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DIY Productivity Tablet I love my Kindle Fire HD because it is about the size of my old Franklin Day Planner (7") and is an outstanding entertainment device. It lacks a few things, however, that I'd like to remedy. What it's missing is a full desktop OS that lets me get some work done when I'm not at my computer. Why Not A Surface Pro? I'd love a Microsoft Surface Pro, but it has a few drawbacks as well. My main complaint against the Surface Pro line is that the cost is so high I'd be afraid to really use it as a tablet. 10 Raspberry Pi Disk Images You Can Install This Weekend Advertisement Whether you already own a Raspberry Pi or are planning to buy the latest model, you’re probably aware of just how flexible this piece of kit is. Put simply, you can do almost anything with it, from managing your garden to taking photos in near earth orbit. Another New Raspberry Pi... and it Supports Windows 10 Another New Raspberry Pi... and it Supports Windows 10 Read More

s BootCD 15.2 - All in one Bootable CD » Antivirus Tools Avira AntiVir Personal Free anti-virus and anti-spyware on-demand scanner, detects and removes more than 50000 viruses and trojans. ComboFix Designed to cleanup malware infections and restore settings modified by malware. GMER 1.0.15 Hidden services, hidden registry, hidden file scanner, Rootkit Detector and Remover. s Raspberry Pi Lesson 4. GPIO Setup One of the great things about the Raspberry Pi is that it has a GPIO connector to which you can attach external hardware. The GPIO connector actually has a number of different types of connection on them. There are:

Forensically, free online photo forensics tools - Forensically is a set of free tools for digital image forensics. It includes clone detection, error level analysis, meta data extraction and more. It is made by Jonas Wagner. Pi-nk : tutorial Pi-nkAka another Kindleberry Pi tutorial WARNING This tutorial has several important prerequisites. While reaching those, you will void the warranty of your kindle, and might make it unusable and broken beyond repair. If you are not an advanced user, do not try the tutorials below.

Raspberry Pi Multi-Room Audio (Mobile/Tablet/PC Controlled) I have been lurking on Instructables for a few years but have never posted one myself. Now I have bought a home of my own it's time to undergo some projects and share them with the community. In my first project I'm going to show you how I setup multi-room audio that can be controlled by any device with a web browser or an app on your Android and/or iOS device. I apologise for the lack of/poor quality photos. I have borrowed some of this information and thrown in some things from my own experience. Some credit goes to the author of this tutorial To tackle this instructable you should have an understanding of networking, intermediate to expert computer skills and maybe some linux experience too.

Build an Autonomous Wall-E Robot: 12 Steps (with Pictures) Hi! After a kabillion requests, here you go! This robot is running the EZ-B available at First a little introduction, watch the vide: learn.adafruit Stepper motors fall somewhere in between a regular DC motor (Lesson 9) and a servo motor (Lesson 8]). They have the advantage that they can be positioned accurately, moved forward or backwards one 'step' at a time, but they can also rotate continuously. In this lesson you will learn how to control a stepper motor using your Raspberry Pi and the same L293D motor control chip that you used with the DC motor in Lesson 9. The Lesson will also show you how to use an alternative driver chip, the ULN2803 For this project, it does not really matter if you use a L293D or a ULN2803.

Share Messages via Kindle on Fridge Amazon Kindle is well suited to be upcycled as a fridge messaging display due to its low power consumption. The main idea is explained here and below are all the technical details: All the source code below is in this repository. Step 1: Send Email to First you need to create a new email account for your fridge kindle on, e.g., Whoever sends an email to will get his email displayed on your fridge.

Raspberry Pi boot modes - Raspberry Pi Documentation Introduction The Raspberry Pi has a number of different stages of booting. This document explains how the boot modes work, and which ones are supported for Linux booting. Acer Aspire 7000 Series Copyright Copyright © 2009 by Acer Incorporated. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language, inany form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual or otherwise, withoutthe prior written permission of Acer Incorporated. Disclaimer So, The Annoying Dishwasher™ finally lost it’s vocal cords of hell and got connected an XBee using some optocouplers. It is time to jump into geek mode (as if we weren’t there yet …), and start the software part. But, before we do, let’s take a look at the setup:

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