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Live chat with your customers for sales and support

Live chat with your customers for sales and support

Network Theory (Part 19) joint with Jacob Biamonte It’s time to resume the network theory series! We’re writing a little book based on some of these posts, so we want to finish up our discussion of stochastic Petri nets and chemical reaction networks. You’re not anonymous. I know your name, email, and company. Sumit Suman recently visited a site, did not sign up for anything, did not connect via social media, but got a personal email from the site the next day. Here’s how they did it. I’ve learned that there is a “website intelligence” network that tracks form submissions across their customer network. So, if a visitors fills out a form on Site A with their name and email, Site B knows their name and email too as soon as they land on the site.

On-Site Customer Engagement Suite - WebEngage Get amazing customer insights with targeted surveys Profile your visitors, measure customer satisfaction and achieve your marketing goals With WebEngage surveys, we do something very simple - help you connect with your visitors by letting you ask short questions. These questions can be targeted to a specific audience. For example, only to visitors who come via Google search, or to visitors who come from certain geographic locations, or to first time visitors , or to visitors who have spent at least 60 seconds on your site ... the list goes on. Using our rule builder, you can specify a combination of these rules for every WebEngage survey.

3D printed FOBO bipedal walking robot and Spool bot Jul.18, 2012 FOBO is the fourth prototype from Project Biped by Jonathan Dowdall. It is a 3D printed self-contained bipedal robot and can walk balanced without falling over if it stops. It has 8 DOF (degrees of freedom) and uses an Arduino Uno microcontroller to actuate 8 servo motors. It can detect obstacles using its ultrasonic range sensor. Retro Style Platform Runner Game for mobile with EaselJS (Part 1) Editors Note: The tutorial is a little bit outdated now, but it still works. However if you would like to learn more on this topic and get a more detailed verison plus all the extras and resources, you should check out my ebook: From Zero to the Appstore – Blueprints for an HTML5 Game. Here I’m starting a series of 4 articles on how to create a small game with EaselJS that “can” run on your mobile device (unfortunately it won’t run on all mobile devices) – however I also plan on a future posting on how to use technologies like cocoonJS to create a WELL-PERFORMING native app from this.

FastCustomer Raises $750K So You Don’t Have To Wait On Hold Call hold deferral app FastCustomer is announcing that it has raised $750K worth of seed funding from 500 Startups, Bullet Time Ventures, Andrew Warner, Maneesh Arora,, Carnet Williams, Tom Kulzer and Henry Parry-Okeden. Attempting to finally alleviate long hold times for people who have better things to do than wait on hold (um, all of us), FastCustomer lets you register your phone number via an app and then allows you select from one of 2500 companies you’d like to call, offering to call you back when there’s a human available to talk to. The app is in the same space as Lucyphone and Fonolo but differentiates itself by streamlining the process into one click. Fast Customer CEO Aaron Dragushan tells me that since February the service has saved users over 500K minutes on hold and now has 50K users across both its iPhone and Android apps. FastCustomer will be using the new financing to expand its team, increase user acquisition and expand to other platforms.

Topsy Pro Analytics Lets Users Analyze Over 100 Billion Tweets From The Last 2+ Years Topsy, the popular social search engine, has released a powerful new feature for marketers today deemed Topsy Pro Analytics. Different than the basic analytics offerings announced last year, the new Pro Analytics will allow users to see view and analyze more than 100 billion Tweets over the past several years. Unlike many social tracking tools, the licence that Topsy has to the Twitter Firehose allows the service to analyze all Tweets, not just a specific set of kephrases being tracked. Specific keyphrases can be mined down to provide more information thanks to the dynamic navigation options and comparison tools. Users can enter in a query an breakdown the data using the following options: Dashboard

WebKit for Developers For many of us developers, WebKit is a black box. We throw HTML, CSS, JS and a bunch of assets at it, and WebKit, somehow.. magically, gives us a webpage that looks and works well. But in fact, as my colleague Ilya Grigorik puts it… WebKit isn’t a black box. It’s a white box. And not just that, but an open, white box. Voice of the Customer Show Lobby links: 1 level lobby with images Today’s customers demand service when and how it’s most convenient for them—by phone or in person, on the web, via self-service or even social media. For organizations it makes it difficult to provide a consistent, effective and compelling customer experience across all communication channels. NICE Voice of the Customer solutions help organizations understand the customer perspective, act upon it, and drive customer-focus throughout the service organization. It ensures continuous improvement by collecting and analyzing the complete Voice of the Customer from all channels and touchpoints and infusing it into daily service operations and across the enterprise.

BitCoin Credit / Debit Card to Launch in 2 Months Says BitInstant - ...Because Technology Matters Giving a time frame of 6-8 weeks, Shrem said over an IRC chat session that the card shall function like any other credit or debit card and that it can be used at places where MasterCard is being accepted notes Coding In My Sleep. BitInstant co-founder has also said that the initial 1000 odd cards will be given for free and subsequent cards will carry a charge of around $10. Any transaction that is carried out through the card shall be levied with a 1% Bitcoin transfer fee on top of the $1.50 ATM withdrawal fee. So how will this whole mechanism work? Cards will be carrying a QR code in the front and a personal Bitcoin address printed address at the back.

Writing efficient CSS selectors 17 September, 2011 Efficient CSS is not a new topic, nor one that I really need to cover, but it’s something I’m really interested in and have been keeping an eye on more and more since working at Sky. A lot of people forget, or simply don’t realise, that CSS can be both performant and non-performant. This can be easily forgiven however when you realise just how little you can, err, realise, non-performant CSS. These rules only really apply to high performance websites where speed is a feature, and 1000s of DOM elements can appear on any given page.

为网站或博客提供实时 IM 客服工具,访问者可以通过这个窗口与网站主或博主进行实时交谈。Olark 的前身是,与Plugoo 一样,为大家所熟知,专为网站或博客提供实时聊天的小工具,当你在 Olark 绑定的 IM 帐户比如 Gtalk 在线时,你网站或博客的访问者即可在你网站或博客上与你实时交谈,然后你在 Gtlak 上与访客互动。效果见本博客右下方!如果你对本博客有什么建议,欢迎通过这个途径来提交。如果你有 Gtalk 账号,可通过 Gtalk 直接登录,没有的话需要注册,注册登录之后,首先在 dashboard 添加你常用的 IM 帐户,支持的 IM 工具包括 iChat, Meebo, Pidgin, Adium, Digsby等等,然后在 IM 上会收到 7 个左右的 IM 机器人添加请求,全部添加。然后可以自定义聊天窗口的在线信息,离线信息,以及窗口外观等等,之后将一段代码添加到网站或博客上,就完成了! by laoxiuwu Aug 1