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Mathematics with an iPad

Mathematics with an iPad

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11 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom More and more classrooms are gaining access to technology that can be used with students. Whether you're modeling a lesson, creating stations, or working in a one-to-one classroom, virtual tools can promote student engagement while increasing academic success. Here are some apps for iPads -- along with a few other tips -- that can transform your daily lessons and are definitely worth checking out! Base Ten Blocks

Most Popular Posts of the Year - #2, 11 Mathematics Resources Like a lot of other people are, I'm taking this week to relax a bit and do some things that I haven't had time for lately. Therefore, all this week I'm rewinding the year with the 25 most-read posts of the year. I hope that those of you who are also on vacation this week, enjoy every moment of it. 5 Fun Free iPad Math Game Apps These free apps offer fun ways for elementary/primary grade students to practice their math fundamentals. We checked out a bunch of free math games for the iPad that can help younger students reinforce their math basics, focusing only on those rated 4 stars or better. There are quite a few of these.

17 Real-World Ways iPads Are Being Used In Schools Last year, iPads in education took the world by storm, finding their ways into initiatives at both the K-12 and university levels. Edudemic’s friends over at Education Dive have talked to some of the people responsible for those roll-outs and watched schools decided how to use tablets, whether they were Apple’s or not . In 2013, iPads are still going strong. New pilot programs are winning over former doubters—and in some cases existing programs are expanding.

How I use my iPhone and iPad as a college math teacher As a college math instructor, I am a huge advocate for technology use in the classroom and regularly use my iPhone and iPad to enhance the learning experience for my students. Between using apps on the classroom projector, enabling Guided Access for student devices during exams, and preparing content at home, my iPhone and iPad are essential tools for me as a teacher. Email As an adjunct (part-time) instructor, I am not required to hold office hours, nor do I have a space to do so if I wanted.

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 – Powerful Free Maths Software I wrote about the Mathematics Add-in for MS Word and OneNote in February of 2011. As of December 2011, this remains one of my most frequently visited posts. Today’s post is prompted by a comment left there by Murray Bourne. Murray kindly informed me that Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 is available as a free standalone program, not just as an add-in for MS Word or OneNote.

Paper Port App – Dragon Dictation App on Steroids! Are you impressed with the Dragon Dictation App? Well, you will love Nuances new PaperPort app that has Dragon Dictation tools in it! PaperPort App - This is Nuances new free digital note taking for your iPad (only iPad) that captures hand written notes, typed text, images, web content and audio. Day 28 - Class Dojo Class Dojo will not apply to every participant in the 30 Day Challenge as it is specifically designed for the classroom teacher, but I encourage you to be open-minded about the possible applications for this classroom management tool, which was introduced in beta early this fall, caught the attention of educators from the UK to the US, and garnered top prize in NBC News' Education Nation Innovation Challenge. Later in this post, I will share an invitation for you to start your own class(es) with Class Dojo. On the most rudimentary level, Class Dojo is a real-time, digital star chart for student behavior. Yet with some thought and planning, leaders can use it for much more. 1. Personalization You can tailor the rewards to promote the learning environment you want, rewarding things like excellent questions, great insight, creativity and collaboration.

Teaching Math on an iPad In my High school, one of the last departments to realise a use for iPads was the Math department. Note: As a UK born New Zealander, writing Math and not Maths is difficult but as most my readers are american, I’ll persist! Also…. A Win for Math Students and a Win for the Web: Desmos Goes HTML 5 Last month, I chose Desmos as one of my picks for best new education startups of 2011, in no small part because of the company's mission to create educational software so that interactive content is Web-based and works across multiple devices and platforms. In light of my recent screed about Apple's recent education event -- the app-ification of iTunes U, a new proprietary file format for e-books, a purported education "revolution" that's iOS-only -- it's probably pretty clear that I believe strongly that if we are to invest in technology tools that we must do so in ways that are accessible and interoperable and that actually benefit learners. And with that, folks, I give you... the World Wide Web. So, clearly, when Desmos launched last year, I was thrilled, particularly when co-founder Eli Luberoff showed me a little side project his team was hacking on: a free, Web-based graphing calculator. So the launch of a free graphing calculator is a blow to that hardware monopoly no doubt.

40 Amazingly Educational iPad Apps for Kids Adults are obsessed with the new iPad, but have you ever thought about sharing your new toy with your kids? Just like online education games provide kids with fun outlets for learning, iPad apps help your kids review basic skills, improve critical thinking and decision-making skills, and even learn to read. Hand over your iPad this summer, and take a look at these 40 amazingly educational and fun iPad apps for kids. Language and Vocabulary Here you’ll find apps for learning the alphabet, using the dictionary, reviewing grammar rules, and more. History

7 best word processing apps for tablets Will Microsoft Word come to the iPad? After initial evidence it now appears unlikely, which means that the burgeoning market for free text editor apps on the iPad and elsewhere can continue. There are so many available for both iOS and Android that we can only present a few here, but all have their pros and cons. Format handling is critical, but it's more about integration with a device's OS than simple readability; can you take a Word doc from an email, make changes and send it on back? And though these apps are all about typing, arguably more important than text-entry is navigation, with ease of correcting mistakes crucial – especially if you're tapping away on glass rather than a Bluetooth keyboard.

ipads in the classroom iPads in the Classroom: Maths Times Tables Apps All teachers know that it’s vital children learn their times tables as soon as possible. But how can we make it fun so that they actually want to earn them? Thanks to a range of free Apps for iOS devices, learning times tables can be a lot less painful! 1. Times Tables Cloud Click Game (Free) 50 Resources For Teaching With iPads So we thought we’d start an ongoing collection–that is, one that is updated to reflect trends and changes–of the best resources for teaching with the iPad. This will include resources from all of the best sources, from Apple’s own stuff to TeachThought to edutopia to MindShift to DMLCentral to Jackie Gerstein and more. We can update it, or make it a wiki to crowdsource the process, or you can add suggestions in the comments below. Based on the activity of the comments, and the sharing of the post, we’ll decide how to handle it moving forward. How iPads Function In Education

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