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The artwork of Brian M. Viveros

The artwork of Brian M. Viveros
Get ready DirtyTroops, the last print of the year! The much anticipated DESENSITIZED 13 Limited Edition Giclee print is NOW available exclusively through Copro Gallery To purchase click on the link For those that couldn’t make the exhibition here’s your one chance to take home this sought after collectible collaboration piece by Viveros/Quintana. Don’t let this one pass you by. This print is truly amazing! Now Shipping USA & INTL Just in time for the holidays! DON’T WAIT!

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Michael Hutter Michael Hutter ''To evoke these pictures I developed some techniques which consists of my way to deal with literature, art, music, philosopy, science, religion and pseudo-science afar from mainstream culture. I dont care for reality or the probability that something is true, only for its potential to stimulate my thought. Paintings by Esao Andrews Esao Andrews is an American painter, working with oil on wood panels.His work blendsGothic grotesque, erotic and surrealism. Esao Andrews grew up in Mesa, Arizona and moved to NYC in 1996 to pursue a life of art making. He attended The School of Visual Arts and now lives and works from his home in Brooklyn with his semi-faithful companion, Soybean. Andrews has exhibited in group shows; one with John John Jesse, and another with Travis Louieand Tara McPherson. He has produced cover art for Circa Survive’s album Juturna,[citation needed]as well as their May 2007 release, On Letting Go. His latest work was shown on Circa Survive’s newest album cover for their third LP Blue Sky Noise.

2010 May Archive - Chris Piascik Print Brigade Summer 2010 The new Print Brigade Summer 2010 line arrived yesterday! Most of it is already available on the webstore. The rest of the products, as well as more detailed photos, will be up on the site early this week. Pre-orders and all new orders will ship tomorrow morning. 24 Captivating Digital Painting Tutorials All designers know the power of photoshop and the fantastic stuff they can create using it. There is always more to learn in photoshop, if you want your sketches to get painted photoshop is best tool. Digital painting is a beautiful art that requires too much experience and talent. I came across many great online digital painting tutorials out of which i collected the best ones and compiled a list for you.

Art Castings of Colorado Introduction Video Latest Updates June 2011: New videos added View videos... New projects delivered Read more... April 2011: Oleg Dou illustration Moscow based illustrator and artist Oleg Dou (Oleg Douryagin) recently exhibiting at Senda Gallery, Barcelona. In his latest series “Cubs” he shares the intimate moments from a childhood when he had to take a part at kid carnival parties fitting the costumes of animals facing with embarrassment and discomfort. A Separate Reality These surreal artworks were created by Alex Andreyev, artist form Saint Petersburg, Russia. Uusual, creative and inspiring. You will not forget them! Enjoy!

Super Sculpey® Super Sculpey is a very unique polymer clay, loved by artists, dollmakers and animation studios around the world. With a ceramic-like feel, Super Sculpey is available in a semi-translucent beige that, once baked, captures the glow of real skin. It can also be mixed with Premo or Sculpey III to change the color. As with all of our polymer clays, it is easy to condition right out of the package and stays soft until you bake it. Super Sculpey features fine tooling and detailing characteristics, and does not “fill in” after tooling. Surreal Paintings by Jacek Yerka Surreal Paintings by Polish artist Jacek Yerka. Jacek was born in Torun, Poland in 1952 in an artistic family. Yerka graduated from the local Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University. The greatest source of inspiration is always his childhood souvenirs – that places, remembered feelings, fragrances. Still he could recall earliest memories – the smell of paints, inks, paper, rubbers and brushes. More art

David Bray Wednesday, July 01, 2009 David Bray More great images by David Bray

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