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Photoshop Tips & Tricks In 1990, I had the great pleasure of introducing Russell Brown and a new software package from Adobe to several hundred attendees of my Great Graphics Tips session at Macworld. Photoshop Tips & Tricks has been part of DT&G ever since. High dynamic range, HDR WOW Trey Ratcliff's writings and tutorials in high dynamic range photography has spawned a huge following in this dramatic technique for taking pictures. Design Projects: Easier? The idea is simple. High Dynamic Range Photography High Dynamic Range Imaging is a technique that lets you to portray a much greater range of tonal detail than a given camera could capture in a single photo. Russian Paintings In a world now congested with super, expert Photoshop photo manipulators, this artist defies the digital world with exquisite paintings in the tradition of the Dutch Masters. Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac Record an action in Photoshop Photoshop for Fingerprinting Photoshop YouTube Background Tutorial Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 2 What?

Tutorial Lounge | Archive | Photoshop In this Photoshop tutorial, we will be Space City Photo Manipulation in Photoshop. We show another space world in this photo montage tutorial. In this process, everyone can create such amazing photo editing using different images to get such amazing result. We will learn all the important techniques of In this tutorial, we will learn how to Create a Abstract Space girl Photo Manipulation using Photoshop.We will learn some advance techniques of masking and lightning. In this article, you will find a brief but complete set of the Photoshop CS6 Photo Manipulation Tutorials with New Trends which all are very useful and easy to learn. This is the elite piece of writing in which you will become able to get the Best Typography Designs Making Urban Environment. In this roundup, I would like to show you the Incredible Photo Manipulation Tutorials of January 2014 which all are not only new but useful at the same time.

Photoshop Tutorials This tutorial will teach you how to easily enhance any sky in just a few steps. This is one of those invaluable tips that you'll be using for the rest of your life. Car Reflection in Photoshop: In this Photoshop tutorial, you are going to create a realistic Car Reflection in Photoshop. In the following Quick Tip tutorial you will learn how to use Ellipse Tool, Brush Tool, and Gradients in Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create abstract swirl waves background. We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about how to achieve an underwater effect in your photo manipulations. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make advanced hair selections using the alpha channels. Learn how to wrap your text and shape layers so that they conform to the surface of the layer underneath. Learn how to this surreal photo manipulation of an Alice in Wonderland on amazing and surreal atmosphere with Photoshop. Ghost Mannequin is another name of image manipulation in photoshop. « Previous123456789…23322333Next »

The Design Portfolio of Ben Barry 50 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2010 Photoshop is probably one of the most indispensable pieces of software in a designer’s toolbox. It can be used for everything from retouching photos to creating entire web layouts or original artwork. And specific design tutorials are a great way to familiarize yourself with what Photoshop can do and how to do it. Below are 50 of the best Photoshop tutorials from 2010. There are tutorials for all skill levels, whether you’re new to Photoshop or a seasoned pro. Photo Effects and Manipulations Working with photos is what Photoshop was originally created to do (hence the name). Create a Nature Inspired Photo Manipulation in Photoshop Here’s a quick (around 1 hour) intermediate tutorial for creating a nature-inspired photo manipulation. Create a Magical Four Piece Stardust Composition This beginner Photoshop tutorial shows how to create a photo composition with four faces and a nebula-style background. Create a Realistic Panoramic Matte Painting in Photoshop Giving Your Photograph an Antique Look

v. xiv Let's face it: stars can be really hard to draw. I'm not talking about the singular balls of blazing gasses, though, I'm talking about the subtle and beautiful star fields that make a piece of celestial art what it is: a portrayal of space. One of the reasons space is so much fun to draw is because, despite the plethora of Hubble images inundating cyberspace and science magazines, most people don't have a preconceived notion of what space should look like. This means that there are endless possibilities for wondrous visuals, as nobody's been to or seen wherever or whatever it is that you're depicting. Variety Looking at Hubble images, you can easily find images of stars where the entire image is jam-packed with as many of the brilliant suckers as possible. Look at the Hubble images: are all the stars the same size? Density Once you've established the types of stars you're working with, think about where they'll be in relation to each other.

Creative Suite Advantages in Photoshop CS5 Layers Magazine | Layers Magazine Needless to say, Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool. Add in the other Creative Suite programs and there’s even more amazing possibilities. Here we’ll look at how to combine Photoshop, Bridge, and InDesign to create easily updated contact sheets, and then show you six ways to use Photoshop and Illustrator together. 1 CREATE A BACKGROUNDIn Photoshop, create a new 11×8.5″ document at 300 ppi and make a background design for the contact sheet using textures, filters, and whatever else you’d like. We combined images; added a shaded area to enter contact information in InDesign (we set the blend mode to Multiply and Opacity to 50% in the Layers panel); turned the design into a vector smart object (to allow for easy edits after the document has been placed in InDesign); and added a Vibrance adjustment layer. Choose File>Save As, set the Format to Photoshop, and enable the Layers checkbox to save the document as a layered PSD. 5 OUTPUT IN BRIDGE TO PDFChoose Window>Workspace>Output.

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