels to print off and put on the jars. Beef Jerky Nuts

Make It Handmade: Perfecting Serger/Overlocker Tension We are ready for week 2 in our Relationship Rescue: You and Your Serger Series. Now that we have our machines all threaded, we get to do some actual serging today! Why is tension adjustment important? So grab a scrap of mid-weight fabric (like quilting cotton), click the link below and I'll meet you by your machine! This tutorial covers tension adjustments for the 3 or 4 thread overlock stitch. I've threaded the machine with 4 different colors of thread: Left Needle: Green Right Needle: Red Upper Looper: Black Lower Looper: Sky Blue Just like with our sewing machines, it's best to adjust tension using a similar weight fabric to our project fabric. If you are starting from scratch, start by setting all the tension dials at 4. Balanced Stitch First, lets look at what we want. Needles For 4 thread stitching you will need to adjust both needle thread tensions; in 3 thread stitching there is only one needle thread tension to adjust. Loose Needle Tension: Loopers Tricks and Tips:

Contact Lens FAQs This FAQ is a starting point for those new to contacts or who have questions. See an eye doctor before considering contact lenses - you are solely responsible for your eyes! If you have questions concerning contact lenses, please post them here as you are likely not the only one with that question! -------------------------Table of Contents1.) Finding Lenses/Where to Buy 2.) Getting Started: Advice & Terms to Know 3.) I’m looking for _______ colored/ designed contacts for [insert character name]! How are lenses made? Do I need to see an eye doctor to get lenses? Your eye doctor will also show you how to insert, remove, and properly clean and store your lenses and may give you some trial lenses too. Getting fitted for lenses is important! Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act + Overseas PurchasingRead more here Can I get lenses without a prescription? My eye doctor asked me to come back after he fitted me with lenses – why? I wear glasses - can't I just use the same prescription?

» Horn Pattern Collection – DOWNLOAD|PDF In this collection are included patterns for: Ram HornsThick HornsLong HornsCurved HornsSpiky Horns I recommend using 5mm low density EVA foam as well as contact cement to create these horns. Other materials work as well of course. Vector files are scaleable and can easily be resized or changed to your own liking. Please choose your correct printer size between European DIN-A4 (21×29.7cm) or US/Canada letter (8.5x11inch). This is a digital PDF download.

41 Easy Things To Do With Mason Jars Burlesque Bustle Skirt ∙ How To by Becca K This is the pattern I created to make my bustle skirt. You can use it as is, or change it up a little. These instructions are super detailed, I'm basically walking you through what I learned along the way, so skip ahead if you're comfortable with some of these steps. Decide where you want the waistband to sit - at your waist or hips, and measure that circumference + add a little bit for seams.

Choosing and Styling Wigs Hair color and style are elements that can really make or break a cosplay. If you can dye and cut your hair to fit a character, you can get some amazing results, but for those blue haired or very long (or short) haired characters wigs are often a much better. What to Consider When Choosing a Wig When choosing a wig you will want to keep in mind your desiredHair colorHair styleHair lengthCost Types of Wigs The two main wig types are synthetic and human hair. Human hair wigs are the most natural looking wigs. Synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs. Because synthetic wigs lend themselves so well to cosplay the follow suggestions will be geared towards the use of synthetic wigs. Styling a Wig When styling a wig it is very important to remember not to use a blow drier or any heated device, as temperatures above 160 degrees Fahrenheit can melt the wig fibers. Keep references of you character on hand or up on a nearby computer when styling a wig so you can get all of the details.

Cosplay – SYNDROME - Cute Kawaii Harajuku Street Fashion Store Sort by Filter by Color Filter by Size New in Sale How To Make Your Own Washi Tape Tutorial There are so many great washi tape ideas out there but it isn’t always easy to cute patters. So how about a tutorial for how to make your own washi tape? I used patterned napkins and tissue paper to make it! 6K+ Since this month’s Pinspired and Rewired contest theme is washi tape and I’ve wanted to try to make my own washi tape for quite awhile now after seeing it in several different places like here at Nifty Thrifty Things. I figured there was no time like the present to try it out but this isn’t truly washi tape…its more like decorator tape since I didn’t use washi paper. Making the washi tape is very basic and requires just a few supplies: Scissors Double Sided Tape Waxed Paper Tissue Paper or Napkins Cardboard Tube Several years ago the company my husband worked for was throwing away some rolls of double sided tape and he scooped them up. Put strips of doubled sided tape on the waxed paper and then cut them out. Then, cut any excess paper off the tape. Have you tried using washi tape yet?

the RPF Guest Post on Wig Styling by Cosplay Tutorials Hello readers, this is Gaby from Cosplay Tutorials to give you some helpful hints and tips to style wigs. Wig styling is a trial and error process. With patience, hard work, and a lot of references, you will get your desired end product. Common products used for styling wigs are hairspray and hair glue. Setting Up the Wig Before Styling It's a good idea to buy a wig head to rest your wig on when you're styling it, but there is also a downside to this. Cutting Wigs Sometimes, all you have to do to style your wig is to cut it. Before you begin cutting, you have to pick out your scissors. Determine whether you want the edges of your wig to be blunt on soft from looking at your references. If you are cutting your wig on a wig head, please be careful of the length. Creating Spikes It's important to have hairspray and spiking glue ready when spiking wigs. Creating Curls You can create curls on a wig just like how you curl human hair, but there are some precautions. Resources Kama. (2006, June 23).