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Thoughts and ideas from a High School Maths teacher. (Even more) 5 minutes of fun! Mathematics education. Must-Be Maths. Agility- The teaching toolkit. My (mathematical) back pages. Reflections and resources for all to share… Stretch and Learn. Five Triangles. Solve My Maths. A blog dedicated to sharing maths resources as well as my thoughts and ideas on teaching & learning. News inMaths.UK - Maths News and Blogs. MathsZest. Teaching ideas: things that have worked, things that haven't, with a skew towards Maths… Random thoughts from a maths teacher. Tech-Info-Maths (T.I.M.) Rogradymaths. Interactive Maths - The Interactive Way to Teach Mathematics - Blog. Best of TES Maths, Diagnostic Questions and much more! Thoughts on managing variability. Resources and links for teachers. Math = Love. Home. @MrMathsTeacher - My thoughts on teaching secondary school maths. Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0. 8 weeks of fun missions & prompts, Starting October 6.

Blog - An area to share thoughts and ideas. Mr Corbett's maths page. MathsMuggle. Bimbles, Gloops, Flobs ... Mr Mathematics Blog. Teaching the calculation of\relationships between interior and exterior angles of polygons has been a favourite topic of mine since I became a teacher.

Mr Mathematics Blog

I enjoy the range of interconnected relationships just waiting to be discovered and explained, once the sum of exterior angles is understood. For years I had sought how to best teach this so the students too could appreciate such geometrical beauty. My enthusiasm for this topic stemmed from the sense of achievement that came with discovering these interconnected relationships for myself. So I decided when I next teach it my role would be to guide the class through an investigation rather than explicitly state any facts. At the start of the lesson I make it very clear the aim is for the students to discover and explain a series of relationships between the interior and exterior angles of regular polygons with the end result being they could calculate the total interior angle for any regular or irregular polygon. Constructing the Polygons. The Maths Magpie. Secondary Maths Teaching Inspiration.

If I had £1 for every time I heard ‘I don’t get it!’

Secondary Maths Teaching Inspiration

, I could probably buy a new (modestly sized) car. That phrase is banned in my classroom. What does ‘get’ mean? What is ‘it’? Did you actually read the question? And there we have it: reading the question. Today’s little life skill strategy can work for all levels of literacy – because you don’t need any! Now as you may be aware, I’m based in Wales in the UK. Mr Collins' (NQT) Mathematics Blog. To infinity... and beyond. Musings of a mathematical magpie. If you’ve had a look through this blog before, you might have read the “about me” section at the side where I explain that I did a history degree before going on to become a maths teacher.

Musings of a mathematical magpie

This information mildly interests some people, worries others, and sends a select bunch into a heightened state of moral outrage. This last group – the righteously indignant - are of course the most entertaining, and I’ve learned to develop a thick skin when they air their short-sighted opinions. Upon hearing the news that I had a history degree, one man abruptly stopped the perfectly pleasant conversation we were having and started spluttering “I wouldn’t let you anywhere near children” before walking off. Another person reacted by saying that I could never be taken seriously as a professional and surely I should be teaching primary school children. So I’m taking the opportunity to answer these two questions about myself. For me, there have certainly been benefits to this approach. A place to share teaching and learning ideas. Sometimes with a Maths theme.

Cavmaths. Sharing great ideas and resources with maths teachers around the world. Lust for numbers and love for teaching. More than a maths teacher. In his book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, Seth Godin, a marketing expert, argues that advertising is less effective than it used to be because we are bombarded by adverts – which we tend to ignore.

More than a maths teacher

His solution is to have an amazing product – a purple cow in a field of black and white cows, so that it stands out and really captures the imagination. In his presentation at TM Bett 14, Julian Wood suggested that something similar could be done in our classrooms. That got me thinking. Which of my lessons stand out and grab the students attention?

Here are some activities that fit that description: seven purple cows, some maths activities with a bit of wow. 1. This started off as an activity for the annual European Day of Languages, but I’ve used it on plenty of other occasions too. It’s good fun and students from Y6 to Y13 have all enjoyed playing. 2. I created this lesson when working with science and technology teachers on a STEM project. 3. 4. 5. Magic? 6. Dy/dan. Ilovemathsgames. Mr Reddy Maths Blog. Over the next week I want to speak to 100 maths teachers about an idea that’s been brewing in my head for a while.

Mr Reddy Maths Blog

Please sign up below! They say “necessity is the mother of invention”; well, I got frustrated at how much time I was spending finding the right … Read more → Email just in from a teacher: “How you are tackling problem solving? Our learners and staff are finding it a challenge and I feel the key is to ensure it is right lower down in the school so that pupils have more skills to tackle problems when they are at …