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Mega Collection Of Cheatsheets for Designers And Developers Cheatsheets and various quick reference guides are available for almost any type of software and language these days. Unfortunately they’re not always easy to find when you actually need them. This is why I decided to take some time to gather up as many as possible and share them with you here! Hopefully this can be a timesaver for you, along with teaching you a new trick or two. The resources have been divided into various categories to make them easier to find. Changes in Opera’s user agent string format - Opera Developer Co By Andreas Bovens Our latest weekly snapshot identifies itself in a slightly unexpected fashion (as will the beta and final versions of Opera 10). The user agent for Opera 10 (eg Mac platform, English locale) will be as follows:

TUTORIAL - Noupe Design Blog Ways to embed a Clickable SVG-Logo into Your Website With the growing number of screen resolutions, devices that support an internet connection (desktop computer, laptops, but also tablets, mobile, TVs, and even your fridge someday), flexibility and scalability has become more and more important for websites. With the new arrival of the Macbook Pro Retina, this went a step further and brought an HiDPI display that was unknown to the market. This means a whole new challenge for web designers who have to find new ways to handle and make images size more flexible to avoid blurry rasterized effects.

When Editors Design: Controlling Presentation In Structured Content Advertisement Thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of mobile devices, a new generation of designers and CMS developers has found the religion of Structured Content. Once the domain of semantic markup purists and information architects, structured content models are at the heart of most multi-channel and multi-device Web projects. At Lullabot, we often work with media, publishing and enterprise clients. Those businesses produce so much content and manage so many publishing channels that keeping presentation and design-specific markup out of their content is an absolute requirement.

CSS noodle-incident This is not a complete resource, this is a fast resource. These are the sites that I refer to first, and that I tell people to read. When you want more, just about all of them have their own links to good sites. Alternative Text Alternative Text Basics Alternative text provides a textual alternative to non-text content in web pages. We will be discussing alternative text for images only, though the principles can be applied to media, applets, or other non-text web content. Alternative text serves several functions: It is read by screen readers in place of images allowing the content and function of the image to be accessible to those with visual or certain cognitive disabilities.

The death of the URL Prelude You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Bits & Pixels – Tutorials Alright, today we’re going to create glossy OSX/Web2.0 style buttons. But we’re going to take a different, more flexible approach to creating them. The most usual techniques (that I’ve seen, at least), usually require some form of blending and use of the select-tool to for creating the gloss. This quickly becomes a bit tedious when you want to create multiple buttons with different forms, sizes and colours.

Form elements in older browsers This page contains screenshots of form elements modified by CSS in older browsers. It is noteworthy to draw attention to elements in browser Safari 3 and Opera 9. Safari 3 for Windows used design typical for Apple, Safari version 4 takes over the appearance of the Windows motive. So we losed possibility to enjoy the taste of apple in Windows, sorry. Similarly, Opera left off probably the most elegant form elements and from version 10 takes elements of the operating system. Only screenshots of older form elements and short comments are listed here.

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