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Rich learning activities. Cool Websites. Cool Learning Websites Here is a list of cool learning websites that we have found on the internet.

Cool Websites

Maths: - Includes objectives for every game. - Fun addition games. - Fun subtraction games. - Range of games covering all areas of Maths. - Number identification. -Scroll down past the literacy games to find number identification, number sequence and basic addition games. - Lots of maths games and printable activities for younger students. - Large range of maths activities covering all areas of maths. The Big List of Board Games that Inspire Mathematical Thinking. When a board game is presented as a math game, I am always eager to try it out!

The Big List of Board Games that Inspire Mathematical Thinking

Unfortunately, in many cases I find the math in these games are too straightforward with cards of math problems for players to solve, or numbered spaces to count. These games are usually far from fun, only allowing kids to practice math facts or formulas. They lack the opportunity for the player to choose from different actions, strategize or even plan ahead. My Favorite Math Games – Denise Gaskins' Let's Play Math. Algebra Index. Algebra is great fun - you get to solve puzzles! With computer games you play by running, jumping or finding secret things.

Geometry. THINKING MATHEMATICS 1: Arithmetic_Gateway to All de James Tanton. Cows. Exploding Dots. Here is a story that isn’t true:

Exploding Dots

A Fantasy K to 12 Math Curriculum – Sunil Singh – Medium. …There is no life I know to compare with pure imaginationLiving there you’ll be free if you truly wish to be… Ed Frenkel once referred to mathematics representing “freedom”.

A Fantasy K to 12 Math Curriculum – Sunil Singh – Medium

Trying to synch Willy Wonka’s idea of imagination, it seems the nexus of these two ideas would — should — involve unbounded creativity. SolveMe Puzzles. Courses - Natural Math. 5 Games For Building Logic. 1.1 Base Machines. OPENING COMMENT: The entire text to this Exploding Dots course appears in the COMPANION GUIDE to the course.

1.1 Base Machines

Plus ALL THE SOLUTIONS to the questions asked throughout this course, and some additional material, appear in it too. Check out the “Guides and Solutions” section at the home page. Here is a story that isn’t true. Algebraic thinking. Developing algebraic ideas and language Number tricks are fun for children.

Algebraic thinking

The fun, all by itself, is valuable, but is not mathematics. But understanding how the trick works is good mathematical, often algebraic, learning. And understanding a trick well enough lets children make up their own tricks.Under construction: Eventually, this will show many examples -- patterned growth, patterns in arithmetic, number tricks (like this one), and more -- and show ways that elementary school children can understand how they work. " Week of Inspirational Math. Math Teachers Should Encourage Their Students to Count Using Their Fingers in Class. A few weeks ago I (Jo Boaler) was working in my Stanford office when the silence of the room was interrupted by a phone call.

Math Teachers Should Encourage Their Students to Count Using Their Fingers in Class

A mother called me to report that her 5-year-old daughter had come home from school crying because her teacher had not allowed her to count on her fingers. This is not an isolated event—schools across the country regularly ban finger use in classrooms or communicate to students that they are babyish. This is despite a compelling and rather surprising branch of neuroscience that shows the importance of an area of our brain that “sees” fingers, well beyond the time and age that people use their fingers to count. In a study published last year, the researchers Ilaria Berteletti and James R. Booth analyzed a specific region of our brain that is dedicated to the perception and representation of fingers known as the somatosensory finger area. Multiplication Explorers Online Course - Natural Math. Fold punch and cut.pdf. Joel David Hamkins. My recent talk, Playful Paradox with large numbers, infinity and logic, was a romp through various paradoxical topics in mathematics and logic for an audience of about 150 mathematics and philosophy undergraduate students at Fudan University in Shanghai, and since Fudan is reportedly a top-three university in China, you can expect that the audience was sharp.

Joel David Hamkins

How to Make a Flexagon - Geometric Toys to Make. What you will make: Learn how to make a flexagon, a most fascinating geometric toy!

How to Make a Flexagon - Geometric Toys to Make

It looks like an ordinary paper hexagon with a front and a back, but hidden inside is a third side (or face) that can be brought to the outside by flexing the paper. Socks Are Like Pants: Crowdfund Our New Book! - Natural Math. Type a number, then click the Contribute button. 64 contributors raised $4,145 of $4,000 goal Do you want your children to feel like algebra is beautiful, playful, and intuitive?

Socks Are Like Pants: Crowdfund Our New Book! - Natural Math

KoC BOARD GAMES LIBRARY - Your Local Game Shop. Tangram World. In this activity, students explore the area and perimeter of the shapes in a tangram square. Make sure that students are familiar with the name of each shape: triangle, square, and parallelogram. A very good website for the history of tangrams, tangram puzzles, and online activities is Activity One can be solved using fractions. LearnEX Educational Services - Worksheets. Teachingchannel. Finland. Homeschool Math - free math worksheets, lessons, ebooks, curriculum guide, and more. CWXHandouts_2.pdf.