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The Personal (College) Essay

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How to Get Started on Writing Your College Application Essay — I Love Charts. Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere. These enviable youngsters appear to be the winners in the race we have made of childhood.

Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere.

But the reality is very different, as I have witnessed in many of my own students and heard from the hundreds of young people whom I have spoken with on campuses or who have written to me over the last few years. Our system of elite education manufactures young people who are smart and talented and driven, yes, but also anxious, timid, and lost, with little intellectual curiosity and a stunted sense of purpose: trapped in a bubble of privilege, heading meekly in the same direction, great at what they’re doing but with no idea why they’re doing it. I should say that this subject is very personal for me. Like so many kids today, I went off to college like a sleepwalker. You chose the most prestigious place that let you in; up ahead were vaguely understood objectives: status, wealth—“success.”

A young woman from another school wrote me this about her boyfriend at Yale: U.S. I Ghostwrite Chinese Students' Ivy League Admissions Essays. Illustrations by Ketch Wehr Hey China, you’re welcome.

I Ghostwrite Chinese Students' Ivy League Admissions Essays

When you think about your future multi-million dollar shipping moguls, innovative tech giants, and up-and-coming diplomats, please remember a small handful of them probably received their Ivy League degrees thanks to me. I’m a black market college admissions essay writer, and over the last three years I’ve written over 350 fraudulent essays for wealthy Chinese exchange students. Although my clients have varied from earnest do-gooders to factory tycoon’s daughters who communicate primarily through emojis, they all have one thing in common: They’re unable to write meaningful sentences. Really Good Books, Part I. People are always asking me what my favorite books are.

Really Good Books, Part I

I’ve held off listing them because it seems self-indulgent. But, with summer almost here, I thought I might spend a couple columns recommending eight books that have been pivotal in my life. “A Collection of Essays,” by George Orwell. If you want to learn how to write, the best way to start is by imitating C.S. Lewis and George Orwell. Here’s the first sentence of his essay on Gandhi: “Saints should always be judged guilty until they are proved innocent, but the tests that have to be applied to them are not, of course, the same in all cases.” College Essay Guy. Daniel Pink - One Sentence Project. What Makes a Great College Essay video. A public dialogue about belief — one essay at a time. Crafting the Personal Essay: An Interview with Dinty W. Moore. Crafting the Personal Essay: An Interview with Dinty W.

Crafting the Personal Essay: An Interview with Dinty W. Moore

Moore By Erika Dreifus I met Dinty W. Moore a number of years ago through the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, of which he is now president. His concern for writing pedagogy, and his particular expertise in nonfiction, impressed me at the start, and they continue to inspire me. Dinty W. Please welcome Dinty W. ERIKA DREIFUS (ED): Dinty, what inspired you to write Crafting the Personal Essay, and why at this time? DINTY W. ED: Whom do you envision as the ideal reader(s) for this book? DWM: The urge to share our best thoughts, to display our carefully-constructed ideas and discoveries to other souls, is fairly universal.

Frankly, there is a pretty good market for the essay too: from women’s magazines, to The New York Times, to literary magazines, to the Huffington Post. ED: In this book, you emphasize the importance of curiosity. But that’s what I imagine about the book here at the beginning. 80% Of College Admissions Officers Use Facebook To Check Out Students. Prospective college students, beware: There's yet another reason to make sure your Facebook profile is suitable for all. According to a Kaplan survey of college admissions officers, more than 80 percent of college admissions officers consider social media presence when recruiting students. Although this doesn't necessarily mean that Facebook and other online profiles will be considered in making admissions decisions, All Facebook reports that at least one Harvard admissions officer -- who posted on a Quora thread in response to the question "do high school students' Facebook profiles affect their college applications?

" -- said that a student's online presence "absolutely" prejudices her. And editor Dean Tsouvalas wrote in a blog post that "in at least one case an admissions counselor told us they rejected a potential student based on their social networking profile. " But applicants can turn their social media presence into an advantage. Does this news make you nervous? Zapping Apathy with College Application Essays. If you want to see college-bound upper-grade students take a writing assignment seriously, help them with their college application essays!

Zapping Apathy with College Application Essays

Writing college essays as a class assignment provides an authentic audience, extreme personal relevance, and an opportunity for introspection—in other words, all the makings of a meaningful writing experience. Students appreciate the advice and guidance, not to mention receiving academic credit for something they would otherwise be doing on their own.