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Utility for Syncing App Data via Dropbox I have a cool new utlity to release today! DropboxAppSync is a simple utility that will relocate any Application’s Support folder to your Dropbox account so that it can be shared across multiple Macs. I initially developed this so that my cusotmers could easy share their DomainBrain database and Rapidweaver Stacks across multiple machines. However, I quickly morphed the application so that it will sync the support folder from any application!!! Download Now NOTE: While syncing application data over Dropbox has become a pretty wide spread practice, not all applicaitons may support this behavior. How to run DropboxAppSync There are a lot of techie details below. On your 1st Mac Make sure that you run this first on the Mac where you would like to use its application data first. It will first prompt you for which application you would like to sync. On your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Nth Mac And that’s it! BBEditCodaCourierRapidweaverDomainBrain By now, I am sure that you have a DropBox account, right?

10 Free Wiki Software Platforms – Choose the Best One To Build You Wiki All of us are aware of Wikipedia, an ocean of information. It is basically a wiki, which allows easy creation and and editing of all the pages by all the visitors which either can submit as normal visitors or they just need to create an account and edit the pages or create some content. Wikis can be edited by using a normal Web Browser, without any extra plugin or add-on or extension. Some sites provide WYSIWYG editor to edit their wiki while others ask us to learn a simple markup language, that depends on what Wiki Software is used by that site to create the Wiki and what are their administrative settings. So, now a days, many sites are as well creating their own wiki, either for their internal knowledge management, or note taking or making a collaborative knowledge portal or to make a community website. 1. Used by Wikipedia, this is nearly a 44 MB wiki software package available in more than 300 languages. 2. Main Features:- 3. Important Features:- 4. Features 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

dropplets/ at GitHUB Send files from a url to "the cloud" without downloading. Twitter for Business - Complete Guide | TribalCafe Circa75/dropplets Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting Design Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting Dropbox has become the most popular cloud storage service and to be honest there’s no doubt why. Ever since the company was founded in 2007, Dropbox has worked on improving the service and let people know that there’s a safe way to backup their files or synchronize them with ease so that they will be able to use those files wherever they are. Dropbox is the one which revolutionized the way we work online in many ways so that now over 1 million files are saved using Dropbox at every 5 minutes. 1. Is an application designed for Windows users which will help you to easily manage your Dropbox account and share files in a pleasant way. 2. Is a secure online application created to help you set up a upload process protected with password known by you and someone who wishes to send you a large document or file. 3. Is a photo sharing application available for iPhone and Android users. 4. A service hosted by Jotforms. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Laboratory Informatics Guide 2008 ACD/Labs has published an application that illustrates how an improved approach can significantly benefit the users of ELNs who confirm structures using PDFs on a regular basis. Currently, most workflows archive analytical data in PDF form, an apt format for e-lab notebook attachments. Unfortunately, PDF files are not designed for easy reprocessing and reinterpretation; in fact, most PDF reports limit themselves to showing only raw spectra, and don’t show any correlation with suggested structure. The existence of NMR software that automatically references, labels, and analyses multiplets means that users can produce a PDF file that contains more information in support of the structure. The Kalabie Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) from Agilent is intuitive and easy-to-use. Built around an open architecture, Kalabie can be easily tailored to a lab’s individual needs and can be applied to various domains. DeltaBook from DeltaSoft is a web-based ELN for research scientists.