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Family Trees Searched at Ten Sites

Family Trees Searched at Ten Sites
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Rev. Lewis Gordon Tucker, 1811-1880 Lewis Gordon Tucker Cumberland Presbyterian Minister Need A Photograph The committee on conference presented their report which was received and adopted and is as follows (viz) Your committee appointed to confer with brethren impressed to preach the gospel have conferred with the following brethren (to wit) Jas. [Source: Minutes of Richland Presbytery, Saturday before the 1st Sabbath in October, 1946, page 178] At Hopewell church the 26th day of April AD 1847 the Richland Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church having received testimonials in favor of L. [Source: Minutes of Richland Presbytery, April 1847, meeting at Hopewell Meeting House in Giles County, Tennessee, page 194] Bro Lewis G. Roll CallLicentiate absent - L. Bro. On motion Bros, J. Bro. The committee appointed to examine, Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro. On motion an opportunity was given to any who might wish to unite with or come under the care of the Presbytery. Bro. L. Rev. Please Send Additions/Corrections to the Archives

L'énergie sous toutes ses formes Pierre Manil Ingénieur-Chercheur CEA Nous connaissons une parenthèse enchantée mais provisoire de l’histoire humaine : celle de l’énergie disponible et bon marché. Pour autant, ce qui se cache derrière le mot « énergie » n’est pas si clair. À l’occasion de la sortie de l’ouvrage L’énergie sous toutes ses formes de Jo Hermans, adapté pour la France par Pierre Manil et publié par EDP Sciences en deux tomes, nous avons choisi d’en transcrire les grandes lignes pour Futura-Sciences. Jo Hermans est professeur émérite de physique à l’université de Leiden, aux Pays-Bas. L'énergie baigne le monde. © FredArt, Flickr, cc by nc nd 2.0 En parcourant ce dossier, vous verrez quelle est la place de l’énergie dans nos vies quotidiennes, en France et ailleurs.

Free Civil War Records: Find Your Ancestors with These 4 No-Cost Resources | Family History Daily May 9th, 2017 marks 152 years since the U.S. Civil War ended, but the numerous records created by the War Between the States still provide a glimpse into the lives of those who served. If you had family in the US in the mid-19th century than there is a very good likelihood that some of your own ancestors served in this pivotal conflict. Before searching for a Civil War ancestor in the following free record collections, ask yourself: –What do I know about the Civil War? –What age would my ancestor have been when the Civil War started in 1861? –What was my ancestor’s full name (not a nickname)? Advertisement –Are there common misspellings of the first name or surname I should search for (ie Anderson, Andersen or John, Jon)? –What state did my ancestor live in? –Could I have had a female family member who served in some way? –Do I have any other information that could help me? Once you have some basic facts to start with, take a look at the sites below to start your research. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Free Genealogy and Family History Online - The USGenWeb Project Rev. Lewis Gordon Tucker and Hannah Rosewell Rhea-Tucker -- James Milton Tucker and brother John Tucker --- William Bacon Tucker --- Hannah Roswell Rhea Rev Lewis Gordon Tucker is credited with preaching the very first Cumberland Presbyterian sermon in this part of and with organizing 4 early churches. (see attached document). His son James Milton Tucker was a Williamson county Sheriff’s deputy and is credited with the capture of the famous outlaw Sam Bass in 1878. He later served as Williamson County Sheriff from 1881 to 1884. James Milton Tucker and brother John Tucker served in the civil war as members of The Williamson County Grays, Company C, 7th Regiment, Texas Mounted Volunteers. William Bacon Tucker is listed as the oldest marked grave (1865) in the near Andice. Historical Narrative Rev. Among the first ministers to locate in was Rev. In October, 1857, they reached and camped north of at Pond Springs. Later he moved fourteen miles west of on a farm which he cultivated for a living, while he preached over a territory in a radius of sixty miles of his home.

The Myth History of the Catastrophe Events and Their Cultural Effects An analysis by Timo Niroma Timo Niroma, Helsinki, Finland The Sumerian Flood Story - The Epic of GilgameshThe History of WritingParadise Lost: God and godsThe Serpent, the Huluppu Tree, and the Protestant EthicImpact and its consequencesPlato's TimaeusThe Myth of PhaethonHesiod's TheogonyWas Atland Atlantis? The mystery of the Oera Linda book.Atlantis: Atlantis: Platos's personal view of a catastrophe that may hide a real event? If you want (back) to the index go to the Evidence of Astronomical Aspects of Mankind's Past and Recent Climate Homepage The Sumerian Flood Story - the Gilgamesh Epos All of the old cultures have in common the legend of a great flood. But it seems that this flood may only have added some characters to the story. Some researchers link the Flood to the 2345-2344 BC incidence. Before the Flood the kingship "ascended from heaven" and the founder kings established five cities, from which the fourth, Sippar (Sefarvaim in Bible) is probably the mostly renown. Genesis 3:22:

Documenting the Lineage for Eligibility in DAR or SAR The collection includes hundreds of free databases for the United States containing vital records, census records, probate records, military records, and court records. Many of these databases are linked in this tutorial under Vital Records and Probate Records. It is usually best to search specific databases based on where and when your ancestors lived. However, if you are unable to find a record by searching specific databases, try searching all of the FamilySearch databases containing historical records at once. Usually, the best way to find a record is to search using a first name, a last name, and a place of residence (county and state OR just a state). If you cannot locate a record by searching on a name and place of residence, the next strategy is to remove the place of residence and search using a first name, a last name, father’s first name, and mother’s first name. Next, try searching on a first name, a last name, wife’s first name, and wife’s maiden name.

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