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Aqueous Fluoreau on the Behance Network

Aqueous Fluoreau on the Behance Network

Dream Big by Peter Fecteau “Dream Big” was a year-long project in which Pete created a mosaic of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. using 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes. > Иллюстраторы и иллюстрации: рисунки, комиксы, карикатуры звезд, граффити (graffiti) — Illustrations на Интернет-журнал ETODAY Диснеевские принцессы от Sakimchan \ Illustrations Иллюстратор Sakimchan предложил свое видение диснеевских принцесс и злодеек, превратив их... в принцев. Смотрим, какими могли бы быть Ариэль, Покахонтас, Дэ Вилль и прочие персонажи любимых мультиков, будь они парнями. Смотреть дальше Фэшн-иллюстрации Мартин Брэнд \ Illustrations Фэшн-иллюстратор Мартин Брэнд (Martine Brand) открыла выставку своих работ из ее книги “Collections” в Galerie Rademarkers в Голландии. Смотреть дальше Иллюстратор Thomas Danthony \ Illustrations Томас Дантони (Thomas Danthony) — молодой талантливый иллюстратор. Смотреть дальше Иллюстратор Euclase \ Illustrations Иллюстратор-самоучка из Пенсильвании Euclase создал серию гиперреалистичных рисунков из фотографий актеров, знаменитостей и персонажей поп-культуры. Смотреть дальше Девочки и призраки от Xue Wang \ Illustrations Художница Xue Wang рисует трогательных большеглазых девочек, которых одолевают добрые, а порой и не очень, привидения. Смотреть дальше Смотреть дальше

10 Blogs Entrepreneurs Need to Be Reading | Grasshopper Blog - StumbleUpon See the 2012 edition: 10 Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs (2012 Edition) #1. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Site: What it is: Mike Michalowicz provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with tips on everything from starting a business to networking to marketing and health care. Why you should read it: Mike not only provides great tips but he provides great tips from REAL people. #2. Site: What it is: Written by a panel of small business owners, the site offers tips and advice on everything business related. Small business trends really covers EVERYTHING! #3. Site: Run by two brothers, Matthew and Adam Toren, Young Entrepreneur is exactly what it sounds like; a site dedicated to young entrepreneurs. Between blog posts, forums, polls and interviews with other small business owners, the site offers fantastic content. #4. Site: Why you should read it: #5. #6. #7. #8.

London’s skyline Made Out Of Food Carl Warner and his team of five model makers have done really incredible work. They used 26 different types of fruit and vegetables to recreate London’s skyline as an edible landscape. It took them three weeks to complete all this. Let’s take a look at their stunning work. Via ubersuper BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 (2011) : Irina Werning - Photographer Now its time for KOREA, TAIWAN AND TOKYO. If you live here and want to participate in my project, email me amazing old pictures to : Riff Raff 1976 & 2011 London Andy 1967 & 2011 Los Angeles Johanes 1994 & 2011 Hamburg Maarje 1990 & 2011 Amsterdam Lea B 1980 & 2011 Paris Carli 1990 & 2011 Buenos Aires Alexandra 1970 & 2011 Paris Carol 1960 & 2011 New York Christoph 1990 & 2011 Berlin Wall Daphne 1986 & 2011 Paris Devoto 1990 & 2011 Buenos Aires Diego 1970 & 2011 Buenos Aires Evan 1957 & 2011 New York Giorgio 1982 & 2011 Paris Jackie 1994 & 2011 Buenos Aires Juan Carlos 1982 & 2011 Bs Aires Lea T 1995 & 2011 Paris Majo 1983 & 2011 Buenos Aires Marcela 1973 & 2011 Buenos Aires May 1985 & 2011 Buenos Aires Patrick 1968 & 2011 Paris Patrick B 1982 & 2011 Berlin Fer F 1981 & 2011 Buenos Aires Puna 2003 & 2011 Buenos Aires Sander 1983 & 2011 Rotterdam Sarah and Jim 1988 & 2011 Boston Seba 1986 & 2011 Patagonia Sole 1988 & 2011 Buenos Aires Sonia y Lauri 1988 & 2011 Bs Aires

Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама Etoday: интернет журнал про последние новости дня в мире, фото, картинки, лучшие фотографии The Luxury Dhigu Resort, Maldives | Luxury Furniture, Property, Travel & Interior Design | Adelto - StumbleUpon The luxury Dhigu Resort, Maldives Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa is encircled by mystic lagoons and unspoilt crystal shores, the resort is a heavenly sanctuary on a secluded paradise island, offering barefoot elegance in one of the world’s most celebrated tropical havens. Here the sparkling turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean offer an endless horizon of aquatic allure and the evocative location is matched by a tranquil island design style. Anantara Dhigu is a luxurious five-star resort hidden on tropical terrain on Dhigufinolhu Island in the Maldives’ South Male Atoll, a mere 35 minute speedboat journey from the island nation’s international airport, or a scenic five minutes by private chartered seaplane. Male-based architect Mohamed Shafeeq from Group X Design Associates and Thailand-based interior design company, Abacus, headed by John Lightbody, have styled the resort’s distinctive environment as a creative complement to the natural beauty of the island. Anantara Dhigu, P.O.

Most Amazing Miniature Food Artworks by Shay Aaron Shay Aaron is a brilliant artist from Israel who makes the most astonishing miniature food jewelry. These foodstuffs look so beautiful that we would desire to eat them. Actually, there’s a whole market out there for miniature food. Not actual stuff you can eat, but beautifully hand made designs of steaks, burgers, pies, vegetables, eggs and pretty much food artworks you can think of. Comments comments