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Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

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Welcome to the Mark Twain House & Museum - Biography of Mark Twain As Twain’s books provide insight into the past‚ the events of his personal life further demonstrate his role as an eyewitness to history. During his lifetime‚ Sam Clemens watched a young United States evolve from a nation torn apart by internal conflicts to one of international power. He experienced America’s vast growth and change - from westward expansion to industrialization‚ the end of slavery‚ advancements in technology‚ big government and foreign wars. And along the way‚ he often had something to say about the changes happening in his country. The Early Years

A Home For Media Artists Zhou Fan by okmarzo November 30, 2016 Feast your eyes on mind melting landscapes from Zhou Fan aka Chou Fan. The artist is based out of Shanghai, China, who typically paints with acrylics. We previously featured another one his bizarre yet beautiful illustrated series back in May 2010. Espace d'Art Contemporain Fernet Branca - BIENVENUE " PIECES MONTREES FRAC ALSACE, 30 YEARS COLLECTING - The Impossible Collection " Curators : Olivier Grasser and Roland Recht 20 october 2013 - 23 March 2014 In 2013, the Fracs (French regional contemporary art collections) are celebrating their 30th anniversary.

Buen Retiro park Coordinates: Paseo de la Argentina Avenida de México Crystal Palace Rosaleda del Retiro Casita del Pescador San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane History[edit] The monastic buildings and the cloister were completed first after which construction of the church took place during the period 1638-1641 and in 1646 it was dedicated to Saint Charles Borromeo. Although the idea for the serpentine facade must have been conceived fairly early on, probably in the mid-1630s, it was only constructed towards the end of Borromini's life and the upper part was not completed until after the architect's death.[2] The site for the new church and its monastery was at the south-west corner of the "Quattro Fontane" which refers to the four corner fountains set on the oblique at the intersection of two roads, the Strada Pia and the Strada Felice. Bernini's oval church of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale would later be built further along the Strada Pia. Design[edit]

Cultural Institute Loading Explore stories from around the world NASA astronaut from the International Space Station Museu do Amanhã Impermanent Sand Paintings by Andres Amador San Francisco-area landscape artist Andreas Amador etches massive sand drawings onto beaches during full moons when his canvas reaches its largest potential. Using only a rake and often several helpers the geometric and organic shapes are slowly carved into the sand, often interacting with the physical topography like the stones in a zen garden. The works exist for only a few moments, just long enough to snap a few photographs before being completely engulfed by the encroaching tide. Amador has also collaborated on a number of killer marriage proposals, the question popped as part of his elaborate drawings viewable from an elevated distance. You can see much more on his website, and he also sells prints. If you liked this, also see the works of Sonja Hinrichsen and Jim Denevan.

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Parque del Retiro, Madrid The Parque del Buen Retiro is the most popular park in Madrid. It can get crowded during weekends when many Madrilenian families go for a stroll in the park and street musicians, sidewalk painters, fortune tellers, jugglers and street performers animate the crowd. A Royal Park The Retiro Park was created as a royal park; it belonged to the Real Sitio del Buen Retiro palace.

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