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Baked Eggs in Bacon Baskets

Baked Eggs in Bacon Baskets
This is such a nice idea for breakfast/brunch for a crowd.It is so simple, makes 12 at a time and the baskets stays warm, unlike scrambled eggs which always seem to get cold when left on the plate. There are many variations of this recipe on the blogosphere. I've tried it 2 weekends in a row, and I find that this method worked best. I made them 2 ways, some scrambled with cheese, and others just baked with a soft center.We couldn't decide which way we liked them best. Spray a 12 cup muffin tin with PAM spray. Lightly cook 12 strips of bacon (or how ever many baskets you are making).Do NOT cook the bacon till crisp, but just enough to get rid of some of the grease. Coil your bacon slices around the wells of the muffin tin. Crack an egg and pour into the well.Sprinkle with salt and pepper. You can also whisk your eggs together and add some cheese, like a quiche, and pour this mixture into the bacon baskets. Use a spoon to remove the baskets and serve!

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Breakfast Quesadillas Breakfast Quesadillas I’m sharing a recipe today that you should *most definitely* feed your family for breakfast sometime soon: Breakfast Quesadillas! And I might even add that they’d make a good breakfast on a school morning too- they’re pretty easy to whip up. My son recently sat mesmerized watching a recipe video from one of my favorite people- Catherine McCord of and he immediately declared that we needed to make this for breakfast (we, meaning ME). It looked so good and so easy that I was definitely on board for this idea. Triple Decker Baked Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe When I was little there was nothing as comforting as a grilled cheese sandwich. Although I enjoyed its crisply toasted exterior and gooey melted-cheese center, what I loved most about a grilled cheese was the name. For the longest time, I thought they were called "girl cheese sandwiches," meaning that the sandwich was something so special and delicious only girls like myself got to enjoy them. Eventually, I learned that boys ate them too, but at that point, I was so smitten by the classic combination of cheese and bread that I didn't care. My latest favorite "girl" cheese sandwich is actually a baked cheese sandwich. With its three cheeses (fontina, provolone, and parmesan), triple decker, and slow roasted tomatoes, it's far more gourmet than anything I devoured as a child.

Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno Chicken Bites 610K+Add bacon to anything and it will fly off the table. That’s what a caterer once told me and I believe it. Certainly applies here. Whether you’re planning a cookout this weekend or cooking indoors (rain predicted here in Texas), grill up a few of these sizzling treats for a quick appetizer or serve as an entree. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with a big plate of these spicy and cheesy, smoky and crispy chicken nuggets.

Culinary Arts College » 100 Famous Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home Eating out is becoming a more and more popular phenomenon. With fast food taking only minutes out of a day and costing a few dollars, it can be convenient. Likewise, fine dining is also on the rise and can put a considerably larger dent in your wallet. But unless you were a master chef with a keen sense of taste, these recipes were lost to you. Grilled Potatoes with Smoked Paprika Recipe, Plus Get Grillin' Side Dishes Scroll all the way to the bottom to enter your side dish recipes. Click on the button that says, “Add your link”. Be sure to read the rules halfway down. It’s okay to use a post that’s already on your blog – no need to re-invent the wheel. Thanks so much to all of you who shared your wonderful recipes during the appetizer round of our Get Grillin’ event.

Eggs on Hash Hi guys! It was an awesome weather yesterday and today, days to enjoy the spring with the kids, a relief after a continuous raining for the whole last week and the week before, which is good but not in kids spring break though. Hope it will not cool too much especially in April, as many are expecting, like what happened last 2 years when it snowed and made damage to a lot of trees and plants. Today’s the last day of the kids break. We tried to make it super fun. Pacific Northwest Cheese Project: 2009 Tillamook Macaroni & Chee The 2009 Tillamook Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Contest Finals were held last night in Portland, Oregon. Six home cooks from all over the country competed to win cash, prizes and, of course, Tillamook Cheese. Emcee Keegan Gerhard of Food Network Challenge presided over the festivities with an impressive 3 hour long sense of humor as the contestants cooked and the audience waited. In the end, though, there could only be one winner of $5,000 and a year's supply of Tillamook cheese...and Ann Jones - also a contestant in 2007 - took the prize.

Appetizer Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites with Spicy Sour Cream Dipping Sauce Okay, we're not going to win any awards for thinking up this combination, but hey — these potato bites are easy, delicious, and perfect for a sports-loving crowd, should you find yourself surrounded by one this weekend. They even remind us of sports-bar food ... like little deconstructed potato skins. (Image credit: Emma Christensen) We decided to make these after countless evenings munching on these bacon-wrapped dates, which are also very yummy, but got us thinking about other things we could wrap in bacon. Potatoes? Potatoes could be perfect. Fettucine Carbonara with Roasted Tomatoes — Our Life In The Kitchen I’ve been craving Carbonara for a while now but was having a hard time justifying the calories. The willpower was gone when I thought about throwing in some of the surplus cherry tomatoes from the garden. I also planned to make fresh homemade fettucine but I was too lazy busy to get around to it. Enter Plan B. Go to the store for fresh-ish Buitoni.

The Domestic Mama & The Village Cook Is it just me or s’mores everywhere these days? I know that they are a quintessential summer snack, but this year they seem to be in your face everywhere. What’s a girl to do when there are s’mores everywhere? Make them. Sorta. I made a graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache filling and a toasted marshmallow topping. Chef Shows Us How To Bake Mini Omelets In The Oven Get ready for your eyes to grow bigger than your stomachs, because the "One Pot Chef" is about to show us how to make delicious mini-omelets in the oven using muffin tins. While the mixed ingredients certainly don't start off looking like anything I'd find remotely appetizing, by the time they leave the oven I'm definitely a believer. The best part of these mini-omelets is just how easy these are to make. You start by cooking up some ham (I'm partial to bacon, myself) and onions, then take the egg mixture, a bit of cheese, and combine them all in the lightly greased muffin tin.

You Asked For It: Sour cream recipes for Salsa Dip and Easy Chic ELLEN FOLKMANTampa Bay Times Tuesday, October 27, 2009 5:30am Today we run the last of the sour cream recipes for Linda Bittaker of Clearwater. Bacon and Cheese Egg McMuffin Cups… It’s Thursday!! I am so excited for the Bertolli event coming up next week. Can’t wait to see which of my readers gets to go with me, I pick the winner tomorrow! If you think you can take Mon-Wed off, don’t forget to enter HERE. Break out your Large Muffin pan folks, we are making Egg McMuffin Cups today! I love this recipe, it’s almost too easy and too cute!

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