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Download git clone Instantiation jQuery( '.parallax-layer' ).parallax( options ); What does jquery.parallax do? jParallax turns nodes into absolutely positioned layers that move in response to the mouse. With a bit of CSS you can either set up windows to see these layers through, or leave them free to roam about. The diagram on the right illustrates what jParallax does to the html: and here's a demonstration with some images: More demos demos/index.html demos/stalkbuttons.html - multiple parallax. demos/remotecontrol.html - parallax by remote control. demos/thumbnails.html - beautiful interactive thumbnails. demos/target.html - demonstrates how smoothly jParallax handles window resizing. Using jParallax The default behaviour of jParallax is to show the whole width of a layer in response to the mouse travelling the whole width of the mouseport. There are various ways to style jParallax effectively. Options Layer Options Events Related:  Plugins js

50+ Best jQuery Parallax Plugin with Examples PAXMAN.js : Scrolling Engine with Vector Control A Scrolling Engine for making sweet static single paged websites, quickly, and by using HTML markup as config. Features: Parallax scrolling for BackgroundsAnchor triggered Class additions/removalsSVG MaskingChild Vectors LogosDistort : jQuery Advanced 3d Perspective Distortion This plugin allows you to (currently) do full-page 3d perspective transforms base on mouse position. Enllax.js : jQuery Parallax Scrolling Effect Enllax is an ultra-lightweight and super easy to use plugin for parallax scrolling effect.If you want your elements to scroll at a different speed, or you can say scroll with parallax effect, then this plugin made this super easy. jQuery Smooth Parallax Scroll Smooth parallax animations on vertical page scrolling using requestAnimationFrame and CSS3 3D transitions. Parallax Hero Image with CSS3 3D Transforms A full-width figure element, with floating images distributed in a 3D space. jQuery Parallax Scroll Plugin

ScrollMe - For simple scrolling effects jlmakes/scrollReveal.js 30+ Brilliant Portfolio jQuery Filter Plugins Free & Premium - WpFreeware jQuery filter plugin is a must have element for any kind of website which through you will be able to present portfolio works fantastically. Here I am going to show you some of the best free & premium filter jquery portfolio plugins. These plugins can be used for business, corporate, creative, portfolio or any other related to portfolio works showcasing purposes. I assume you are a web designer & finding a best portfolio filterable jquery gallery plugin for your next project. If I am right then you are in the right place. Most of the plugins are responsive, comes with multiple filtering animations & effects, unique css3 animations, beautiful hover effects, some plugins are expandable & also each item has separate carousel slider which through you can showcase more images. Our Free Themes & Templates.. Go Free Filterable Plugins Go Premium Filterable Plugins Free Filter/Filterable Plugins Go Premium Plugins Isotope – Filter & sort magical layouts Jquery Plugins Preview Download Go Free Plugins

jQuery Content Expander - Sessionwise I recently had the opportunity to work with another agency on the responsive front-end and custom WordPress development of a site they designed. One of the features the design called for was a thumbnail grid with an expandable content area. The client wanted something similar to this one found in the codrops article thumbnail grid with expanding preview which is nothing short of amazing but we were not able to incorporate any custom content (such as a image gallery/slider) in the expanded area so I searched for an alternative. After a few failed plugin attempts, I found and used the Colio jQuery Portfolio Content Expander. Because we were using WordPress as a CMS, we were able to leverage Advanced Custom Fields to give the client complete control over the content. The plugin is also fully responsive and incorporates Flexslider for the image gallery rotator. Here is an example of the result:

yairEO/validator jQuery Validation Plugin | Form validation with jQuery jonathantneal/svg4everybody Jazz up a Static Webpage with Subtle Parallax It's been one of the biggest web design buzz words for a while now, so today we're going to try our hand at a bit of Parallax. We're going to put together a simple responsive layout, then with the help of skrollr.js, we're going to apply a subtle parallax effect to the header. This tutorial will cover a few noteworthy aspects, so pay attention: Firstly, we're going to use a mobile-first fluid adaptation of the skeleton boilerplate.We'll need to grab an image, I'll be using morning coffee from'll grab a copy of Alexander Prinzhorn's skrollr.js to help with our parallax effect.In order to optimize my CSS I'll be using a Sass workflow. Don't panic! Okay then! Our index.html is empty at the moment, then we have an img directory with our coffee image within it, a css directory with a reset file plus our fluid grid and an empty styles.css, patiently awaiting our input. Our index.html is going to begin with some very familiar elements: One tiny stylesheet to rule them all.

Simple parallax scrolling tutorial I have received many messages and a positive feedback regarding my recent parallax website tutorial. Based on your feedback I have decided to create another tutorial, this time aimed more towards a junior and mid developers. I will try to explain everything in more detail and you can also download the starting files to follow the tutorial step by step. First have a look at what we will be creating and download the starting files. View Demo Download Starting Files Quick overview In this tutorial you will learn: how to setup your html for a parallax websitehow to animate background image at a different speed then page scrollinghow to precisely control the timing and duration of your animations. Instructions Open the index.html, /css/main.css and /js/_main.js files in your favorite code editor. Step 1 – Setup CSS Each section has a custom background and the content is repositioned to the desired position. Step 2 – Skrollr.js Section 1 Get my free Skrollr tips and save heaps of time! Success!