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Human energy field [The auric field]

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Sea of energy. The Aura: Human civilization has been aware of the aura for thousands of years.

Sea of energy

Kirlian Energy Fields. Radiation Fields - Energy Fields - Reflected Zones The human energy field is thought to contain information that relates to all the activity going on within and around the person.

Kirlian Energy Fields

The human aura or light body is invisible because our eyes only respond to a band of wavelengths called the visible spectrum and as the aura lies outside of this most people are unable to see it with the naked eye. However throughout history many seers and sensitive’s have claimed to see this aura surrounding people. From their accounts it has been reported that disturbances or dis-ease within the individual shows itself as distortions or anomalies within the aura. TESLA METAMORPHOSIS , Tesla Healing Metamorphosis, Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis, Anya Petrovic, Nikola Tesla, free energy, Anja Petrovic, Tesla metamorfoza zdravlja, Tesla metamorfoza svetlosnog tela. Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM) How You Create Your Reality With Your Thoughts Explained. Digg HJ: The biggest illusion in this life is that we are powerless over what happens to us — that reality is happening to us instead of being created on an individual and collective level by us.

How You Create Your Reality With Your Thoughts Explained

This is a big sticking point for many on the spiritual path because it flies in the face of everything they have been taught to believe about themselves and how the world operates since birth. Furthermore, it forces the aspirant to take full responsibility for their lives and everything they have created. That is a tall order and one most people have trouble accepting in full. The Human Energy-Consciousness System (the aura) Sometimes called the aura or the electromagnetic energy field, the Human Energy-Consciousness System or Human Energy Field surrounds and penetrates your physical body.

The Human Energy-Consciousness System (the aura)

This energy field is very detailed and intricate, the qualities of which directly relates to your state of health on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It is the subtle aspect and extension of your physical body that holds your feelings, thoughts, reactions, attitudes, relationship patterns, belief systems, etc. We all are always sensing and responding to one another and our environment through this field. The Human Energy-Consciousness Field is intimately related to your health. Your physical body develops out of this energy field. Mudras. Diagram58. Are You Trying Too Hard? - Energetic Mastery. In this reality in which we live, we are programmed to “do do do, try try try.”

Are You Trying Too Hard? - Energetic Mastery

Whatever it is we are hoping to accomplish, it tends to drive us a little crazy if we’re not actually “doing” something to “make it happen,” does it not? This is something that I have personally struggled with, myself. Today I’d like to share with you a little exercise that has helped me tremendously, and I know this will make a difference in your life too. Use this exercise in every aspect of your life in which you are looking for results, whether it’s to improve your health, your relationships, your finances, or even overcoming fears or unwanted habits.

Create a little bubble world, in your mind, where you put yourself and all your surroundings – create your life in this bubble. PosterKosha 0. Chakras In Completeness. The Concept of ‘God’ “God is in the details.” - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe We all have the energy of creation and the elements within us all.

The Concept of ‘God’

If you balance out the physical and spiritual attributes to both our energy bodies at our Soul center, we can achieve a balanced creational existence within ourselves.

Raw energy dynamics

Kinesiology. Polarity Therapy. Heart & Aura. Kirlians. Alternative Medicine - Healing. Quantum & Spirit Reality. EnergyBody Science. - Research: Spirituality. THE SEVEN BODIES OF MAN - A brie. Back THE SEVEN BODIES OF MAN - A brief exploration.


Education. Episode #6 Essence of Sound - Etheric Template Body by Evelyn Mulders. The Spirited Soul. The Five Elements - Spiritual Dimensions - Force field that flows through all life. Keep Your Personal Aura Charged with Magnetism. Best Website In The World Mind Reality Facebook The Mind Reality Facebook Page is Online!

Keep Your Personal Aura Charged with Magnetism

I created it so that I can connect with everyone who knows about Mind Reality. LIKE this page if you want to learn MORE Secrets of the Universe Revealed! Mind Reality Facebook! Reality Creation Secrets! Great Genius Website! Conscious Christianity! Mind Power World! Maintaining adequately high levels of energy and emotional states is necessary for manifestation of desires. If you are about to come into contact with others whom you wish to influence or who may influence you, you should charge yourself well with magnetism. Paneurhythmy Movement 2: Reconciling / Harmonizing. Movement 2 Reconciling/Harmonizing Once we begin to awaken, we discover that we are all at sixes and sevens with ourselves.

Paneurhythmy Movement 2: Reconciling / Harmonizing

We are out of harmony. So the second movement is called Reconciling, or Harmonizing, if you like. We need to harmonize the dualities within ourselves. In the world of Spirit we are all one, because reality is one, but here in this physical world, we live in a world of dualities — black and white, male and female, thinking and feeling — all the different dualities you can think of, as well as day and night, conscious and unconscious, and so on.

Before we can make progress we have to harmonize those dualities. How to Become a Super-Charged Manifesting Magnet. How to Become a Super-Charged Manifesting Magnet By Margot Zaher and Jafree Ozwald Did you ever play with magnets as a child?

How to Become a Super-Charged Manifesting Magnet

If you hold two magnets together with the same magnetic pole facing each other, they repel no matter how hard you try to push them together. The spleen and the aura together is the micro cosmos. Welcome! What's new! What to do? Consciousness and Alchemy. I wanted to share my research into the connections between our subtle body and our physical body. My hopes are to begin assessing and organizing information to help facilitate the true union of science and spirituality once again. Electromagnetic Waves Moving charges (currents) produce magnetic fields. A constant current produces a constant magnetic field, while a changing current produces a changing field. History of Energy Healing and the Human Energy-Consciousness-System. With Einstein and the discovery of quantum physics, the scientific view of reality supports the idea that we are composed of energy fields and, in fact, goes far beyond that into realms that we are just beginning to experience: a holographic view of the universe.

In this universe, all things are interconnected, corresponding to a holistic experience of reality. Moreover, modern technology has developed equipment and techniques to measure the electromagnetic field emanating from the physical body. The energy system of consciousness. Healing With the Human Energy Field: with Barbara Ann Brennan</font>

QUESTION: How did you go from being research scientist and astrophysicist working for NASA, to becoming an energy healer? They seem to be very different professions. BARBARA BRENNAN: I was living in Washington, D.C., and during one of the race riots in the early 70s I was on top of a building looking down at people breaking into stores, burning the city. That seemed to be a turning point for me. I got very interested in human rights, and human problems. Before then I was primarily interested in science. At that time, encounter groups were just beginning. Pine Cones, Paganism, the Pineal Gland & Fluoride. Pine cones have always been occultically associated with spiritual enlightenment. Whether we look at ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks or Christians, the pine cone has represented the mysterious link between the physical and the spiritual worlds, which can be found in the human brain.

Golden Ratio Spiral the Breath of Brahma. HOMERead Chapter 8 from: Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness by Bruce Burger, MA We invite you to contemplate an ancient vision of the universe as a living, breathing, conscious Being . . . and the ubiquitous Golden Spiral as the mathematical expression of the life breath of a living universe. Chapter 8 The Golden Spiral: a Key To Understanding Energy in Nature All creation is the interweaving of cycles. From Galactic manifestation to subatomic waves, the universe is a vast spectrum of cycles. Elements of Leadership by Nicholas Janni.pdf. 5 Elemental Chakras. Universal Application of Polarity Therapy The Application of Universal Principles of Energy and Healing.