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HouHouHaHa - The Art of Sharing

HouHouHaHa - The Art of Sharing

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Michael Tittel: Behavior This week we are sharing work submitted to Lenscratch… It does not happen often, but every now and then I will catch someone sneaking a candid of me in public. It is the photographer in me that relates to the strides taken for the perfect image, and because of this I always pretend I cannot see them. I shake their presence off in hopes that I embodied what they needed, that in some way I managed to help them in their quest for a perfect image.

Photo Inspiration Who doesn’t love baby photography, One of the most challenging and time consuming type of photography. It is easily one of the hardest kinds just because of the sheer amount of unexpected drama with the kids. It is also one of the most popular kind of photography too. You see baby photography all around. This gives you an idea... read more Privacy Issues: Addressable Vs. Identifable Advertising 08/01/2014 Marketers want to engage audiences. Yet most media spend still targets content, using this as a surrogate for the audiences that frequently consume this content. Until recently, it was technically and commercially unreasonable for both buyers and sellers to negotiate for subsets of broadcast media content (e.g., television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc.) based on buyer-defined audience segments. With the advances in programmatic media planning and execution, we have seen these barriers erode amid the rise of audience-based tailored advertising.

10 Commandments of Type and Color Articles, Infographic, Resources June 19, 2014 Here’s 2 really clever infographic featuring the 10 Commandments of Type and Color. It’s always good to have a steady foundations and some basic principles for your graphic design work! While not absolute rules, these infographics created by the lovely DesignMantic are very good guidelines to ensure that your work has a sense of aesthetics and that you can express the message the clearly. You can view the inforgraphic by clicking on the image!

Hi-Fructose Magazine In his portrait series, the Austrian artist Aldo Tolino deconstructs, folds, reassembles and weaves printed photographs in order to create origami-like sculptural pieces. Tolino then re-photographs the works, converting the pieces back into two-dimensional objects. The disturbing quality of the images may not just be due to the fact that the folded faces appear distorted, disproportional and almost entirely stripped of identity. In their conversion back to a photographic object, these pieces also suggest a cycle of infinite reprocessing and deformation, wherein the portrait will only continue to move further away from the original “true” image. This perhaps serves to remind us of the precarious nature of photography itself; the lack of control we have over photographic images, the instability of their meaning and function, which can be both liberating and unsettling. Aakash Nihalani approaches space almost like a cartoonist.

Égarements by Cerise Doucède With application, precision and humour, photographer Cerise Doucède created the series ‘Égarements’ (aberration) consisting of installations which represents each of our dreams and obsession or even fears. By shaping her own visions, she reproduces her version of reality and sublimates the most ordinary moments. Objects thus come to life around one or more figures, in intimate locations, at key moments of everyday life.

70 Imaginative Examples Of Conceptual Photography Conceptual photography - as a part of conceptual art - is a photography genre in which the artist makes a photograph of a concept or idea. In this type of photography, you try to convey a concept or message with a photograph. Few photographers are using Photoshop to edit and process - all the magic happens in-camera. In this collection we've sourced 70 imaginative and beautiful examples of this wonderful type of photography. Havas PR US Nielsen Launches Twitter TV Ratings, Potentially a Key Social Metric for Advertisers (Marketing Land, 07.10.13) Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings service is seen as a potentially key metric for brands and advertisers as they try to gauge the value of the social conversation surrounding the networks, shows and actors/actresses that they associate with through TV ad buys. And with its IPO approaching, Twitter hopes it also convinces brands to buy more social ads on its platform—Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and the like—to tap into those conversations. The Next Big Breakthrough in Sales Messaging—Maybe (, 02.10.13) If you want to get more attention and be more persuasive with your marketing and sales messages, then you will be better off expressing some uncertainty versus complete certainty when presenting your big idea.

How To Be a Nonconformist: 22 Irreverent Illustrated Steps to Counterculture Cred from 1968 by Maria Popova “Avoid socks. They are a fatal giveaway of a phony nonconformist.” “Why do you have to be a nonconformist like everybody else?,” James Thurber asked in the caption to a 1958 New Yorker cartoon depicting a woman fed up with her artist partner. Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings Top Home » Illustration • Inspiration » Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings Abstract art is an interesting form of art that makes use of visual language of form, color and line. These elements create an interesting work of art that stays alive with a scale of independence from visual references in the world.

Contemporary Photography I made this series with the desire to build a set of symbolic portraits inspired by my background of double cultures. I'm French with Middle Eastern origins. I worked by using the pictorial tradition of still lives. I chose to put forward characters where the nature and objects they carry come from different rites and customs. The photographs can be grouped into three metaphorical categories: Firstly the "mark", with elements of uncultivated land, evocative death and rebirth.

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