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Maukie - the virtual cat Widget

Maukie - the virtual cat Widget

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Sorry i didn't reply sooner .. i really forgot about this pearls.
Here is the link i was telling you about.

it's the one you're looking for.
It's hairy and super detailed :D

have a good day. by pearhu Jul 21

Thanks , The thing is there is two that are similar . One is on that same site as the cat . Simply called "spider" widget . It is the second simpler version . The one I'm looking for is perfectly real and creepy ! It is hairy and super detailed . The one on the cat site does pretty much the same ( follows the curser ) but is pretty simple not very real looking . by mirlen101 Jul 21

You mean that spider that follows your mouse on a white board whenever you move the mouse?

If this is the one you're looking, I think i have it somewhere in my bookmarks. by pearhu Jul 20

I had been looking for this for ages ! ;-) People sent it to me long ago . But when I went to find it again no luck ! Until now ! ;-) Now all I have to do is find that creepy spider one ! ;-) by mirlen101 Jul 20