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A Wind-storm in the Forests, Chapter 10, 'The Mountains of California' by John Muir (1894) - The Writings of John Muir - John Muir Exhibit (John Muir Education Project, Sierra Club California) The john muir exhibit - writings - the_mountains_of_california - chapter 10 THE mountain winds, like the dew and rain, sunshine and snow, are measured and bestowed with love on the forests to develop their strength and beauty.

A Wind-storm in the Forests, Chapter 10, 'The Mountains of California' by John Muir (1894) - The Writings of John Muir - John Muir Exhibit (John Muir Education Project, Sierra Club California)

However restricted the scope of other forest influences, that of the winds is universal. The snow bends and trims the upper forests every winter, the lightning strikes a single tree here and there, while avalanches mow down thousands at a swoop as a gardener trims out a bed of flowers. After one has seen pines six feet in diameter bending like grasses before a mountain gale, and ever and anon some giant falling with a crash that shakes the hills, it seems astonishing that any, save the lowest thickset trees, could ever have found a period sufficiently stormless to establish themselves; or, once established, that they should not, sooner or later, have been blown down. It was still early morning when I found myself fairly adrift.

CLASSIC ESSAYS. SAT - Essay Prompts. Below are essay prompts from the most recent SAT administration in March 2014.

SAT - Essay Prompts

Prompt 1 Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below. SAT: Improve SAT Score with SparkNotes: Know Your Customers. Know Your Customers After you finish taking the SAT, your essay is scanned into a computer, uploaded to a secure website, and graded on computer screens at remote locations by “essay-graders.”

SAT: Improve SAT Score with SparkNotes: Know Your Customers

These essay-graders are either English teachers or writing teachers who have been hired and trained to grade SAT essays by the company that makes the SAT. Every essay is actually read by two graders. Each grader is instructed to spend no more than three minutes reading an essay before giving it a score on a scale of 1 to 6. The two grades are then added together to make up your entire essay subscore, which ranges from 2–12. SAT: Improve SAT Score with SparkNotes: Know Your Customers. The Classical Argument. Adapted from Walter Beale, Real Writing, 2nd edition, 1986 One of the oldest organizing devices in rhetoric is the classical argument, which incorporates the five parts of a discourse that ancient teachers of rhetoric believed were necessary for persuasion, especially when the audience included a mixture of reactions from favorable to hostile.

The Classical Argument

They often prescribed this order to students, not because it was absolutely ideal, but because using the scheme encouraged the writer to take account of some of the most important elements of composing: beginning in an interesting way providing background or context that was relevant to their specific audience stating their claims and evidence clearly and emphatically taking account of opposing viewpoints and anticipating objections and concluding in a satisfying and effective way.

The classical argument isn’t a cookie-cutter template: simply filling in the parts does not by itself make you successful. The Introduction 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Aristotelian Argument Format. Scholarship Essay Samples. This page presents five scholarship essay examples. Writing good scholarship Essay requires research, along with many other parameters which vary from individual to individual. These are real scholarship essay examples that have won scholarships for their writers.

Winning Scholarship Essay written by Daniel Heras, Scantron scholarship winner. In this winning scholarship essay , Daniel describes a very significant experience of his life while working with the Environmental Science Club in his high school. The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher. Part I: Introduction--What inspired my argumentative response?

The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher

For decades, too many high-school teachers have been instilling persuasive writing skills by teaching students the five-paragraph essay. The Original Invitation from This I Believe. This invites you to make a very great contribution: nothing less than a statement of your personal beliefs, of the values which rule your thought and action.

The Original Invitation from This I Believe

Your essay should be about three minutes in length when read loud, written in a style as you yourself speak, and total no more than 500 words. We know this is a tough job. What we want is so intimate that no one can write it for you. You must write it yourself, in the language most natural to you. We ask you to write in your own words and then record in your own voice.

We would like you to tell not only what you believe, but how you reached your beliefs, and if they have grown, what made them grow. This I Believe Essay-Writing Guidelines. We invite you to participate in this project by writing your own statement of personal belief.

This I Believe Essay-Writing Guidelines

We understand how challenging this is—it requires intense self-examination, and many find it difficult to begin. To guide you through this process, we offer these suggestions: Tell a story about you: Be specific. Take your belief out of the ether and ground it in the events that have shaped your core values. Consider moments when belief was formed or tested or changed. This I Believe High School Curriculum. Aristotelian Argument Format. Aristotelian Argument Format Propose a solution.

Aristotelian Argument Format

Source: Community College of Southern Nevada, “Aristotelian Argument Format.” Community. The Classical Argument.