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The New Blood - Motorcycles

The New Blood - Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Nightster café racer by Deus Australia-based tuner Deus Ex Machina has turned the Harley-Davidson Nightster into a café racer that they call the Deus Special. The original 1200cc V-Twin motor was kept, but the bike now offers a completely different riding experience and the muscular looks are sure to indicate that from the very first glance. Deus told hell for leather magazine they’ve used modified Yammy SR400 tank, quick release strap, new taps etc. custom fender’ectomy....warren got handy with the drill bits custom 2 into 1, retuned fuel maps to suit single saddle conversion kept the belt drive, chains look nicer but the customer wanted his pants to stay up. What’s not to like about this custom motorcycle?

Gucci Wholesaler Originality control, conformity check, quality control for Made in Italy clothes and accessories at wholesale.Professional services: control of originality of products, conformity check of purchase orders, production quality control for supplies of clothes and accessories producted with the "Made in Italy" labels in order to protect traders, department stores, chain stores , importers, exporters, wholesalers and brokers. Gucci was founded as a company specialized in leather goods. The marks of this fashion house will always refer to the framework of horses: firts the clamp and the bracket, then a ribbon of green-red-green inspired by the underbelly of the saddle. Gucci itself is synonymous with exceptional creativity and resourcefulness. Brand Authenticity, Gucci Wholesaler, is proposed as an intermediary for the certification of all the accessories made in Italy, in order to ensure the originality of the products.

Classified Moto » Blog Special build queue opens Friday 1/3 at noon Here it is, finally. Answers to the big questions about Friday’s (1/3/14) launch of a special KT600/KT675 build queue. If you want to be prepared to pounce when we start accepting orders, PLEASE read this post and any pertinent links — a few times if necessary. It’ll be worth your time. Bumblebee Bonneville - Motorcycles Name: The Angry Wasp Make: BSA A65 Lightning Owned by Moto Gravel (importers of fine, vintage motorcycles) Simon Lovelace & Andrew Holloway Built by 138 Cycles in Ohio. Custom California rigid chopper frame built around a… More Normincies Modern Laptop Bags Normincies‘ stylish new laptop bags are perfect for those of you who love the modern, minimal style of Scandinavian design. Made from aluminum and nylon or alcantara, each bag is designed to provide extra protection for your precious laptop, while not scrimping on style. Each bag has a handle and a detachable strap for easy carrying, and inside there’s a ton of storage. Besides the padded laptop pocket, there are two flap pockets for mouse and charger, three smaller pockets for business card cases, etc, a bigger pocket for papers or magazines, and a big compartment with a divider. In the front, there is a zippered pocket for important items you need quick access to.

Real Rock`n`Roll bikes! …………………………….BMW NineT Racer BMW NineT Scrambler ……………………..YAMAHA MT Super7 Smartphones: Making Us More Social Or Less? People use smartphones more often, and in a greater variety of ways, to contribute to -- and avoid -- group gatherings, according to new Pew research. 9 Ways Technology Is Slowly Killing Us All (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) Do you answer text messages when at the dinner table? What about checking Instagram when waiting in line for coffee?

Monster Art Monster is the bike that has set a record throughout the world for its art of customization. Stylists, designers, artists, actors, singers and especially big fans from all countries have indulged themselves throughout the years in creating their own artwork, finding Monster as their muse. In this context, Monster Art was born as a space to try out innovative languages and stylistic trends with a main theme: to celebrate and emphasize the great artistic potential of Monster. The Monster Art project is a constantly changing laboratory, ready to provide the tools to explore creative solutions and give an exquisitely artistic character to its bike.

Pali Hill Valentine's Day Guest Post By Sunaina KumarAjab Prem Ki Ghazab KahaniShe stands outside his house every single day. We meet Ranbir Kapoor's greatest fan. The occasional car, autorickshaw and dog-walker pass by Krishna Raj, the iconic bungalow of actor Ranbir Kapoor, in the quiet and leafy Pali Hill area in Bandra. It’s six in the evening, the sun is about to set and the shadows are lengthening. The two guards outside the actor’s fortress do not need to consult the sun to know the time.

Wooden Boat Kits: Stitch and Glue Kayak Kits, Canoe kit, Row Boat Kit WINEGLASS WHERRY ROW BOAT KIT: Precision pre-cut BS-1088 Okoume plywood panels (4mm), 3 gallons System Three epoxy, dispensing pumps, 70 feet of 6 oz. 38" wide fiberglass cloth, 10 yards of 1.5" fiberglass tape, precut breast hook, thwarts, knees, oarlock blocks, transom, temporary cross-sectional frames, gunnels, construction manual. Small building supplies include: 4 pair vinyl gloves, 3 rolls 20-gauge wire, plastic squeegee, 2 bags wood flour, and stirring sticks. TAIGA WILDERNESS TRIPPER CANOE KIT: Precision pre-cut BS-1088 Okoume plywood panels (4mm),3 gallons System Three epoxy, dispensing pumps, 70 feet of 6 oz. 38" wide fiberglass cloth, 20 feet of 1.5" fiberglass tape, precut breast hook, ash thwarts, yolk, wicker seats, temporary cross-sectional frames, gunnels, construction manual.

Online shopping and Americans' purchasing preferences America has long been a nation of shoppers, and that is as true online as it is in the physical world. The earliest modern e-commerce transactions date to just 1994, but by 2015 Americans were spending nearly $350 billion annually online – or roughly 10% of all retail purchases, excluding automobiles and fuel. Pew Research Center surveys of digital commerce tell a similar tale.