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Interactive: Mapping the World's Friendships Technology bridges distance and borders. Individuals today can keep in touch with their friends and family in completely new ways — regardless of where they live. We explored these international connections through Facebook and found some trends — some predictable, some wholly unexpected, and some still inexplicable. liste diffusion - geneweb A multilingual user's group for advocates of Daniel de Rauglaudre's GeneWeb genealogy server software. You may post in any language, however, if you are multilingual please write in at least two languages in each posting. We have English speakers who don't speak French, French speakers who don't speak English, and also speakers of German, Polish, and other languages may post from time to time.

Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup Dominant Y-chromosome haplogroups in pre-colonial world populations, with possible migrations routes according to the Coastal Migration Model. In human genetics, a human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup is a haplogroup defined by differences in the non-recombining portions of DNA from the Y chromosome (called Y-DNA). It represents human genetic diversity based on single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on the Y chromosome.[1] Y-DNA haplogroups represent major branches of the Y-chromosome phylogenetic tree.

Free Genealogy Resources - Home How to find family records using the best free Internet resources Bookmark This Site (Ctrl+D) There are literally millions of web pages on genealogy and it is easy to get lost so that you can't see the forest for the trees. Where do you go first? Let's look at the sites that are likely to give you quick and easy results. To the left you will find links to the most important British American genealogy web sites. Go

The Book of Shadows Here you will find one of the largest online Book of Shadows. This page may seem a bit unorganized but I can't think of any other way to do it and I would hate to have a bunch of links for you to have to click on to get to the information you are looking for. So check back often for more items. If you would like to have a spell or information posted here, e-mail me! If you see *UPDATED* next to a section, the new information is listed first.

RelFinder - Visual Data Web Are you interested in how things are related with each other? The RelFinder helps to get an overview: It extracts and visualizes relationships between given objects in RDF data and makes these relationships interactively explorable. Highlighting and filtering features support visual analysis both on a global and detailed level. File Grove - Secure Genealogy File Storage & Sharing More than just a file hosting web site, File Grove is a complete digital filing system. File Grove has the features you need to easily upload, download, manage, organize and share your family history images, documents, and more. File Grove was created so genealogists could easily organize and share their family history records. No more unorganized shoe boxes, you can now find all your records in a matter of seconds! Preserve all your vital records, photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, land records, military records and much more. In addition to being organized you will have the opportunity to document all the information you know about your records.

Human mitochondrial DNA haplogroup Hypothesized world map of human migrations, with the North Pole at center. Africa, harboring the start of the migration, is at the top left and South America at the far right. Migration patterns are based on studies of mitochondrial (matrilinear) DNA. Letters represent haplogroups while colors and numbers represent thousands of years before present. Suggested migratory route of the "Out of Africa" migration according to Mitochondrial DNA is a genealogy-related social networking website[1] launched in beta mode on January 16, 2007 by Web 2.0 company Geni, Inc.[2] Over thirty million profiles were created on Geni by over two million users as of September 30, 2008.[3] by adriaanrijkens Apr 14

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