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Download git clone Instantiation jQuery( '.parallax-layer' ).parallax( options ); What does jquery.parallax do? jParallax turns nodes into absolutely positioned layers that move in response to the mouse. With a bit of CSS you can either set up windows to see these layers through, or leave them free to roam about. The diagram on the right illustrates what jParallax does to the html: and here's a demonstration with some images: More demos demos/index.html demos/stalkbuttons.html - multiple parallax. demos/remotecontrol.html - parallax by remote control. demos/thumbnails.html - beautiful interactive thumbnails. demos/target.html - demonstrates how smoothly jParallax handles window resizing. Using jParallax The default behaviour of jParallax is to show the whole width of a layer in response to the mouse travelling the whole width of the mouseport. Therefore, the simplest way to use jParallax is to make the layers different sizes using CSS. Options Layer Options Events Tips

CodeFlower Source code visualization This experiment visualizes source repositories using an interactive tree. Each disc represents a file, with a radius proportional to the number of lines of code (loc). All rendering is done client-side, in JavaScript. Learning from Twitter An issue popped up on Twitter this past week that caused the web site to be generally unusable for many users. It appears as if attempts to scroll were unbearably slow and caused the site to be unresponsive. The Twitter team investigated and determined that if they reverted the version of jQuery that they used back to 1.4.2 from 1.4.4 the site would be responsive again. After more investigation they determined that the code that was slow was doing a contextual selector search for an item by class name, for example: $something.find(".class").

How To Build an Animated Header in jQuery Home > CSS, Front End Development, HTML, Javascript > How To Build an Animated Header in jQuery Why not give a little flair to your header. This tutorial will show you how to animate your header’s background image using jQuery to give your website that little extra something. What We Are Building We are going to build a header that animates it’s background.

50+ Best jQuery Parallax Plugin with Examples PAXMAN.js : Scrolling Engine with Vector Control A Scrolling Engine for making sweet static single paged websites, quickly, and by using HTML markup as config. Features: Parallax scrolling for BackgroundsAnchor triggered Class additions/removalsSVG MaskingChild Vectors LogosDistort : jQuery Advanced 3d Perspective Distortion This plugin allows you to (currently) do full-page 3d perspective transforms base on mouse position. Tooltipster - The jQuery Tooltip Plugin Getting Started 1. Load jQuery and include Tooltipster's plugin files Parallax Tutorials. Roundup from DesignFloat The WOW effect is the very thing that can make the public interested in your online project. You can achieve this effect using parallax, for instance. Today’s roundup features Parallax Tutorials that can teach you how to create cool parallax effects using clear examples. Following them step by step, you’ll learn how to develop the awesome websites that will attract plenty of visitors. Browse this tiny but useful collection of Parallax Tutorials and try them in order to start your own effective projects!

Code a Responsive Navigation Menu Navigation menus used to be a fairly simple thing. Code up an unordered list, float it left and you’re good to go. With responsive design being all the rage these days though you’re faced with some new challenges when creating a menu design. Follow along as we start from scratch and code a simple but effective responsive navigation menu that you can easily modify and reuse in your own projects. What We’re Building If you’re the kind of person who likes to skip ahead, here’s a sneak peek at what we’re building. 30+ Brilliant Portfolio jQuery Filter Plugins Free & Premium - WpFreeware jQuery filter plugin is a must have element for any kind of website which through you will be able to present portfolio works fantastically. Here I am going to show you some of the best free & premium filter jquery portfolio plugins. These plugins can be used for business, corporate, creative, portfolio or any other related to portfolio works showcasing purposes. I assume you are a web designer & finding a best portfolio filterable jquery gallery plugin for your next project. If I am right then you are in the right place.

Vertical Showcase Slider with jQuery and CSS Transitions Bernhard With restful springiness in the seat; prevents static sitting and provides enhanced seating comfort. Padded seat and back for enhanced seating comfort. Soft, hardwearing and easy care leather, which ages gracefully. One page website Once in a while, something new shows up that has the power to shake the world and stimulate all people to keep moving instead of stay still, this quote applies for practically every instance in life and business. A while ago, Nike released an astonishing website named “Nike Better World” to support all the athletes around the world; the design itself was brilliant and it generated a lot of positive reviews, but the real breakthrough came thanks to the navigation system that these guys made, a fantastic vertical Parallax system. On this tutorial we’re going to undress the structure of this website and then we’re going to create something inspired by Nike’s website using jQuery and CSS. View Demo Download Source