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D) maths and English

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Making-maths-and-English-work-for-all_v25_03_15v2. Young people's recommendations for GCSE maths and English. Maths_4_us_catching_confidence__final.pdf. NRDC : Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Effective Practices in Post-16 Vocational Maths. Maths and English are the key enabling subjects.

Effective Practices in Post-16 Vocational Maths

We have been thinking for some time about how we can support maths provision to be the best it can be, and what we can learn from others nationally and internationally. In that context, working with the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office, we commissioned this research to look at some of the best ideas from around the world for teaching maths to learners aged 16-19. English & Maths Consultation. The Education and Training Foundation is seeking your views on how it can help you develop your learners’ English and maths skills.

English & Maths Consultation

The development of learners’ English and maths skills, and the development of the workforce who support learners, are national priorities. Therefore the Foundation is keen to learn from the sector how they can best support teaching and learning providers over the next few years. The consultation starts on Friday 28 February and finishes on Friday 21 March. How to take part? Literacy_inquiry_-_full_report-web.pdf. SkillsOutlook_2013_ebook.pdf. Inequality-paper.pdf. ‎ Effective Pedagogy in Pāngarau/Mathematics: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (BES) DOWNLOAD: The BES is available to download on this page under "Downloads/Links".

Effective Pedagogy in Pāngarau/Mathematics: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (BES)

Free hard copies are still available for New Zealand educators via Contact us: For more information contact us at or visit the BES home page. Introduction Mathematics1 is a powerful social entity. Arguably the most international of all curriculum subjects, mathematics plays a key role in shaping how individuals deal with the various spheres of private, social and civil life. ‎ Mathematics. Ofsted reports in mathematics and materials for schools Mathematics: made to measure - 22 May 2012.


This report is based predominantly on evidence from inspections of mathematics between January 2008 and July 2011 in maintained schools in England. Inspectors visited 160 primary and 160 secondary schools and observed more than 470 primary and 1,200 secondary mathematics lessons. The report is also informed by good practice visits to 11 primary schools, one secondary school and two sixth-form colleges, but the evidence from these visits is not included in the proportions quoted in the report. The report draws attention to serious inequalities in pupils’ experiences and achievements. Inspectors visit 150 schools each year to inform Ofsted’s subject surveys in English, mathematics and science. The challenge of maths and English teaching in the Further Education and Skills Sector in England. Categories: Research stratcon Continuing Professional Development Curriculum Policy Practitioner research Report Research paper Secondary Further Education Author: CUREE Ltd.

The challenge of maths and English teaching in the Further Education and Skills Sector in England

RPT-Survey-v4.pdf. Home. Welcome to the Core Maths website.


My Flipped Classroom - Judy Larsen. Best Evidence Encyclopaedia UK. Study Programmes and Traineeships. Public Welcome to the new study programmes and traineeships topics page!

Study Programmes and Traineeships

AELP has published a new study programme resource, which gives providers the opportunity to learn from AELP members who have experience in delivering provision based on study programme principles. It gives a policy overview and considers the implications of the reforms in terms of funding, curriculum design, staffing, employer engagement, recruitment, and information, advice and guidance. The resource also contains a link to the Readiness Checklist that providers can use to review and refine their own implementation plans.

Download a free copy below! AELP is very grateful to the Department for Education for providing the support to develop this resource and to the members of Foundation Special Interest Group who have been involved in its development. When Study Programmes were first introduced, AELP pulled together a list of key government publications / documentation for Traineeships and Study Programme delivery. Somerset College: Online multimedia tutorials enhancing students' digital literacy skills. Download PDF version Published: 12th September 2014 Summary Somerset College’s learning resources team have developed an extensive set of multimedia tutorials, which are providing students with a variety of challenging activities that are extending the students’ research and digital literacy knowledge as well as providing the kind of transferable skills that employers are looking for.

Somerset College: Online multimedia tutorials enhancing students' digital literacy skills

Interactive tools and quizzes have helped to provide a more blended learning approach to the students’ study skills, with all the tutorials being easily accessible through the college’s VLE Moodle. Screenshot showing the Research Hub VLE home page for Moodle About Somerset College. Khan Academy founder talks at TED 2011.

Citizen Maths: It's all about proportion. Aimed at people who want to improve their maths at Level 2, the first phase of ‘Citizen Maths’ is now live: The new online course is free and open to anyone who wishes to improve their maths, and is attracting attention from organisations varying from professional mathematicians to NetMums.

Citizen Maths: It's all about proportion

‘Citizen Maths certainly seems to have generated a lot of interest’, says Seb Schmoller, project director. ‘We have already collected a wide variety of registrations, both in the UK and from across the world, from people wishing to improve their own maths or to help their children, as well as from maths tutors curious to see how they can use this new resource in their own teaching, and e-learning people wanting to see how the course is designed.’ The heart of Citizen Maths is the use of practical and familiar tasks to reveal the power of mathematics in action. Phase 1 introduces proportion as the first such powerful idea.

Phase 1 is the first large-scale trial of this new approach. NRDC : Committee calls for national campaign on adult literacy and numeracy. In light of an OECD survey of 24 countries ranking England and Northern Ireland 22nd for literacy and 21st for numeracy, the Committee also calls for a more joined-up Government approach to tackling the problem, improved funding arrangements, and better assessment and support of the literacy and numeracy needs of unemployed people.

Committee calls for national campaign on adult literacy and numeracy

The Committee found that adults struggling most at English and maths are not getting the help and support needed. While the Government pledges free training and tuition for any adult who wishes to study English and maths up to and including GCSE level, the Committee heard that adults with the most limited English and maths skills were not aware of the support available. Adrian Bailey MP, Chair of the Committee, said: "Problems with reading, writing and maths have a huge impact on people’s daily lives, including getting and keeping a job, understanding bills, forms and documents, and guiding children through education.

Adrian Bailey MP, Chair: Image: iStockphoto. Numeracy Skills for everyone for life. Embedded Learning. Numeracy/maths. This page lists a collection of resources to support the teaching and learning of Numeracy/maths for adults: Numeracy Starter Kit The numeracy starter kit signposts providers to some of the wide range of resources to support all aspects of numeracy development and delivery. Numeracy Core Curriculum The Core Curriculum describes the content of what should be taught in literacy, numeracy, ESOL and pre-entry programmes and sets out a clear set of skills required to meet national standards. This interactive site enables teachers to search and explore the adult Numeracy Core Curriculum. 5073-ETF-GCSE-Poster-2_ONLINE_aw.pdf.

Secondary. Helping schools and colleges lead improvement in mathematics education. This is one of the first pieces of work embarked upon up by the Maths Hubs, and coordinated centrally by the NCETM. It is built around an exchange of teachers, between hub schools and schools in Shanghai. In September 2014, 71 primary teachers travelled to Shanghai, with a similar number from Shanghai primary schools returning to England, in two waves: November 2014, and February/March 2015.

A similar pattern of exchanges, involving secondary school teachers will take place in 2015/2016. The aim, as far as the English schools are concerned, is to learn lessons from how maths is taught in Shanghai, with particular focus on the mastery approach, and then research and develop ways in which similar teaching approaches can be used in English classrooms.

When in English schools, the Shanghai teachers - all mathematics education graduates - teach lessons on their own, and with their host teacher, following exactly the approach they use in their own classrooms. Research and Practice in Adult Literacy – a friendly group. NRDC - National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy. Raising Standards - DfES.