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Cinnamon Roll Pancakes - Recipe Girl

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes - Recipe Girl
Updated 9/22/11 to Add: If you’re coming here to sample these delicious Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, you just might like the latest recipe that I’ve posted for Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancakes too. And Gingerbread- Cinnamon Roll Pancakes too. Enjoy! Here’s a short video sharing how to make these delicious pancakes: If you’ve ever thought you needed a reason to eat pancakes, today is the day: National Pancake Day! Eat a short stack for breakfast, enjoy them for lunch, or make a dinner out a manhole-sized pancake… guilt free… because you’re merely celebrating their existence. How do you like your pancakes? But recently I started dreaming about mixing cinnamon rolls and pancakes together… and this is what I came up with- my new favorite pancake: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. I have a wonderfully fluffy pancake batter that I like to use (recipe below) so I swirled a bit of cinnamon roll filling into the pancake. It’s like eating a cinnamon roll, and no one needs more than one cinnamon roll for breakfast.

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Banana Bread Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze I am in love with these pancakes! They taste just like banana bread with the bonus of a decadent cream cheese glaze. Their texture is even much like banana bread. So I’m thinking when I get that craving for banana bread, at least half the time I’ll be making these instead because they are ready so much faster than a loaf of banana bread is. Share on Pinterest Who could resist a breakfast like this? Parmesan Roasted Potatoes Ok fine. I’m officially ready to make the transition to fall. And I thought, what better way to do it than with my all time favorite Parmesan Roasted Potatoes! These are like candy. 100% addictive. Once you stop, you just can’t stop.

Chocolate Nutella Scotcheroos Chocolate Nutella Scotcheroos This spin on the classic Rice Krispies Treats is kicked up with the addition of peanut butter, chocolate, Nutella and butterscotch. These delicious no-bake Chocolate Nutella Scotcheroos cookie bars are the perfect answer to those of us who want a little indulgence but don’t want to turn on the oven during this scorching heat. Central Illinois is under another heat wave and with tomorrow’s temperatures heading towards 98 degrees, there is no way I am turning on the oven. Cincinnati "Skyline" Chili Recipe - How to Make Cincinnati "Skyline" Chili Recipe The inventor's Greek roots can clearly be seen in the unique blend of spices. The secrets to this recipe are the long slow cooking, as well as the overnight refrigeration, which allow for all the excess fat to be removed. I've also included the five "ways" for ordering this wonderfully different chili, which is usually served over spaghetti. Serves 6

Crack brownies Have you ever tried crack? Yeah, me either. After eating these brownies, though, I feel like I would probably be less addicted to crack. Apple Pie Pancakes with Vanilla Maple Syrup It’s that time of year where apples are starting to turn up everywhere. From caramel apples to apple pie to pancakes that taste like apple pie. I confess, I’m not much of a pie-maker. We really don’t need a whole pie at once, and I tend to make bars and cookies because they seem to disappear quicker than a whole pie does. These pancakes are the answer to my pie-less prayers. LaSaGnA TiMpAnO I went to see tUnE-yArDs on Monday night with some friends, and as always we wanted to cook a meal that somehow related to the show we were heading to. Sometimes this is hard to do, but other times it seems to come naturally. Finding culinary inspiration in Merrill's lyrics seemed like it would be tough, but my sister knew what she wanted to make without hesitation. "How about something layered, because of all the vocal and instrument layering in the music?" From there we worked together to come up with this deep, colorful, and multi-flavored lasagna version of a timpano. If you are using words like deep, colorful, and multi-flavored to describe something inspired by tUnE-yArDs, you already know you got it right!

italian sodas June 30, 2011 | Sweet Recipes | Comments Growing up, these Italian sodas were my favorite!! My mom and I would always stop by a little coffee shack on our road trips to Oregon. I remember ordering the blueberry Italian soda in the summer instead of ice cream because they were so refreshing. I hadn’t had one of these since I was a kid, so I wanted to recreate the easy recipe. Peaches & Vanilla Cream Pops & The Craving Chronicles Uh, it’s hot. Really hot. Like excessive heat warning, face melts when I walk outside, can’t eat anything but frozen foods hot. So I made popsicles. Did you know making popsicles is pretty fun and pretty easy? I didn’t.

Potatoes Romanoff – A Fancy Twice Baked Potato I’m totally ready for fall. I’m ready for super comforting meals that I get to eat while sitting at home, in my sweat pants, with my slippers on! And I’m ready for Thanksgiving. Fluffy Banana Pancakes I love pancakes. A little too much, probably. They’re easy, my toddler will eat them, they lend themselves to all kinds of delicious fruity mix-ins, and, when you’re really going for it, you can soak them with rich butter and sinfully-sweet pure maple syrup.

