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Math = Love

Math = Love

Browse All - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Chelsea Cutting from Mount Gambier, South Australia, tells us about the real-world connections her students are able to make after using Illumination resources. Jan Gebert is an Illuminations lesson plan reviewer and instructor of professional and secondary education at East Stroudsburg University. So she definitely knows a thing or two about quality lessons. Illuminations asked her for her favorite out of our 600+ lessons. Deeanna Golden, a teacher of 24 years at F.M. Equations to solve in your head: Is this a joke? How do I love thee? Make a heart using any of the shapes in the PDF file. Can you make a heart with just three shapes? A bowl contains 75 candies, identical except for color. Write 2014 with the first four prime numbers, with the aid of the operations addition, multiplication and exponentiation. If 18 students occupy of the seats in the classroom, how many students would occupy of the seats in the room? If x2 + y2 = 36, xy = 32, what is the positive value of x + y? or

Mr. J.'s Journal: Teachers Aren't Superheroes: True or False? Good Evening! I was reading an article that made the way to me through the grapevine on Twitter. It discussed how teachers are not superheroes, capable of superhuman feats. Instead they are fallible human beings just like everyone else. Here's a link to the article: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a... We trained to do what we do. But does that sound like anyone you know??? Where James Harrell takes a misstep is saying that we can't be just a little larger than life. We're not going to get a flashing light in the sky asking us for help. That's what is needed from us as teachers. I'd compromise for the costume. Mr.

CUE 2015 Annual Conference: Schedule Free Technology for Teachers untitled A Very Good Checklist for Assessing 21st Century Learning Skills January 29, 2015 Here is another great resource from Dr. Jackie Gerstein, one of our favourite EdTech bloggers. Jackie designed this beautiful chart featuring 12 attributes and skills that teachers should tend to in their instruction. What I like the most about this chart is the fact that it emphasizes the social and affective component in learning, something which is often overlooked in today’s digitally-focused learning paradigms. Jackie's set of attributes featured in this chart chime in with Giroux's view of education as a way of producing citizens who are 'critical, self-reflective, knowledgeable and willing to make moral judgements and act in a socially responsible way.' Check out Jackie's original post to access more resources and links accompanied with this chart.

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Math Survey – Students | Five Twelve Thirteen I am taking Justin Lanier’s call to action from his talk “Beyond Beauty” at the Global Math Department. I posted over the weekend about the results of my survey of teachers and staff at my school. Today, I gave it to my students. The survey looked like this: Here’s what my students said: Not subtle, huh? I’m not totally sure yet what to make of the differences. Like this: Like Loading... Mr. B's Blog: I Volunteer as Tribute: The Final HSCN The arena set, the districts formed, the Capitol ready. Sounds like the beginning of the Hunger Games, doesn't it? This was the staging for the final HSCN: The Math Hunger Games. To bring you up to speed if you are not familiar with my HSCN, I hosted evenings three times a month where I instructed parents on math and reading. In a Twitter chat, I got the idea to do a review game based on the Hunger Games. It involved some set up. “I volunteer! There was even a surprise in it for me! We had 22 total Tributes (12 parents and 10 students.) The game lasted for two hours and it was a memorable experience for the parents, the students, and me. Overall, I saw the HSCN experience as a very powerful and meaningful experience for all involved. I also witnessed and heard great things from parents. Recently, I was contacted by a teacher in a neighboring school district who had heard about my program and wished to mimic it. I immediately said yes. Have you every tried something like this?

How to Use Handwriting in Google Documents Earlier this week John Stevens tipped me off to using g(Math) to add handwritten responses to Google Forms. This morning John sent me a direct message on Twitter to tell me that you can now use handwriting in Google Documents through the g(Math) Add-on. John wrote out step-by-step directions with screenshots here. Thanks again to John Stevens for the tip. 10 useful tools for assessment with tech Technology gives students lots of options for demonstrating their learning via assessments. Here are 10 tools to empower them. (Flickr / Brad Flickinger) We’re down to the final days of the school year at my school, and many students and teachers have turned their thoughts to assessment. Final exams. Plenty of options exist to gauge student understanding by using tech tools. Here are 10 tools you can start using tomorrow to assess student learning: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. For notifications of new Ditch That Textbook content and helpful links: like Ditch That Textbook on Facebookfollow @jmattmiller on Twitterfollow Ditch That Textbook on Pinterestjoin the Ditch That Textbook community on Google+, andfollow +MattMiller16 on Google+! Interested in having Matt present at your event or school? Matt is scheduled to present at the following upcoming events: Related Draw, choose, write or say: Fantastic formative assessments Formative assessment can be drudgery. October 5, 2015 In "Ed Tech"

Tanenbaum Lesson Plans Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer Found in: social studies, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 Tanenbaum Lesson Plans explore aspects of cultural and religious diversity so that students learn to approach the world with respectful curiosity and open-mindedness: Respecting Each Other ( PDF, 49 KB, 6 pgs.) is a lesson and activity in which K-12 students learn why respect is important, develop their own practical definitions of respect, and consider how to reflect their ideas in their behavior. Worksheets are included. In Immigration and Me, ( PDF, 42.1 KB, 3 pgs.) students in grades 2-6 interview family to investigate their history of immigration and to determine where their family traditions originated.