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RTÉ Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster

RTÉ Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster
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The JavaScript Source: Miscellaneous: Enlarge Image Home Belfast Telegraph F.M.S - WATCH THIS SPACE NOW News Letter Edgar Morin Genre : Histoire et Sociologie date de naissance :8 Juillet 1921 L'homme est un être culturel par nature parce qu'il est un être naturel par culture Biographie Edgar Morin Né à Paris, Edgar Nahoum grandit auprès de ses parents, israélites immigrés qui détiennent un magasin de textile. En juin 1931, il subit un traumatisme sans précédent. Sa mère adorée meurt d'une crise cardiaque. › Signaler une erreur sur la fiche The 30th Annual MacGill Summer School: Reforming the Republic: Issues of Politics, Economics & Accountability « The Summer School will analyse the political, economic and administrative systems that have allowed our economy to be brought to its knees and will propose solutions. The nature and structures of our parliamentary democracy and our political culture will come under particular scrutiny. Questions will be asked as to how and why our political and economic institutions were unable to foresee the extent of the current crisis or were incapable of taking or were unwilling to take measures that might have diminished the gravity of it. In the wake of the publication of the Honohan report and of the Regling/Watson report there is no longer any doubt but that this crisis is a domestic crisis fuelled by excessive and reckless foreign borrowing by our financial institutions which was used to fund an out of control construction industry at the expense of other sectors of the economy. Joe Mulholland, Director. More details here. Like this: Like Loading...

The Irish Times - Breaking Local and International News from Ireland Bill and Hillary Clinton snub to Gores over Chelsea wedding? | A Did the Clintons snub Al Gore and Tipper by not inviting them to daughter's Chelsea's wedding? We know for certain that Al and Tipper are not going, yet Al had told a reporter a few days ago that he had talked to the former president recently and was " looking forward to Chelsea's wedding - that's a happy occasion," Now they are not going to the celebration, being held in Rhinebeck, New York. "The Gores are not attending the wedding," family spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said in a statement. The wedding is limited to 400 guests and the question is whether Al and Tipper were among those invited to begin with. Given Al's problems with a certain Irish American masseuse lady called Molly Hagerty in Portland it is not surprising they would want to keep out of the limelight these days. For the Clinton's it must be an odd vindication to see Gore's marriage break up and theirs remains rock solid. Who's sorry now?

From Baghdad to Chicago: Rezko and the Auchi empire From WikiLeaks JOHN A. SHAW (Opinion: former senior official of US Defense, State, and Commerce departments)October 10, 2008 Barack Obama has been appropriately strident in his condemnation of the mortgage-based financial corruption which nearly led to the collapse of the investment banking system in the United States. Auchi is suave, cosmopolitan, brilliant, and ruthless, and he has bottomless pockets. Auchi has claimed to have been "a visitor to two White Houses", and his London web site flashes a picture of him at the Clinton White House between Bill Clinton and Al Gore (a long way from his early days with Saddam Hussein as part of a Baathist assassination squad.) Rezko had identified Obama as a good political target before he graduated from Harvard Law School. As the Wall Street Journal showed several weeks ago, Obama has been anything but forthcoming about his real relationship with Rezko and Auchi. Billionaires can buy anonymity at the same time they buy influence and politicians.

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