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Nestle mess shows sticky side of Facebook pages Uh-oh. We've got another social-media-meets-public-relations disaster on our hands, and this one doesn't even involve any airlines yet . Food giant Nestle, already under pressure from environmentalists, became the subject of a Facebook- and Twitter-based "twitstorm" when the operators of the corporation's Facebook page took a hostile approach to critics. What We Can Learn from Protein World's Social Media Engagement UPDATE: Since yesterday’s publication, and massive thanks to Jack (@Jack_Ashman), we’ve had responses from both Head of Global Marketing and the CEO of Protein World. Richard Staveley (@stavers002), Head of Global Marketing was very accepting of the points outlined below and explained that changes were being made: There certainly are changes, with more positivity in replies to negative comments:

Social Media By Example The Century Council is a leader in the fight against drunk driving and underage drinking and promotes responsible decision making regarding alcoholic beverages. Campaign Idea & Objectives: Ask, Listen, Learn is a creative, multimedia campaign which was designed by a team of educators and psychologists specializing in middle school-aged students. The campaign efforts are divided into 2 main parts: one which concerns the minors and the other which acts as a support for their parents. On the minors’ website, all they need to do is sign a pledge (see below) and register and they are immediately a part of the team.

Valuable Lessons from 5 Shockingly Bad Social Media Fails 44 days until SMW's June 8-12 Conference. Click to learn more. In the grand scheme of things, social media is still in its relative infancy. The first players in the game, MySpace and Facebook, are still just adolescents after all. So it’s no big surprise that the game is always changing, and that even massive corporations with expert social media teams are still making major mistakes. Unlike the old stalwart, print journalism and traditional ads, social media posts are often launched into the digital universe before they’ve gone through any type of approval process.

Social Media Case Study: Justin Bent Rail Boots Social media marketing, if performed strategically, can do a lot of things. It can effectively engage an audience around your brand. It can empower a group of fans to spread word of you virally through social networks. It can do this with less money than you would spend on advertising to reach a similar audience. And despite what the social media purists try and tell you, social media marketing can drive sales. Case in point: Justin Boots wanted to break out of a somewhat conservative rut and become hip and trendy to the 18-to-24-year-old audience.

5 Winning Social Media Campaigns to Learn From Companies are starting to broaden what they consider online advertising, and are opting to run some amazing social media campaigns. Rather than slapping a banner ad on a site, social media campaigns take full advantage of the web's unique properties like interactivity, community-building, and the ability to specialize local offers. Making a social media campaign work sometimes requires a certain je ne sais quoi. We looked into some successful campaigns from the past year to figure out what they did right and what lessons they can provide. We know we left out some brilliant social media campaigns, especially for niche and small-scale markets. Add your voice to the comments below, and let us know which social media campaigns you admire and what lessons they offer.

See How They did it: 104 Social Media Case Studies Is your boss still skeptical about social media? Are you looking for creative ideas for social media executions? Do you have a sense of what you're looking to achieve? This post is for you. 30 MORE Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action I wrote a post for Mashable awhile back looking at 35 Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action. Since some time has passed and more companies have risen to the challenge of creating innovative social media campaigns, I thought it was time to revisit this with an expanded list of social media for business case studies from a growing number of industries: Dominos Pizza credits Foursquare with its UK sales growth.

35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action We’ve discussed some tactics to get your company better engaged with social media. Lest you think there’s a limit to how you can connect with business and customer facing audiences, we’ve assembled this list of more than 35 companies who are experimenting with social media in a host of different ways. This list is by no means exhaustive, and it represents a wide variety of businesses, industries and social media tools. 30 Social Media Business Case Studies With social media on the rise, many businesses are adopting social platforms like Facebook and Twitter as part of their marketing and communication channels. Some did well and some weren’t as good. Social media is a double edge sword and the last thing that a business would want is to end up in a disaster. There are many social media business case studies (both good and bad) on the web and we have written a few over the year as well.

Social media video case studies – 10 of the best If there is one trend that has been on the rise in recent times in social media it is the social media campaign video which brands and businesses produce to show bring their innovative campaigns to life. There are 100s produced every week but we have scoured the web to find the best ones here. You'll be able to get some great inspiration to help create your own innovative campaigns. The case studies come from all over the world and use a variety of social platforms including a couple from Facebook, video streaming, apps and Twitter. Many of the campaigns mix the offline and online worlds and they all show great creativity and innovation.

Gaming For Good: The Gamification of Social Change  One of the hottest trends of 2010 was “gamification.” Gamification is the practice of adding game mechanics such as points, badges, levels, leaderboards, and rewards to everyday activities. Gaming is a tremendously popular hobby among both sexes and nearly all age groups.

26 Social Media Marketing Examples in Detail Last week, I stumbled across Peter Kim’s blog post titled, ”A List of Social Media Marketing Examples”. Let me just add that this title should be revised to, “A MASSIVE list of Social Media Marketing Examples”, because Peter has collected over 200 companies who are using social media, and provided links to the specific efforts. I truly appreciate his efforts, and have bookmarked it, printed it, and am thinking about tattooing it so that I can always have it on hand for reference.

The Fantabulous Lists of Social Media Case Studies February 14, 2011 A guest says: Thanks for this. It will take me some time to go through the entire list, but I needed lots of case studies for my training sessions. This will be very useful. If you has to pick one of these as the best social media campaign, which one would it be?