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Tyson TRISTAN EATON. Rik Oostenbroek, Illustration art direction and design 2007-2012. Art and Culture Projects. Sozyone es un artista gráfico y músico belga que lleva pintando desde el 89.

Art and Culture Projects

Sus obras reiteran una serie de motivos sobre los que el artista ha ido construyendo su particular universo (La llave, el gato, el diamante…) en el que todo parece ajustarse a una curiosa narrativa. Estéticamente su evolución le ha ido llevando a un uso de la línea y el color cada vez más contundentes. Es parte del colectivo Ultraboyz, que expondrán en Montana Gallery Barcelona en Julio. Sozyone is a Belgian graphic artist and musician who has been painting since ’89. His works reiterate a number of images on which the artist has built his own world (the wrench, jack, diamond …) in which everything seems to fit into a curious narrative.

He is part of the Ultraboyz collective that will be exhibiting in Montana Gallery Barcelona next July. Justin Bower Fine Artist Home Page. Matt Bilfield. MIZUMA ART GALLERY : IKEDA Manabu / 池田学. 池田 学 ⁄ IKEDA Manabu CV download 1973 Born in Taku city, Saga, Japan 1998 Graduated from department of design, Tokyo University of the Arts 2000 Completed the course of MA, Tokyo University of the Arts 2010 Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan, Emerging Artist Overseas Study Grant recipient (Vancouver, Canada) 2013- Lives and Works in Madison, WI, USA →Official blog "Madison Diary"(only in Japanese) →previous blog "Vancouver Diary"(only in Japanese) Solo Exhibitions.


Guillaume Pelloux - Accueil. Saiman. Khaled Hafez. 2014 - Cesar BiojoCesar Biojo. Home - Pat Perry. BUFF DISS BLOG. Costa Dvorezky. TAMURA Yoshiyasu ART and WORKS. Tashi Norbu. Sarah Maple - Official website of the young contemporary artist. Sollier-gallery. URBAN HACKING ACTIONS & SITUATIONISTS INSTALLATIONS. Collections. Duane Henson – Hyperrealistic Sculptures. Petit focus sur le travail de Duane Henson.

Duane Henson – Hyperrealistic Sculptures

Pour les non initiés, ont pourrait le définir un peu comme le Chuck Close de la sculpture, très proche du travail de Ron Mueck, à cela près que ses sculptures à lui gardent une taille réelle, diminuant encore plus la frontière entre ce qui est vrai et ce qui ne l’est pas. Son sujet favori était la critique de la société américaine, et qui de mieux placé pour ça qu’un américain ? Il était considéré comme l’un, sinon le grand maître de la sculpture hyperréaliste, et il n’y a qu’à jeter un œil à ses travaux, dont son ultra-célèbre Supermarket Lady, pour s’en rendre compte. Il aurait fêté ses 90 ans le 17 janvier dernier. PERMANENT MARKERS — HOLLIS BROWN THORNTON. . ONG LIJIE. Denver based artist that make art to get you moving. LUCAS LASNIER - PARBO. - Shoji Ueda Office - Shoji Ueda was born in 1913, in Sakai-machi, Saihaku-gun (now Sakaiminato) in Tottori Prefecture.

- Shoji Ueda Office -

In 1925, he entered the Yonago prefectural junior high school, where, during his third year, he immersed himself in photography. After graduating in 1931, he joined the Yonago Photography Circle. In 1932, he moved to Tokyo to attend the Oriental School of Photography. After graduating at the age of 19, he returned to his hometown and opened his own photo studio. In the same year he joined the Japan Photography Association (Nihon Kouga Kyoukai). Jerome Lagarrigue. Hey. Kehinde Wiley Studio. Ray Caesar - Home Page. Conor Harrington. ‘A Whole lot of Trouble for a Little bit of Win’ is a new body of work I’ve been concentrating on over the summer.

Conor Harrington

It’s based on my 2nd big photo shoot. Two of the paintings are currently on show at the Lazarides Bedlam exhibition, I’ll have 1 more big piece at the Rathbone later this month and finally I’ll be having a show of drawings and studies at The Outsiders early next year. Hip hop nerds among you might recognize the title from a recent El P track and I thought it was the perfect sentiment to sum up the ideas in my work over the last few years. Big thanks to Joao Retorta for the behind the scenes film above, Alex De Souza and of course to photographer Eoghan Brennan and models Jaffar, Alan, Louis and Cody. Fight Club – The Mess We Make. Who’s World is This. MIKE DARGAS. Mike Dargas wird 1983 in Köln geboren.


Schon als Kind beginnt er zu malen. Neben Zeichnungen entstehen auch erste Arbeiten in Öl, die seine Mutter im Freundeskreis präsentiert und verkauft. Mit elf Jahren begibt Mike Dargas sich mit seinem künstlerischen Talent in die Öffentlichkeit, entdeckt dabei die Pflastermalerei und zeichnet Bilder der alten Meister in Pastell und Kreide auf die Kölner Domplatte. Es folgen eineinhalb Jahre auf einer kunstfördernden Schule, die Mike Dargas als einziges Kind in einer Erwachsenengruppe absolviert. Durch das Studium verschiedenster Techniken entwickelt sich der Autodidakt in seiner Jugend stetig weiter. In einer handwerklichen Schulung findet Mike Dargas den Weg zunächst zur dreidimensionalen Kunst und modelliert Skulpturen aus Holz. Home - MASTERS PROJECTS — JORAM ROUKES & CHARLES WILKIN. Masters Projects is pleased to announce Lost Corcosa, a group exhibition curated by Todd Masters.


The exhibit title and theme is pulled from Robert W. Chambers' book of horror short stories published in 1895, entitled The King in Yellow.