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Build a Hackintosh. English Vocabulary Exercises. The Budding Restaurateurs New Restaurant Operation Checklist - RMagazine. Opening a new restaurant is almost as terrifying as it is exciting, and budding restaurateurs need to be prepared for anything. This means that they need to do plenty of research into exactly what they need to give their restaurant the best possible start, including what equipment they need for both the kitchen and the front of house and more. The first port of call for all restaurateurs is to have a great concept. There are many restaurant operations that open on the back of a fad, but as anyone who eats out regularly knows, these restaurants barely stand the test of time. A great concept – steakhouses, pizza joints, Italian, Chinese – and a great menu is the starting point for any successful restaurant.

Once you know what your restaurant is going to be, the next step is to create a checklist for each section of your restaurant, from the look and design of your restaurant to the equipment that you will need for each department. These checklists include: Your training should focus on: Food Safety Certification for Your Restaurant - RMagazine. Every restaurateur should seek to obtain a food safety certification for their restaurant operation.

Although the law does not require it, it goes a long way to show to your customers that you care about their health and safety, and that you are invested in making your restaurant employees more skilled and knowledgeable in areas such as food handing and preparation. If you want to have a stamp of approval that everyone can see, then a food safety certification is for you. There are companies that will happily send representatives over to your establishment to show your employees how they should be operating in your kitchens, therefore making them a safe and hygienic working environment. There is also the added benefit of giving the restaurant owners peace of mind that their employees can deliver delicious food to their customers in all its glory.

What are the available Food Safety Certifications? How do you obtain Food Safety Certifications for your restaurant? Restaurant Business Intelligence: Harness the Power of Data to Elevate Your Food Business - RMagazine. Restaurants gather large amounts of data at staggering rates. As a food business owner, you probably look through endless spreadsheets of kitchen inventories, guest reservations, employee schedules and fluctuating food costs. Instead of accumulating dust on the shelf or taking up space in your computer, such information can be put to work.

With the right digital tools, you can use what you’ve collected to streamline operations, predict food trends and improve service. What is Business Intelligence? Business intelligence is the act of collecting, organizing and analyzing information using a range of applications, tools and infrastructure. In a nutshell, the practice can be broken down into three basic parts: gathering, analyzing and reporting. Once data has gone through this process, conclusions are made and used for strategies, optimization and forecasting. Business Intelligence in the Restaurant Industry Increase Efficiency, Minimize Risks Gain New Insights and Track Trends. Are Businesses Ready for EMV Payments? - RMagazine. EMV adoption in the US is well underway, as the October 2015 deadline to adhere to the new regulations gets closer. Despite being one of the biggest changes to hit the payments space, many businesses are still unsure about EMV compliance. The United States is one of the last major countries to implement the widespread use of EMV facilities.

Although chip and PIN cards offer several advantages for growing businesses and forward-thinking consumers, many are slow to adopt EMV due to costs and fraud liability. Overwhelming Costs and Expenses An American Express survey highlighted that 38 percent of companies across the country may not have plans to upgrade their current POS system to meet EMV regulations. This is partly due to the fact that EMV migration is expensive. Fraud Liability and Prevention EMV payment processing methods are less prone to hacks compared to traditional swipe-and-sign cards. Making the Switch How is your business preparing for EMV compliance?

The Best Methods for Dealing with Upset Customers - RMagazine. As a restaurateur, you strive for the very best in every aspect of your business – from customer service, quality of the food, hygiene and cleanliness and more – but regardless of how much effort you put in to making your restaurant the best it can be, there are inevitably going to be times when something doesn’t go right, and customers reserve the right to get upset about it. Most of these situations are beyond your control. Human errors happen to the best of servers, Internet connections can be temperamental (causing the POS systems to go offline), and chefs can occasionally undercook a steak. It is how we deal with these situations that make all of the difference, and here are some of the best methods for dealing with upset customers: Upset customers in restaurant = Opportunity to impress Take the time to listen to what the problem is and take the appropriate actions to deal with the situation.

The last thing the customer wants is to feel like they’re not being valued or listened to. The Restaurant Front of House Equipment Checklist - RMagazine. In order for your restaurant to run smoothly during every service, the right equipment has to be in store and on hand so that your servers can deliver the best possible service to your customers without running around like headless chickens trying to find something that should take them a matter of seconds to find. It is incredible how much time can be saved over the course of a year, simply by keeping your restaurant stocked with the right equipment, and ensuring that all of your staff knows how and where to find the equipment they need to do their job to the best of their abilities. With that in mind, we’ve put together a Front of House equipment checklist for restaurateurs to follow.

Tick these off as you get them stocked up, and there will be no reason why your restaurant shouldn’t run like clockwork, and create the best possible dining experience for your guests. On the Tables: Flatware – This includes knives, forks and spoons. At your Service Stations: Useful extras: