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Sharing all the Maths education blogs by people in (or from) the UK. Staffrm: Stories. Teaching at the Edge of Chaos. “It is time to reverse this prejudice against conscious effort and to see the powers we gain through practice and discipline as eminently inspiring and even miraculous.”Robert Greene This is the second of a three part series.

Teaching at the Edge of Chaos

If you wish to read the first part, click here. Otherwise, read on… John Mason – The Mystery of Mastery Mention the names ‘Mason’ and ‘Watson’ in Mathematics teaching circles and a reverential air suddenly eminates. You can probably understand my excitement, therefore, when John Mason took the stage. He started out his thoughts on mastery by answering two questions: a) what is a concept? Concepts provide access to relevant actionsProcedures are a sequence of actions, organised by underlying concepts In other words, concepts and procedures are interdependent, and mastery is the journey of layering concepts on procedures on concepts on procedures and so on. John closed by stating there are strategies for deepening appreciation and comprehension of concepts by:

Educating MrMattock. Math and Multimedia - School math, multimedia, and technology tutorials. Mrs Newell's Math: Ideas and Resources for the Secondary Math Classroom. I have no idea why I picked this blog name, but there's no turning back now. Great Maths Teaching Ideas – Sharing great ideas and resources with maths teachers. Mathematics, Learning and Technology. Secondary Maths Teaching Inspiration. How on earth can you create a maths lesson using these items?

Secondary Maths Teaching Inspiration

Well, first sort them into colours, then put twenty jelly beans into each cup. Make sure there are only two colours in each cup, write the contents on a sticky label and use that to seal the cup. Each cup should have slightly different numbers or colours – it prevents copying. Note: Eat all the orange jelly beans – you’ll be doing your dignity a favour! Have you figured it out yet? The Experiment I did a demonstration of this on the board first, before handing out the cups and worksheets. I ate the jellybean. But you can’t do that – it messes up the experiment! I always encourage students to work out all the possible outcomes before they even look at the rest of the questions. Do I really need to put the last one?

After much giggling, the class were let loose with their own cups. I summarised the lesson by looking at different types of probability problem where items are not replaced. Like this: Like Loading... Maths education and other general nonsense. Mr Collins Mathematics Blog. To infinity... and beyond. Quibans. Dy/dan. A Stitch Away From Making It – And A Scar Away From Falling Apart. Education, maths, procrastination. A place to share teaching and learning ideas. Sometimes with a Maths theme. Maths, Teaching and Life. Growth Mindset Maths - Blog. Staffrm Stories. Ben Ward. The Maths Magpie. Ideas for better maths teaching. Mr Chadburn – Mathematics and education. Resources and links for teachers. A blog dedicated to sharing maths resources as well as my thoughts and ideas on teaching & learning. Better through reflection. The Reflective Educator. Rebranding Classrooms for the Digital Age. Hello!

Rebranding Classrooms for the Digital Age

This is a collection of the various (mainly) Educational ideas and concepts knocking around my head. Below is a potted summary: Books – I love writing and reading, and my Skewed Reviews are of Business Books with what I take as their angle on Education. Dropboxes – I started a collection of the main Teaching Dropboxes, and have written about shared Dropbox Etiquette too. Nerdynerd – You might be interesting in how to use MarkDown in your working life (warning – saves HUGE amounts of time), fancy making a retro poster (all links included) or even have an interest in Infographics. (Note to me to add: Teaching tips, esp. marking, Conferences, Talks and Teachmeets. (I’m a Deputy Head in a small school in Kent, and have a forgiving wife, an overclocking imagination and four(hundred) children. My Broad Philosophy The thoughts and ideas for ClassroomTM have been buzzing around my head, classroom, schools and conferences for a few years now.

This means taking a risk. Make the leap.