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Best Trap Account Builds - Game Of War Real Tips. Sometimes making your own decision on how you want your Trap Account to be can be hard.

Best Trap Account Builds - Game Of War Real Tips

This article will make it simple for you by providing exact specifications for Rally Traps and Solo Traps. This article was last updated for accuracy on 11-24-15. Player Submitted Builds These are the latest successful builds submitted by players in the comments sections! Sos Samuelson Rally Trap (11-21-15) My rally record is 13-3. This account was unbeatable against 2.375 million rally size but was extremely expensive healing T4. Steve Brant Rally Trap (10-8-15) Attack boost is still important, but your overall need will be different depending on what you are getting hit with and your troop power. Many people will tell you to counter core; this is completely unnecessary and counter-productive for a rally trap, as counter cores are typically high in attack and lower on troop saving boosts.

Research: crafting: 6×6 cores w/ two fourth gem slots Defense: Upto hospital capacity 1: all 10’s. Turtle accounts. The Latest Strategies for a Flawless Trap Account - Game Of War Real Tips. Over the past couple of years as Game of War has evolved, trap play has also become more sophisticated.

The Latest Strategies for a Flawless Trap Account - Game Of War Real Tips

Many of the consistently high point scorers in my home Kingdom are Trap Accounts, and these players are a strength to any Alliance. In fact, throughout the last two years I have noticed cyclical trends in successful Game of War strategies: first high power Strongholds and rallies, then Wonder Defensive strategies and Trap Accounts, in continuous succession. With tier scoring Kill Events, especially, effective Trap Accounts can lead to huge success as a Kingdom. While the basic principles of Trap Accounts here still hold true, this is an updated overview of how to create a Trap Account and some of the most effective proven strategies we’ve seen.

An Effective Trap Account There are certain characteristics necessary to having a good trap account. Strategy To be an effective Trap Account, you should also understand the Enemy’s strategy. Build a Perfect Trap With Only $100 - Game Of War Real Tips. We've reached out to some of the best players we know and accumulated the following information on how to build the best trap account on a budget of only $100.

Build a Perfect Trap With Only $100 - Game Of War Real Tips

The success of many Game of War players has lately been attributed to trap accounts. We have connections with many of the top players and many have created new trap accounts in the last couple months in addition to their billion power accounts. We even know some spenders who get happy when they are zeroed because now they can make a trap account. HA! Trap accounts with millions of T1 are pretty much impossible to rally even if the attack has good gear. New players or veteran players can just as easily use this tactic. Step 1: Upgrade Buildings Start out with a stronghold 21 or build up one to level 21. Level these buildings to 21: Step 2: Research (nothing strategic) Research combat up to level 9. Research all traps T1-T3 and Trap Defense and Trap Attack to level 9. Step 3: Train Troops Train 100K T1 equally among all types Enjoy!

Navi. 3 More Options for Trap Accounts - Game Of War Real Tips. This will hopefully be the last post on traps for awhile, I just wanted to get some solid information out there for you guys.

3 More Options for Trap Accounts - Game Of War Real Tips

These styles were actually defined by a guy who just hit 100 million kills with his trap account. This article is far less detailed than the one from two days ago on how to build a trap account with $100, but I'm going to let you guys deduce how to build each of these 3 traps by using strategies mentioned in $100 trap post. These are specifically low level traps that smaller players can adopt and be successful with. The one catch is that you most definitely need great gear (not necessarily core gear, but at least high level normal gear) to make these account truly effective. The Hero Snatcher Trap SH Level:11-14 Power Level: 50-60m Troop Count/ Type: 5-7m Tier 2 (Strat Only) Trap Count/ Type: Max Strat Research to Complete: Strat Combats only. General tips on the style: Solo trap, take heroes sit in hives and let them come to you.