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SATs Revision - 'Maths Boot Camp' Maths Boot Camp is a series of activities to aid year 6 SATs - by the end of Boot Camp, all past Maths SATs papers will have been completed.

SATs Revision - 'Maths Boot Camp'

It can be carried out in class with your teacher, or on your own at home: Read instructions. The first 6 days of Maths Boot Camp are free. Read more, FAQs and subscribe. All links lead to high quality activities/learning zones on reputable sites such as the BBC - Compare4Kids does not claim creative credit for any of these activities. Please note: the "Today's Warm Ups" are designed as just that - warm-ups - and are not always related to the topic of that day. To put a link on your website to make Maths Boot Camp easier to find, click here to find out how. If you would like to link to us to make Maths Boot Camp more readily available to your web visitors (or teachers and children if you are a school), please click here to find out how to do so. Maths Booster. KS3 Bitesize - Maths. KS2 Bitesize - Maths. Millionaire For Schools - General Revision: Maths KS3 - a great quiz for KS3 Maths.

Math Millionaire Games. Fractions - Short Problems. Weekly Problem 37 - 2011 Challenge Level: Rotating a pencil twice about two different points gives surprising results...

Fractions - Short Problems

Weekly Problem 38 - 2011 Given three concentric circles, shade in the annulus formed by the smaller two. What percentage of the larger circle is now shaded? Weekly Problem 7 - 2008 Stage: 3 and 4 Challenge Level: The information display on a train shows letters by illuminating dots in a rectangular array. Weekly Problem 12 - 2008 A male punky fish has 9 stripes and a female punky fish has 8 stripes.

Weekly Problem 32 - 2008 Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Malcolm and Nikki run at different speeds. Weekly Problem 37 - 2008 A recipe for flapjacks calls for a certain quantity of butter, sugar and oats. Weekly Problem 44 - 2008 Stage: 3 Short Challenge Level: John, Peter, Rudolf, Susie and Tony decide to set some questions for the Schools Mathematical Challenge. Weekly Problem 52 - 2008 A car with 5 tyres (four road tyres and a spare) travelled 30,000 km. Weekly Problem 3 - 2010.

100 Percent. Matching Fractions Decimals Percentages. You Tell the Story. In the interactivity below, you can move the little man using the arrow keys on your computer and the graph records how far away from the sheep he is.

You Tell the Story

Before trying this problem, you might like to explore what happens when you move the man in different ways. Full Screen Version Here are three graphs that you could produce by moving the man. Can you create a story that describes the movement of the man which would produce each of these graphs? (d is the distance from the sheep and t is the time taken) KS2 Algebra Links. Algebra Practice. © Two operation function machine with options to hide numbers and set all operations and numbers.

Algebra Practice

Explore 2 step algebraic equations, hide and reveal elements in the expression. Also includes an assessment activity. Compare number size and place the greater or less than sign in the correct place. Three levels of numbers to 100, 1000 & 10000 Traditional frog jumping puzzle. Can you reach the target number in as few clicks as possible? Similar to Crazy Counter but with different parameters. The KS 2 version of this activity for developing understanding of simple equations. IXL Word Problems. A+ Click Maths - Problem-Solving. Shape Jeopardy! Coordinates Links. Table3 - Coordinates Review. ITP Coordinates. New January 2013: I have created a new game which involves finding missing coordinates on a given shape, reflected in a mirror line, or the midpoints of straight lines.

ITP Coordinates

Choose to find coordinates in the first quadrant, or all four quadrants. View full screen in your browser. This ITP allows you to use a marker to identify the coordinates of points on different grids. You can mark points and draw lines and shapes. You have a choice of 1, 2 or 4 quadrants to work in to introduce both positive and negative coordinates. You can explore the use of the different quadrants by hiding and revealing the grid to support children’s understanding of the coordinate system. This resource is freely available to download from the archived Primary Framework site. For more shape and space resources click here.

Some useful recipe websites! Conversion Chart for Recipes.