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Clarify - Clarify Your Online Communications with Screenshots and Images

Clarify - Clarify Your Online Communications with Screenshots and Images

MindMeister Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway has injected some colour into a host of historic photographs By John Hutchinson Updated: 16:02 GMT, 19 January 2012 They say some things are be better off left in the past. But Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway clearly doesn't agree with that concept as she has transformed some of the most famous black and white pictures ever captured into high resolution colour versions. While purists may disagree with the modernisation of such historic pictures such as the celebrations that marked VJ (Victory in Japan) day, images of devastation from Pearl Harbour and the shocking shot of a Viet Cong prisoner being shot in the head by an army general (demonstrating the brutality of the Vietnam War), the colour pictures do appear to re-emphasise the scene they are portraying. Little is known about the creator of these iconic images, but it is thought she is hoping to sell her work on the internet - and there is sure to be some firm interest. She writes on her Flickr site: 'Hi. It couldn't be simpler right? U.S. The aims for the devastating attack were for the U.S.

Screen Capture Software for Windows, Mac, and Chrome | Snagit Context is everything. Recording a video lets the person on the other end actually hear your voice. So the next time a webpage, PDF, or video edit is sent to you for feedback, consider dropping the red pen and record a video instead. With Snagit, there’s no waiting. You can record your video, and share it within seconds. Webcam recording - Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video to add a personal touch with teammates or clients, no matter where they are.

Incredible Comic Book Girls Browse Categories Webmaster Login Webmaster Sign Up 30 Sexiest TV Actresses of 2013List of the 30 sexiest actresses of 2013 by Build Ripped Shredded Muscle FastPack on and Keep 21 Pounds of Pure Lean Muscle in Under 8 Weeks Incredible Comic Book GirlsJeffrey Scott Campbell (born April 12, 1973) is an American comic book artist. YOLO! Photos Of The Century 25 Funny Photoshop Fails Hot Redhead Has All-Natural Body Kanamara Festival 100 Hottest WAGs Get What You REALLY Want ... Illegal Seduction Technique? Emma Watson Looks Tight In Spandex Mmmmm! Hannah Is No English Rose The Government is Ready...Are You? What Makes Girls Go Wild? The Secret Revealed – Video Kendra Wilkinson Sexy New Toy Wanta Get Some Great A$$ Play Hardest Parking Games - Hardest Parking Lindsay Lohan's Boob Popping Out Meet Sir Stuffington The One Eyed Pirate Cat Cool Tattoo illusion Want More Ass Really Flexible Ballerina? Capturan A La Serpiente Más Grande Del Mundo En Egipto Drunk Girls Video Compilation Help Me Spider-Man

RefWorks Home Page How To… Embed This Infographic <a href= ‎"><img src=" title="10 How Tos" alt="How To Infographic" border="0" class="nopin" /></a><br />Source: <a href=' title='Interesting Facts'><a href=' title='Interesting Facts'>Today I Found Out</a></a> 1) How to drastically increase the life of your shaving razor Before or after you shave (I prefer before so that the blades are dry), place your jeans on a hard flat surface; then run the razor up the pant legs about 10-15 times quickly; then repeat running it down the pant legs 10-15 times quickly. No need to press that hard, but a little pressure is necessary. necessary. The threads on the jeans then will very effectively both fix any tiny bends in the blades that inevitably happen and will also sharpen the blades on your shaver cartidge.

From Chalkboards To Chat Boards: What Will eLearning Look Like In 2075? Albert Einstein said: “Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions.” When we consider education, does this mean that we will eventually live in a world where learning feels more like play and everyone has access to equal education? Will we live in a world where learning is individualized so every student maximally benefits from the learning experience? We might. Let’s rewind a bit and appreciate how far we have come. Then learning resources abruptly changed in the late 20th century. As education spread across the country and infiltrated various socioeconomic groups, technology spread as well. The elearning domain has evolved over several iterations. What Does The Future Hold? Futuristic elearning will probably involve technologies and platforms that derive from current trends. MOOCs These are just what they sound like. mLearning (Mobile Learning) Soon, online courses will become readily accessible on mobile devices. Virtual Technologies Gamification What About Schools and Teachers?

Tasty Planner - Create, Plan and Share Recipes, Menus, Grocery Lists and More. Twitter now has 255 million users, but activity has dropped year over year Twitter posted solid financials and user growth today, but it wasn't enough to reassure Wall Street after the company's struggles last quarter. The company reported $250 million in revenue, more than double what it pulled in for the same quarter last year. But it also reported a net loss of $132 million for the period, more than four times what it lost in the first quarter of 2013. Investors were actually more concerned with its user growth than financials. Twitter has a clear challenge ahead of it: how to connect with mainstream consumers and get its user growth moving in the right direction again. Anticipation was high for this quarter's results. On the earnings call, Costolo called out big events like the Oscars, Olympics, and Super Bowl as major drivers of Twitter's advertising growth and signals that it was increasingly important to mainstream users.