Roy G. Biv Smoothies I’ve had a few requests over the last few weeks for some smoothie recipes because I let it slip that Betsy and I generally just have a big smoothie for breakfast everyday. Turns out our daily smoothie recipe is a mix between yellow, red, and indigo, but that’ll make more sense to you later. Smoothies can be so varied I really struggled for awhile on how to present a wide spectrum of recipes in one post. That was, of course, until I saw a guy riding a bike last weekend with a rainbow sticker on his backpack.

Florentines Recipe at Epicurious photo by Romulo Yanes yield Makes about 2 dozen cookies You get a very big bang for remarkably little work in this fabulous pairing of chocolate and orange. Apartment Therapy The Kitchn Cake balls, cake pops, cakesicles — have you tried them? They swept the internet like a tidal wave over the last few years, thanks in part to the delightful and amazing creations of Bakerella and other creative cooks. We finally decided to try them, and while ours don't achieve the heights of more talented confectionery artists, they tasted pretty darn good!

The privacy feature will be implemented soon. A lot of people talk about it and it was already planed for december 2010. On the other hand there could possibly be a fee for using this feature. And now please stop commenting and make more Cinnamon Rolls! ;) by tschlegel Oct 8

The problem of private is not sharing pearls, but to disclose your very own structure. It allows anyone to get a profile of your identity, it allows anyone to take a look inside your mind. Sure you can say: "I have nothing to hide!" but that leads us step by step to a transparent society. This is something we have to avoid at all costs. My question was NOT how I can hide a recipelist, but how I can hide the structures of more private parts of my pearltree. Leaving them in a dropzone is no solution. That would negate my itentional use of pearltrees, to privatly mindmap websites. by tschlegel Oct 7

thank you emmaburton, very well said...i was getting frustrated by all the crabbing, apparently people don't read the agreements they sign : / by paigemoi Oct 6

Hello everybody! I do not care who see's my pearltrees because I have nothing to hide from other people! I told the theif as an "expression"! Please don't worry about me right?! I will never leave the pearltree, because I like this site! Bye by carolinar.1995 Oct 6

Oh and I think you can keep some stuff private by using the drop zone. That's where I put more personal stuff and as far as I know no one can see it... It'll just be unorganized by booelevatormusic Oct 6

Lol I didn't even know it was possible to comment on pearls but it looks like a lot of us are in the same boat here (found it on stumbleupon) Caroline, no one is a Theif on pearltrees, it's kind of the whole point (that's why you can 'pick' other pearls). I agree, if you're going to flip a shit about people having the same pearl, get off pearltrees because this is what it's made to do. by booelevatormusic Oct 6

goes for you. Learn how to use pearltree or go somewhere else if you're so concerned about who's looking at your shit. Honestly, It's not that I don't like you either, it's that I don't like stupidity. have a good day by peggysue Oct 6

Caroline 1955, I would suggest you read up on Pearltree and choose another sight if your so concerned about people viewing your stuff. One thing I don't like about this app is my mail box gets filled up with stupid posts like this one. Once again...I say...who cares who is looking at my shit, I put it there for that reason. And the recipe is NOT yours so stop posting about it. Thank you by peggysue Oct 6

I found this recipe from stumble upon, like nearly all of you. How come so many people are looking at my pearltree? Not that I don't like you, but is there a possibility to make my tree invisible for other people? greetings from Germany by tschlegel Oct 6

Yep.... I got this from Stumbleupon, sorry, I don't look at other trees. by alwayshiei Oct 5

yeah, i found it through stumble upon, i don't even go to other people's trees by avocadoes Oct 5

hello, no I did not got that from you, I came across that site by just surfing the net, thank you HP1950 by hp1950 Oct 5

It's not Theft for buggers sakes, it's sharing. IT IS a social network so chill, Bill. OMG. by peggysue Oct 5

what's the big deal? it's a freakin' recipe? Relax, cinnamon roll pancakes then be happy or STFU just sayin'. by peggysue Oct 5

But I don't have anything that you can not see! I just save musics and other things that I like! by carolinar.1995 Oct 3

I gotta get some work done in here 8-< by ahwei Oct 3

For now, the best thing to do is to keep all the vids and pics you don't want available to the public is to keep them all on one site (flikr, cooliris....) and you can still link people to that site in a pearl but they will not be able to view those things where access has been reserved. At least that's the best idea I've come up with to work around that future improvement ; ) by ahwei Oct 3

Ohh ok! I don't care! It's good, but it's also bad, because there are many personal things in our videos, but I don't care about that, and I don't care about your theft xD You can do that always. by carolinar.1995 Oct 3

Yes she can, as can I your conversation as this is a pearl in my tree too. I don't kbow. I see this a very good but with potentially bad aspects. Something to be some control over in user prefs? At leats I don't think I'm teamed up with you...Oh, I bet I know what it is; it's because I at some point probably stole this pearl from your tree. by ahwei Oct 3

Thank you :) I found this recipe myself, carolinar.1995, but I can also see your pearltrees. by annie15 Oct 2

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