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Philosophy Bro Brain Pickings FUCKING HOMEPAGE Sequences A sequence is a series of multiple posts on Less Wrong on the same topic, to coherently and fully explore a particular thesis. Reading the sequences is the most systematic way to approach the Less Wrong archives. If you'd like an abridged index of the sequences, try XiXiDu's guide, or Academian's guide targeted at people who already have a science background. Benito's Guide aims to systematically fill the reader in on the most important ideas discussed on LessWrong (not just in the sequences). If you prefer books over blog posts, Thinking and Deciding by Jonathan Baron and Good and Real by Gary Drescher have been mentioned as books that overlap significantly with the sequences. eReader Formats The Sequences have been converted to eReader compatible formats by several projects. Print ready versions by jb55 (GitHub). Audio Castify makes certain content of Less Wrong available as a podcast for a small fee (it's recorded by a professional voice actor). Major Sequences: Minor Sequences: Essay:

Overcoming Bias The Last Psychiatrist If Everyone Knew | Now with five more facts that everyone should know.