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Learning Ecosystems From DSC: I’m not sure where the item below ultimately came from, but it was in one of those emails that came to me via a family member. It reminds me of how people come in and out of our lives — and that goes not only for parents, siblings, spouses, and other family members, but also for teachers, professors, coaches, mentors, pastors, managers, supervisors, etc. They all help us learn and grow…and then we no longer have them in our lives. How To Build An Agile Elearning Authoring Team – Elucidat Blog Doing more with less has been a mantra in corporate training departments for the last decade and if you’re an eLearning manager looking for new ways to develop eLearning more efficiently, read on. Likewise, the ability to create home-grown courses on a shoestring budget has an obvious appeal and certainly is a way forward for small businesses as an accompaniment to their one-to-one training. So how do organizations – large and small – ensure that training is well designed, compliant and adds value to the business? With the growth in eLearning authoring tools, seemingly anyone can be their own eLearning developer, designer and project manager. The benefit of this do-it-yourself approach is that organizations can save thousands from their budgets, whilst retaining complete control over the content and design. With this being the case, commissioning departments no longer require the services of eLearning agencies – but that doesn’t mean they don’t need an agile eLearning authoring team.

Learning and Development: A Comprehensive Guide Learning and development (L&D) is one of the core areas of Human Resource Management. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide to learning and development. We answer what learning and development is, how to create learning and development strategies, how to evaluate L&D effectiveness, and we list the different jobs that make up the L&D field. Content What is learning and development? Cartoon Story Maker A quick look at the Cartoon Story Maker back to top... Features Features list The Rapid eLearning Blog Creating great interactive learning experiences requires a few core building blocks: relevant content, pull versus push, and real-world decisions. With those building blocks you're able to structure effective learning scenarios that are meaningful to the learner and helps meet the objectives of the course. One of those building blocks in creating relevant content or content that is placed in a meaningful context. Essentially, you want to recreate the types of scenarios that are similar to the ones the learner has in real life. This allows them to see the content in ... Read the full article

What Does It Mean to Be Agile? by Megan Torrance “Using an agile project-management approach, a team builds their deliverables in small increments, releases usable training frequently, and uses those releases to collect feedback early and often. Successive approximation, aka iterative development, is central to agile methodology. It’s how you proactively gather feedback and, yes, changes, so you can further improve your product.” “Agile” is almost as hot these days as “mobile” and “gamification” when it comes to training industry buzz words. Sure, agility sounds like it could be a cornerstone of your workplace wellness program, but in fact it has a lot more to do with the overall health of your projects.

Moodle Those of us who work in L&D right now are quite lucky. We're part of a profession that’s in the midst of a fascinating transformation. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the developments that are at the heart of this transformation. Matching Game Maker Downloads... Information... Examples... Pinched Head Blog Canada Day is fast approaching and to celebrate, I put together a little Canada Day challenge for all who dare to try it. I initially created this quiz for David Anderson’s weekly e-learning challenge over at Articulate. The challenge was to repurpose a quiz template created by Jackie Van Nice so thanks Jackie! Just click on the picture to get started. I like to create little projects to test drive ideas before inflicting them on my clients. Skills Your e-Learning Team Needs in 2016 and Beyond Average skills are no longer enough to get or keep an average job, and you need even more when you are working in the technology-driven world of e-learning. As computers and machines take on almost Orwellian levels of skills and abilities, once adequate human skill sets simply aren't cutting it anymore. To give you and your e-learning team a fighting chance against the machines, learn, love and live these skills to succeed in 2016 and beyond. 1) Adapt and Move with Change You know how it is when you design a completely perfect eLearning course from the start, and it totally answers the question or solves the problem you were trying to fix, and that same product continues to work without fail for years to come? Yeah, I don’t know how that is and no one else does either because it DOES NOT HAPPEN.

Instructional Design Instructional Design We do It faster, cheaper and better! Our instructional design approach is unique. Here are eight reasons why: Business results. Comprehension Task Maker What is the Comprehension Task Maker? The Comprehension Task Maker is a program that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. Once installed, you can use the Comprehension Task Maker to create your own customised interactive multimedia comprehension tasks. When creating a comprehension task there are two main componants: The information for comprehensionThe questions the player must complete to show they understand the information provided. Questions can be either multiple choice or True - False.