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Out There Images - Nikon Digital Photography Workshops, Nature and Travel Photography Workshops, Photoshop Workshops You have the passion. You have the camera. Now it’s time to learn! At Out There Images, our goal is to show you how to bring your vision, your passion and your equipment together to create great images. We won’t rest until you’ve achieved your goals. Mike Hagen does an outstanding job of preparing multi-media presentations that are aimed at helping you learn to be a better photographer.

Horrible Cards Horrible Cards are Copyright © 2012 Matthew Inman. Please don't steal. The Oatmeal Festivus Infographic 2011 Come ye gather 'round the Festivus pole I have Grievances to Air before my meatloaf gets cold. With feats of strength big and bold, can you pin the head of household? The modern version of Festivus was first introduced in the 1997 Seinfeld episode, The Strike. Digital Agency London & Glasgow Our trademarked 8 step process ensures unique, tailored results for each of our clients. Delivering the digital strategy and execution you need to make your business sing in the online space. 1. ARRI Introduces Large-Sensor 6.5K Alexa 65 Alexa XT-Like CMOS Is Slightly Larger than 5-Perf 65mm; ARRI Repurposes Hasselblad Lenses to Match Following the recent addition of UHD and 4K upscaling options for the Amira and Alexa, ARRI revealed the next stage of its high-resolution capture strategy with the announcement of the Alexa 65 camera system at the Cinec Munich trade show. Boasting a sensor that's slightly larger than a five-perf 65mm film frame with open-gate resolution of 6560×3102, the Alexa 65 is described by ARRI as "a scaled-up version of an Alexa XT." Indeed, the design of the camera's A3X CMOS sensor is said to be "exactly the same" as what is found in the Alexa XT—it has the same photosites, but many more of them—and the camera is described as being the same size and weight as an Alexa XT Studio. Initially, the camera's frame rates will be limited to 20–27fps, but ARRI said it expects to expand that range early in 2015. The camera has four 4G-SDI outputs that can be used for monitoring.

John Paul Caponigro – Fine Art Digital Photography and Photoshop DVDs Photoshop Color Tools Photoshop Color Tools Photoshop Color Tools will help you master all of the color adjustment tools in Adobe Photoshop to achieve unprecedented control of your images. Find out which tools are the go to tools (the ones you¹ll use everyday), which are exotic (the ones for exceptional images), and which are redundant and/or too limited (the ones you can forget about). Julbo Sherpa Sunglasses: Sports & Leisure Got these to replace my old Bloc snow-blind goggles, whose metal frames broke after ten years' hard service. I've been looking for a replacement for a long time, and was so glad to come across these. FEATURES include flexible rubber ear-hooks: when you put these on, they absolutely stay on.

The Late Movies: Guy on a Buffalo Sometimes dumb internet videos transcend their dumbness and become truly wonderful. This is the case, in my humble opinion, with the instant classic Guy on a Buffalo, a four-part series in which footage from the 1978 film Buffalo Rider (apparently now in the public domain) is combined with a sort of rambling singing narration by Jomo Edwards of The Possum Posse. "Why would I want to watch that?"

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