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WordPress Forms - Gravity Forms Contact Form Builder and Lead Data Management Plugin For WordPress

WordPress Forms - Gravity Forms Contact Form Builder and Lead Data Management Plugin For WordPress
Almost A Million WordPress Sites Are Already Using Gravity Forms. Is Yours? Gravity Forms is hands down the best contact form plugin for WordPress powered websites. Oh yeah, we said it!Don't just take our word for it, listen to what Gravity Forms users are saying. “Two thumbs way up for the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin..

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Connections Business Directory Homepage | Showcase | Documentation | Support | Templates | Extensions Quite simply, Connections Business Directory is one of the best business directory plugins available for WordPress. Its simplicity in design and function, vast array of unique features and versatility are the reasons more and more people are turning to Connections Business Directory for their directory needs. You can use Connections to create a simple address book, maintain a staff or member directory and run a business directory or link directory. How to Make / Create Your Own Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide to Starting a Website The essential step by step guide on how to set up a website by Christopher Heng, This tutorial shows you how to make or create a website. It is intended for the beginner and layperson, taking you step by step through the whole process from the very beginning. It makes very few assumptions about what you know (other than the fact that you know how to surf the Internet, since you're already reading this article on the Internet). As some steps are more involved, this guide also links to selected relevant articles on that you will need to click through to read for more information.

4 SEO Presentations w/ Tips, Graphics + Data You Can Use NOTE: All of the slide decks in this post are free to download and distribute, as are any of the stats/graphics in them (please reference the source if you do). Hopefully they'll be helpful learning tools and will make your deck-building processes easier than mine have been! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me, and they're not slowing down anytime soon. Just 2 weeks ago, I jetted off to San Marino (a small country in the northeastern part of Italy) with my travel blogging wife, Hannah Smith from Distilled, Marcus Tandler + Niels Dorje of TandlerDorje, Gianluca Fiorelli and Google's Avinash Kaushik (along with several great local speakers). Below are two of my presentations from that event (Be-Wizard): Animate It! — WordPress Plugins Animate It! is a WordPress Plugin designed and developed to provide an efficient and user friendly solution to apply beautiful CSS3 animations on WordPress Posts and Widgets. Some of the Key features Include: Allowing user to apply CSS3 animations on WordPress Posts and Text Widgets50+ Entry, Exit and Attention Seeker AnimationsCapability to apply animation on ScrollCapability to add different scroll offset on individual animation blocksCapability to apply animation on HoverCapability to apply animation on ClickProvide special CSS delay classes to create a nice animation sequence on pages and postsAllow user to add animation durationAllow user to apply animation infinitelyOptions to enable or disable animations on Smartphones and Tablets. Feature to add custom CSS class for additional delay, duration etc.Allow users to apply animation on WordPress Widgets. Use Class Generator to generate the required animation classes.

WordPress Plugins to Super Charge Your Nonprofit Website - New Tricks Web Design Last week I wrote about an event where we built 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours. I promised I would share with you some of the of the plugins we used. Although this is geared towards nonprofits, these plugins will supercharge any website. Nonprofit websites have to serve a mission that is broader than a typical business, and this means they must have more functionality. This need can seem overwhelming for a small nonprofit organization struggling to make ends meet with no technical skills or website design skills. It’s no wonder that most of these organizations make do with a basic site and a few PayPal buttons and call it a day.

WordPress Comments - A Detailed Guide on Removing Them Forever WordPress comments are an integral part of building a community with a WordPress blog. They allow your audience to connect with you by responding directly to your posts. They allow you to extend the conversation surrounding the topic you wrote your post about by letting members of your community pitch in. They even allow members of your community to help each other out if they trouble replicating a tutorial you published. There are, however, plenty of reasons why you might want to remove comments from your WordPress site altogether as well as plenty of different ways to do that. ValueClick Media ValueClick Media has united with Commission Junction, Greystripe, Mediaplex and Dotomi to form Conversant. We’ve invested over a billion dollars to create the first comprehensive personalized marketing platform that ignites engagement, drives sales and increases ROI. It’s true one-to-one marketing at scale – and it’s driving an average of 5.1 million sales per day for some of the world’s best brands.

Quora For Business, Not Social Media Hipsters There’s a lot of talk today about Quora. It’s Robert Scoble’s fault, really. He had an opinion, changed it, and then it was up to the Internet to tell him he was wrong. Just a normal day around these parts. Personally, I don’t care how Robert Scoble uses Quora. I don’t really care how Robert Scoble does anything. 47 Different Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel At the end of the day, the best marketing results come to those who stand out from the rest of the crowd. So, when it comes to YouTube, what is it that makes your videos or your channel unique? What value are you providing to the community with your video content?

Home Page as Landing Page examples Home page examples featuring simple persuasive designs for desktop and mobile experiences Creating focused Landing Pages is a standard approach for digital campaigns, particularly for engaging the first prospect visit from Google AdWords. But more and more savvy brands are applying the principles of landing page design to their home pages.

Best Practices For Using Categories And Tags In WordPress You’ve written your post, and your mouse is hovering over the “Publish” button, but you can’t help but feel like you’ve forgotten something… Don’t worry, WordPress will remind you: “You must select a category before publishing a post.” And that reminds you, you should pick add a few tags as well. But when none of the categories seem to really fit your topic, and you’re not sure what tags to add without repeating yourself, what are you supposed to do? File it under “Miscellaneous”? That’s how many of us go about choosing our categories and tags: just creating them ad hoc as our blogs develop.

Professional level form builder... I wodner if it can create a post from a form? by jordisunshine Jan 28

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