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Keek - Share Quick Video Updates With Friends

Keek - Share Quick Video Updates With Friends

What's Eyejot? Eyejot is the first, comprehensive, client-free online video messaging platform ideal for both personal and business communications. It offers everyone the ability to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. With no client to install, you can start using Eyejot immediately with any browser, on any platform. It even features built-in support for iTunes™ (and iPods&trade), mobile devices and social networks like MySpace™. Watch Eyejot video examples.

Seesmic ou l'image partagee de soi active Pour ce qui ne connaisse pas Seesmic, il s’agit d’un service en ligne de conversation par webcam : on voit et on entend son interlocuteur. Il est possible de participer et échanger en publique ou d’envoyer des vidéos privées. C’est d’ailleurs à mon sens un point essentiel des groupes en ligne que d’avoir la possibilité de la sphère publique et de la sphère privée. En effet tout ne peut être dit publiquement. Mais l’objet de cet article n’est pas là. En effet, si j’écris cet article c’est pour développer un aspect qui s’appuie sur deux axes théoriques majeurs : le stade du miroir de Lacan et la reprise qu’en fait Serge Tisseron dans Psychanalyse de l’Image : Des premiers traits au virtuel ( ed.

ActiveWorlds: Home of the 3D Internet since 1995 Technical Support Welcome to ActiveWorlds, a sandbox platform for creating anything you can think of, inside a universe with hundreds of worlds, millions of objects, and a dedicated and friendly community. Start Dreaming Big If you'd like to give ActiveWorlds a try, click below to download it for free. Download for Windows Meeting Planner – Find best time across Time Zones +1 this page: Follow us on Google+: Like/share this page: Follow us on facebook:

Spelling Bee What are the different ways to play the Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee? There are two different ways to play. In the Tournament Spelling Bee, you'll be challenged by a series of words, with the spelling difficulty adapted to your skill level. The more words you get right, the higher your score will go, on a scale from 200 to 800. You can compete against other spellers, since we keep track of high scores (with streaks of correct answers serving as tiebreakers). You can also try a Community Spelling Bee generated from one of our subscribers' word lists. Welcome to Seesmic Seesmic has been acquired by HootSuite and as of March 2013, the Seesmic website is no longer supported. But HootSuite welcomes all Seesmic users into our nest! Here’s how you can start using HootSuite today. Making the transition to HootSuite: Getting started is easy. Just click the button below or learn more about HootSuite here.

History of Halloween Halloween falls on October 31st each year in North America and other parts of the world. What do you know about Halloween? Do you celebrate it in your country? Here is a little history about it. Vocabulary YouTube Welcome to TestTube, our ideas incubator. This is where YouTube engineers and developers test out recipes and concoctions that aren't quite fully baked and invite you to tell us how they're coming along. Your comments will help us improve and perfect the mixtures we're working on. So jump in, play around, and send your feedback directly to the brains behind the scenes. YouTube Music Discovery Make playlists and discover new artists and music videos. Images - Clip Art, Photos, Sounds, & Animations Insert clip art In the newer versions of Office, there's no longer a clip art library, but Office still helps you insert clip art. STEP 1: Select Insert > Online Pictures (In Outlook, when you're using the Reading pane, there isn't an Insert menu. Click Pop Out and then you'll see the Insert menu.)

vous Olivier Cadou from Paris ? Kadrige : le virtuel c'est mieux que le réel en face à face pour faire des affaires Pour contacter Olivier Cadou : Encore une e-interview des plus intéressantes (mais ne sont-elles pas toutes intéressantes ?). Ici Olivier, qui a fondé Kadrige, nous fait un cours de "commerce 2.0"..

Kakao Talk Mobile Messenger Has Over 100 Million Users Chatting Worldwide Welcome to the world of kakaoTalk Keep in touch with anyone, anywhere, anytime. 카카오톡 기능소개 True chatting freedom My Maps Dictionary – online translation – The online dictionary is updated daily by a team of language lovers. We do our best to include new words every day. Our editors are always on the lookout for new terms: languages thrive with newly created words. An example of this are the trending terms that pervade social media channels and are used more frequently in daily conversations. Word Lists The Academic Word List Useful academic vocabulary is contained in the Academic Word List, which is divided into 10 sublists in order of frequency, ie Sublist 1 has the most frequent academic words. You can try to learn these words from the lists but to learn to use them correctly you need to study them in context. Look at Exercises and Concordances for some help with this. Sublist 1 Sublist 2 Sublist 3 Sublist 4 Sublist 5 Sublist 6 Sublist 7 Sublist 8 Sublist 9 Sublist 10