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Our friend Matt Darwon "Matt Machine" from Australia has been for long now in the classic and custom bike scene. He's a skilled builder and the long hours spent in his garage wrenching motors have developped an ability for spotting details . It is maybe a reason why the idea came to start a new kind of magazine focusing on one bike per issue. The Issue one will talk about the iconic 900SS Ducati. Texts by Paul D'Orleans Take your subscription here

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BMW R100RS Custom By C59R Cafe Racer Motorcycles Spain - Moto Rivista The GranDream, which as its name suggests is its owner’s dream come true, is a classic-style Cafe Racer for everyday use. As with all C59R projects, the first thing that grabs your attention about this BMW R100RS custom Cafe Racer is its impeccable finish. The top quality chrome, flawless burnished aluminum, stainless steel bolts & fasteners and detailed workmanship on each and every one of its parts is what distinguish this bike. The front-end of this BMW R100RS custom features an adapted R90S fairing, whilst keeping the original throttle controls, clutch & lights, and the handlebars have been lengthened by 5cm on each side to improve handling. The star feature of the dash is an Acewell Series 4 gauge that links two worlds: analogue for the rev counter and digital for the speedo, odometer, temperature gauge, etc.

Sideburn site design by Kardesign Cafe racers, custom motorcycles and bobbers Detroit Bros. So we know it’s been a while. We read all the shitty comments and get all the emails about it. Totally understood. Bottom line is we are some busy fucks. Between some new builds, and other commitments it leaves little time for bullshitting on this here site. Journal — Iron & Air Magazine I think we all take ourselves a little too serious sometimes. I mean, we play with toys for a living! Granted, not all toys are alike. Take this one in particular. She's the ugly duckling you can't stop looking at. The fat chick that got skinny.

Mac Motorcycles Mac Motorcycles are powered by the Buell® single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-valve, push rod, 492cc, 5-speed 'Blast' engine. They're called "thumpers" and with good reason, with one combustion for every 720° of crankshaft rotation when that cylinder fires, it's really an "event". Valve adjustment is automatic, using hydraulic lifters. The transmission is down low giving a low centre-of-gravity that helps great handling. Deus Ex MachinaDeus Ex Machina The Distinguished Gentleman’s ride is an important date on the calendar of many classic and classic custom riders around the world, what started has an excuse to ride around Sydney in fine suits quickly became one… More Brit Iron Rebels Worldwide The Twenty-one has always been both loved and hated, I love the big ass it has, but just as many people hate it. It has a 350cc (or 21ci) engine and was called the “Twenty-one” to commerate the 21 year Triumph Engineering Company anniversary. Triumph produced these from 1957 – 1966, though the latter years saw it without the bathtub and a 500cc version was also introduced in 1959. As I understand it the bathtub was intended to be weather protection for the bike.