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Ken Wong : Artist, Illustrator, Designer

Ken Wong : Artist, Illustrator, Designer

Paul Robertson -Artificial neural network- Remember to check my patreon for sketches and works in progress 🌟Celestial Core🌟 As usual you can see the sketches and works in progress of this on my patreon backer’s blog. Here’s something cool. I designed a box for Weet Bix with all proceeds going to Reach Out Australia. Marguerite Sauvage A bouquet of personnal works for Exquise Exhibition Paris about feminity in women artists work. These illustrations were also exhibited by Nucleus Gallery, USA.Fashion, Fine Arts, Illustration2012 Ken Wong : Artist, Illustrator, Designer At that very moment, in that very last millisecond of processing, he knew what it was to love. All the wretched pain and suffering, all the boundless, euphoric joy. Barlowe had never felt a single emotion in all his thousands of years of robotic existence, and now in the moment of his destruction, that most elusive, most fragile, most human of feelings flowed through every circuit and servo and piston, and then was gone. Print available from INPRNT

DYNAMO ✮ Le blog officiel de la Grenouille Noire Et hop, l’Invitation officielle au vernissage de mon exposition à Paris chez Arludik Galerie le 10 AVRIL! j’espère vous y voir À trés bientôt ————— Here’s the official invitation for the opening of my exhibition in Paris at Arludik the 10th of APRIL! Hope to see you there See you very soon 2 weeks ago Tags : THE BLACK FROG | EXHIBITION | ART | ORIGINAL | SELL | Comments :

Fran Giffard . Drawing High Speed Photography: Dresses Made Out of Milk London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz used high speed photography to capture the drink being poured over models. Founder of AurumLight Studio, Wieczorkiewicz produced this playful concept, entitled Milky Pin-Ups, in which gorgeous models flaunt chic liquid dresses made out of milk. He took hundreds of photos of each pose, pouring real milk over women, and created these fantastic images by combining the pictures. vertfluo De vieille choses, ces travaux on déjà presque une année , je testais alors le potentiel de flash en terme de colo et de rendu. C'est toujours amusant de voir les différentes directions que l'on prend en fonction des périodes, je pense qu'aujourd'hui mon travail est plus simple sur la forme mais je ne désespère pas de reprendre à un moment mes activités de designer .Enfin entre nous tout ça n'est avant tout qu'un prétexte pour faire vivre ce blog...

Verabee Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Naptime Into Dream Adventures (Updated) Do babies dream when they sleep, or they simply rest peacefully? Queenie Liao, a freelance photographer, and mother of three baby boys living in California have tried to answer this question by sharing the adventurous dramas that her child Wengenn dreams of during his sleep. Combining artistry and imagination with photography, Queenie has created these cute photos using plain cloths, stuffed animals, and other common household materials to create the background setting. Her album – Wengenn in Wonderland – is a compilation of over 100 creative pieces of baby photography that depict the continuous exploration of her son Wengenn in his magical land of charm and wonder.

NEWS CATFISH DELUXE FabienZambo et Colosselle (le 13-02-2014) Fabien (le 06-02-2014) GobiMY TUMBLR IS ALIVE!!!! 2DBean Warmups Hmmm Good question. I cannot honestly tell you when or even if it even happened. I’m not trying to be a drama queen or self loathing. It’s truly an Amorphis thing what we call a portfolio/attractive/appealing art.