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Alex Grey

Alex Grey
CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors 2013 Year In Review The mission of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM, is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim’s creative path and transmit the values of love and evolutionary wisdom. 2013 was the tenth anniversary of CoSM’s Full Moon Ceremonies that began in Brooklyn in 2003. Many thousands of people have come out for these inspirational gatherings over the years, with increasing attendance from both international and Hudson Valley guests. Art Church at CoSM now joins the Full Moon as a regular monthly offering that includes drawing, quietude, studying and discussing some of the correspondences between art and religion. These monthly gatherings are catalysts for the creative spiritual lives of congregants.

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Alex Grey Alex Grey (born November 29, 1953) is an American artist specializing in spiritual and psychedelic art (or visionary art) that is sometimes associated with the New Age movement. Grey is a Vajrayana practitioner. His body of work spans a variety of forms including performance art, process art, installation art, sculpture, visionary art, and painting.

Progress of the Soul Contemplation Visit the CoSM Shop Praying 20 Amazing Tattoo sketches that will blow your mind With everyone’s lives getting more and more monotonous and scheduled. Even in this busy calendar, we all try to preserve our identity, creativity and the essence of who we are. This might be an earring, a sketch, belly button, or a tattoo. Tattoos tend to become a means of self expression and pride. Paintings by Esao Andrews Esao Andrews is an American painter, working with oil on wood panels.His work blendsGothic grotesque, erotic and surrealism. Esao Andrews grew up in Mesa, Arizona and moved to NYC in 1996 to pursue a life of art making. He attended The School of Visual Arts and now lives and works from his home in Brooklyn with his semi-faithful companion, Soybean. The Harmonic Conquest of Space by Bruce Cathie The Harmonic Conquest of Space by Bruce Cathie Ó Copyright 1994, Bruce Cathie, Quark Enterprises Ltd, 158 Shaw Rd, Oratia, Aukland, New Zealand Nexus Magazine, Oct 1994

10 Awesome Infographics for Graphic Designers As a graphic designer, you’ve probably designed at least a few infographics for your clients – or even for fun. You can create (and sell) infographics for any topic or industry, which means infographics can be a lucrative source of income. Some designers make a full-time living designing infographics alone. And while infographics always require the talents of a graphic designer, how many infographics have you seen that feature graphic designers? The following 10 awesome infographics were made by graphic designers, for graphic designers. Follow the links to view the full infographics.

Oleg Dou illustration Moscow based illustrator and artist Oleg Dou (Oleg Douryagin) recently exhibiting at Senda Gallery, Barcelona. In his latest series “Cubs” he shares the intimate moments from a childhood when he had to take a part at kid carnival parties fitting the costumes of animals facing with embarrassment and discomfort. Megalithic Yard Revealed |Discovery |Make | Stage - 1 23 45 | |Home | How to create this prehistoric measurement unit for yourself A guide distributed at Orkney Science Festival by Robert Lomas. This article describes work carried out with Christopher Knight, whilst co-authoring the book, Uriel's Machine. This articles uses some research data developed in conjunction with Alan Butler.

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